Nigeria Immigration Ranks and Symbols (2024)
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Nigeria Immigration Ranks and Symbols (2024)

Nigeria Immigration Ranks and Symbols (2024)

Nigeria Immigration Ranks and Symbols (2024). We’ve provided full details about Nigeria Immigration Ranks, Symbols, and other important information outlined in this article.

Before we drive into the main discussion of today, let’s first of all look at the history and what Nigeria Immigration Services is all about.

History of Nigeria Immigration Service

The Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) is a government agency responsible for migration management in Nigeria. It was extracted from the Nigeria Police Force in 1958 and was entrusted with core immigration duties under the Chief Federal Immigration Officer (CFIO). The department initially had a narrow operational scope and a simple approach, with only Visa and Business Sections established during its emergent stages.

The Immigration Department in Nigeria was established on August 1st, 1963, under the Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs (FMIA) as a civil service outfit. The first set of immigration officers were former NPF officers. In 1992, the designation of “Director of Immigration” was changed to “Comptroller General of Immigration Service,” granting the service paramilitary status. The last Director of Immigration became the first Comptroller General of Immigration (CGI), Garba Abbas.

The service has undergone significant reformation and restructuring to better implement modern migration management. This includes changes in organizational and operational structures, including the introduction of ECOWAS and African Affairs divisions, Aliens Control, and Border Patrol Management, to accommodate added responsibilities and regional political alignments.

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Nigeria Immigration Ranks and Symbols (2024)

What are the Ranks in Nigerian Immigration Services?

The Nigerian Immigration Service has 14 ranks, with the highest being the Federal Comptroller General of Immigration (FCGI) and the lowest being the Immigration Assistant.

The Nigerian Immigration Service has two rank structures, which include officer and non-officer cadres. Officers can attain the Comptroller General of Immigration rank, while non-officers can only reach the Director of Immigration rank.

List of Ranks and Symbols in Nigeria’s Immigration Service

S/N Rank
1. Immigration Assistant (IA)
2. Assistant Inspector of Immigration (AII)
3. Senior Inspector of Immigration (SII)
4. Assistant Superintendant of Immigration (ASI 1)
5. Assistant Superintendent of Immigration (ASI 11)
6. Deputy Superintendent of Immigration (DSI)
7. Superintendent of Immigration (SI)
8. Chief Superintendent of Immigration (CSI)
9. Assistant Comptroller of Immigration (ACI)
10. Deputy Comptroller of Immigration (DCI)
11. Comptroller of Immigration (CI)
12. Assistant Comptroller General of Immigration (ACGI)
13/ Deputy Comptroller General of Immigration (DCGI)
14/ Federal Comptroller General of Immigration (FCGI)

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A Detailed Look at the Nigeria Immigration Ranks and Symbols 

 Commissioned Officers

Here are the ranks under the Officer’s structure and what it stands for.

1. Comptroller General of Immigration

This rank is the highest-level officer in the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) is appointed by the President and has a four-year, renewable contract, with only one person holding this title at a time.

2. Deputy Comptroller General of Immigration (DCGI)

This stands as the second-largest rank in the Nigerian Immigration Service officer-run structure, held by a few officers who serve as Comptroller General’s assistants, overseeing the NIS’s principal arms.

3. Assistant Comptroller General of Immigration

This rank is the third in the ranks of commissioned officers in the immigration service, serving as a crucial aid to the Comptroller General of Immigration.

4. Comptroller of Immigration (CI)

The Nigeria Immigration Service’s Comptroller of Immigration holds a high rank, varying across different regions, ensuring control over service units within the country.

5. Deputy Comptroller of Immigration

The rank supports the regional immigration comptroller, who takes orders from the Comptroller of Immigration and heads the state office of Nigerian Immigration, which also reports back to the regional comptroller.

6. Assistant Comptroller of Immigration (ACI)

This rank collaborates with the Deputy Comptroller of Immigration, assisting with DCI’s core functions by gathering reports from various NIS offices within a state.

7. Chief Superintendent of Immigration (CSI)

The rank of Chief Superintendent of Immigration requires three years of service in various immigration units. A person who holds this office must at least serve for three (3) years and above before achieving merit rank.

8. Superintendent of Immigration (SI)

This rank requires at least seven to nine years of experience in the immigration service, passing through Assistant Superintendent levels 1 and 2 to the rank of Deputy Superintendent of Immigration.

9. Deputy Superintendent of Immigration (DSI)

A deputy superintendent of immigration assists the direct immigration superintendent and requires several years of active service as an Assistant Superintendent of Immigration II.

10. Assistant Superintendent of Immigration (ASI 11)

An Assistant Superintendent of Immigration Officer can achieve the second rank, working directly with the deputy superintendent of immigration, after a few months or years of service.

11. Assistant Superintendent of Immigration (ASI 1)

This rank is the lowest rank for commissioned officers in the immigration service. The rank can be acquired through the requirements, especially a university degree, along with other service-related requirements.

Non-Commissioned Officers

The non-commissioned officer rank is crucial in the service, ranging from immigration Assistant to Senior Inspector of Immigration, as these officers actively participate in daily activities.

Non-commissioned officers of the Nigeria Immigration Service can apply using any certificates below the first degree from a university. The following are the ranks of the non-commissioned officers of the Nigeria Immigration Service.

12. Senior Inspector of Immigration (SII)

This rank is the highest and biggest in the category of non-commissioned officer rank. The rank can be obtained through the number of years of service from the lower rank and can be retired at any time.

13. Assistant Inspector of Immigration (AII)

The rank is next after Senior Inspector of Immigration in the non-commission staff ranks, and it can be achieved after three years of service as an immigration assistant.

14. Immigration Assistant (IA)

The last rank for non-commissioned officers in the Nigeria Immigration Service is immigration assistant, who primarily serves as a passport officer in various immigration offices.

Nigeria Immigration Ranks and Symbols FAQs.

What is the lowest rank in immigration?

The Federal Comptroller General of Immigration (FCGI) is the highest rank in the immigration service, while the Immigration Assistant is the lowest rank.

How many commands are there in Nigeria Immigration Service?

The Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) has eight zonal offices, 36 State commands, FCT, five special commands, 774 local governments, and 45 missions abroad, all overseen by FCT.

How much is immigration officer paid in Nigeria?

The basic salary for Assistant Inspector of Immigration (AII) COMPASS 06, recruited with NCE or ND, is N39,051.55, while those recruited as professionals (nurses) earn N46,573.33.

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