Work for Google from Anywhere- $15 per hour

Work for Google from Anywhere

Work for Google from Anywhere- $15 per hour

Work for Google from anywhere: There are jobs that we can do at our own convenience anywhere and Google job is one of that. It can be done at any time, anywhere. So far, it is not a full-time job.
So as a candidate applying to work for Google, we have so many jobs on Google that can be done anytime and anywhere and earn about $15 per hour.

Work for Google from Anywhere
Work for Google from Anywhere

In this article, I will be share some insight on work for Google from Anywhere- $15 per hour.


Work for Google from Anywhere- $15 per hour

1. Data Entry Keyers jobs

Data entry is one of the jobs you can stay at anywhere and work even while working for Google. it does not require a full-time person except it is the person’s idea to be around.
The responsibility of a data entry keyer includes processing, collecting, or organizing data using data entry devices such as computers, scanners, or typewriters.

Due to the proficiency level, you may be tasked with using an optical character recognition system to convert images into machine-encoded text.
An estimated hourly salary is about $18.01.

2. Customer support Specialist

This is one job that can be really stress-free if you are naturally a friendly person or you are good at marketing or handling people’s problems.
These experts handle consumer inquiries as part of their support duties to make sure transactions go well. If you have a reliable PC with office software and remote support capabilities, you can work from anywhere.

Before applying for this position, you must possess exceptional customer service abilities and a working knowledge of several CRM technologies.
Your salary range hourly could be $17.75.


3. Customer service Representative

This can be confused for customer support at times. But it is different, as this one involves reviewing customer accounts, processing customer orders, and handling returns.
This position is perfect for people who want to work from home because the majority of their responsibilities may be completed on a computer.

Customer service positions often just call for a high school certificate or its equivalent, but they pay well and have modest entrance requirements.
You can earn about $17.75 hourly.


4. Bookkeeper

Bookkeeping is another job that you work online at your convenience.
If you are applying for this job, you need to be well vast in organizing books and maintaining records.
For businesses or individual customers, accountants and bookkeepers create, maintain, and produce financial records, including income statements, cash flow statements, and balance sheet statements.

They are employed in the retail, wholesale, healthcare, and insurance sectors. Since the majority of their routine tasks depend on computers, these experts can operate from anywhere.
Your hourly salary can amount to $21.90.


5. Administrative Assistant

This job can be done online, as it does not really require the presence of the person online. Make it work.
Administrative assistants aid in organizing the daily operations of an organization by providing assistance to the administrative department.

Responding to emails, keeping minutes of meetings, organizing meetings, and taking business calls are just a few of their tasks and obligations.
You can earn about $19.08.


6. Online Tutor

If you are passionate about teaching, this is just the perfect job for you as you use what you are passionate about to make money just by teaching the subject you are fluent in.
The only difference between online tutors and private tutors is that all courses are provided online. They communicate with their pupils while providing tutoring sessions via email and online classrooms.

Examining the curriculum and assisting pupils with their homework and academic projects are among the other main responsibilities.
You can earn up to $19.65 hourly.


7. Personal Trainer

This job can be so fun if you have that knack or in-built interest in training people. The job is so perfect for those who usually work out or go to the Gymnastics.
To assist each client in achieving their fitness goals, personal trainers create fitness diet plans and workout schedules. As more people want to enhance their physical health, the need for personal trainers has grown over the past several years.

You require postsecondary education in physical education or sports science to succeed as a trainer.
As a personal trainer, you can earn up to $19.57 hourly.


8. Call center representative

This job can be hectic and stressful if you cannot handle customers, especially customers that can be very impatience or hot tempered.
In this job, you really need to have tolerance for anything that comes.
Inbound and outbound calls are efficiently managed by call care representatives in well-paying call centers. They pay attention to the worries, issues, and inquiries of their clients and provide suitable solutions.

Aside from communication abilities, there are little qualifications for this profession.
As a call center representative, you can earn about $17.75 hourly.


9. Social media manager

You can earn money managing people’s social media handles.
e have companies or brands who by one reason or the other, want to promote their business ideas online to gain more clients, you can schedule posts, market all their business online and bring in audience bot to the page and clients to the organisation.
As a social media manager in a good company, you can earn about $17.85 hourly but many companies might want to pay to monthly.


10. Social media marketing

You can earn money through social media marketing for brands or businesses and even companies.
All you need to do for the brands running of ads,  and sending email campaigns.
Running of ads helps the brand or business to be known virtually everywhere and with this attracts and bring revenue to the brand, business or company.


11. Freelance writing

If you have a knack for writing, this can be a really a perfect job for you as you will not need to stress yourself thinking of how to start writing or what way do I need to write. It will flow naturally.
As a freelance writer, you can write for Google and any other brand or company to earn money.
You can be paid about $17.50 depending on the company. Though most people pay after per work or monthly.


12. Graphic Designing

As someone who has a knack for making creative design, you can work for Google at anywhere as it requires designing and sending in the project you have done without even necessarily meeting or going to the office.
All you may be required to do is to handle projects in designing anything they would want.



As a candidate applying for jobs, we have different jobs you can work for google without having to be in the office, all you just have to do is to choose your area of interests, research on the job and requirement to get the job, and as well apply for the job. These jobs can be done at your convenience and stress-free, especially if you are good at what you do.


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    This post is authored by Dora Edet, an Editor of Recruitment Portfolio. Boasting over a decade of expertise in the recruitment sector, Dora provides up-to-date information on jobs and recruitment topics, career opportunities, and breaking news stories.

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This post is authored by Dora Edet, an Editor of Recruitment Portfolio. Boasting over a decade of expertise in the recruitment sector, Dora provides up-to-date information on jobs and recruitment topics, career opportunities, and breaking news stories.

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