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How to Write Application Letter for Teaching Job in Nigeria (2024)

How to Write an Application Letter for Teaching Job in Nigeria

How to Write an Application Letter for Teaching Job in Nigeria: Writing a letter of any sort is a must-do for anyone in the labour market, a student, or even an entrepreneur. To apply to any organization, one must need to know how to properly write an application letter. An application letter communicates a lot about you to your potential employer.

For the sake of this article, we will be explaining how to properly write an application letter and we will also be sharing tips on how to write an exceptional application letter for a teaching job in Nigeria.

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What is an Application Letter?

Also known as a cover letter, an application letter is a document that allows an applicant to talk about their qualifications and state reasons why they want a particular vacant position in an organization. It usually accompanies the applicant’s resume.

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The aim of writing an application letter is to motivate your employers or managers to select you for the interview process. While it is not mandatory in some cases to attach an application letter to your resume, it is always advisable to do so unless the company specifically instructs otherwise. An application letter presents an opportunity for you to plead your case to your employer and argue as to why you deserve a job interview more than the other applicants. It also helps to throw more light on the contents of your resume as it gives room for elaboration.

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How to Write an Application Letter for Teaching Job

An application letter falls under the category of a formal letter; therefore it follows the following format:

  • Address

A formal letter usually contains two addresses. Thus, while writing your application letter you should write your address and the address of the school you are applying to. Your address should be on the top right side of the document, while the address of the school should be on the left lower side of the document (under your address).

  • Salutation

Salutations are a form of greeting. For an ordinary or informal letter, you can use a pet name. However, for a formal letter try to be as professional as possible. Your professional salutation should follow this format, “Dear + the employer’s name”.

If and whenever possible, address the hirer by name. If you do not know their names, then address them by the position they occupy.

  • Introduction

Here, you introduce yourself and clearly state the position you are applying for. State your name, give a short explanation of who you are and then state the position you are applying for.

  • Main body

This is the persuasive part of the application letter. Here, you highlight reasons why your employer should consider you for interview. The reasons could be because of your qualifications or experience. Talk about qualifications that is pertaining to the job position you are applying for.

  • Closure

This is the summary or concluding part of your letter. It also includes the closing salutation, ‘Yours faithfully’, your signature and your full name.

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Tips to Writing an Application Letter for Teaching Job in Nigeria.

  • Research the background of the school where you are submitting the application.

Knowing the reputation or quality of the school you are applying to will give you an advantage. It will even help you know how to compose your application letter in a way that will be acceptable. Also research, the specifications concerning the available position. The more you know about the job and the school, the more accurately you can write your application letter.

  • Be as straightforward as possible.

Always go straight to the point when writing a formal or application letter. Avoid cutting through corners or beating around the bush.

  • Be professional.

Be as professional and respectful as possible while writing your application letter. Remember, the person you are writing to is not familiar with you and they will determine your fate regarding your application. Even if you know the employer personally, it is better if you are professional regardless as the person is now occupying a higher office. Professionalism shows you respect the person’s office.

  • Avoid using abbreviations.

Do not abbreviate any word or phrase while writing your application letter. For instance, words like it’s, don’t, I’ve, pls, doesn’t, isn’t, etc. should be avoided. Write all words and phrases in full.

  • Include a call to action

Most people are not aware of the importance of a call to action in their application letter. A call to action includes asking your hirer for a follow-up call regarding your application or requesting an interview. A call-to-action sentence usually starts with a verb and appears at the concluding part of a letter. It increases your chances of receiving a response or being called for an interview. An example is: ‘Do not hesitate to contact me for an interview or for more information about my application’.

  • Edit and Proofread

After writing your application letter, ensure you proofread it and edit all mistakes. If possible, engage the services of a professional editor to help you out. If you cannot afford that, then ask a third party to read the letter and make corrections where necessary.


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