New Brunswick Virtual Recruitment 2024/2025 How to Apply
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New Brunswick Virtual Recruitment 2024/2025 How to Apply

New Brunswick Virtual Recruitment 2024/2025 

New Brunswick Virtual Recruitment: Are you interested in joining the NEw Brunwich Virtual workforce? We are pleased to announce to you that New Brunswick Virtual Recruitment has commenced for 2024.

You have a great chance under the NBNP Skilled Worker with Express Entry if you are residing, working, or studying in New Brunswick. Read this article to see the requirements and how to successfully apply for New Brunswick Virtual Recruitment.


New Brunswick Virtual Recruitment Portal 2024/2025

A portal has been enabled for interested candidates for New Brunswick Virtual jobs who are living within the residence or candidates who are willing to work in the province.

There are so many job vacancies at New Brunswick Virtual Recruitment, that candidates are to apply for the job that matches their careers. Visit the New Brunswick Virtual Recruitment portal at


What is the Processing Time for PNP New Brunswick?

The processing time for NBPNP New Brunswick is around 6 to 8 weeks after you have submitted your application.


What is the CRS score for New Brunswick?

The minimum Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score for New Brunswick PNP is 50 but the actual required score is 67 out of 100 points to immigrate to Canada under the NBPNP.


What is a good salary in New Brunswick?

The total average New Brunswick salary in Canada is $45,522 yearly or $23.34 per hour. All Henry-level candidates will receive $34,142 yearly, while professionals with experience earn $103,400 yearly.


Is New Brunswick easy to get PR?

In New Brunswick, all qualified candidates for specific economic and labor markets will receive prompt responses from the province. This is one of the easiest provinces in Canada to get PR.


New Brunswick Virtual Recruitment
New Brunswick Virtual Recruitment 2023/2024 How to Apply


How to Apply for New Brunswick Virtual Recruitment 

The following are steps to successfully apply for New Brunswick Virtual Recruitment 2024.

Step 1: Obtain a legitimate job offer from a New Brunswick firm.

Prior to beginning the NBPNP process, you must accept a job offer for a full-time or permanent position from a reputable New Brunswick employer.


Step 2: Submit your profile

The next thing here to do is to create an account and submit your information and documents online on the portal. You can get this done through the Immigration New Brunswick online portal.


Step 3: Receive your confirmation invitation to apply and submit your application

If you have met the requirements, an invitation to Apply (ITA) will be sent to you which will enable you to submit your application for provincial nomination. You have 45 days from the time you receive your invitation to submit your complete application online through the New Brunswick website.


Step 4: Receive your provincial nomination and apply for PR

After your application has been approved, an official provincial nomination will be sent to you. You will now be enabled to submit a federal application for Canadian permanent resident status. Note, that you must submit a paper-based PR application, the stream is not aligned with the federal Express Entry system.

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