The 30 Best Christmas Jobs to Make Some Extra Cash (2024)
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The 30 Best Christmas Jobs to Make Some Extra Cash (2024)

Best Christmas Jobs to Make Some Extra Cash

Considering how things are getting more expensive year after year, it is time to think of something that will get you some extra cash in this upcoming Christmas period. We have compiled The 30 Best Christmas Jobs to Make Some Extra Cash in 2024, don.t stop reading to not be left out.

However, it is of great opportunity for you seeking extra income to make something out of it as the need for temporary seasonal jobs arises. Creating a unique opportunity will be of great benefit to earn some extra cash which will cover some of the expenses.

So if you want to boost your income this season, we have given the top 30 best Christmas jobs for you to make some extra cash. Continue reading to see!


30 Best Christmas Jobs to Make Money

The following are the 30 Best Christmas Jobs to Make Some Extra Cash in 2023

  • Decorate homes
  • Install Christmas lights
  • Retail Worker
  • Window decorator
  • Customer service representative
  • Ice-skating instructor
  • Butcher
  • Christmas cracker joke writer
  • Delivery driver
  • Uber driver
  • Makeup artist
  • Pet sitter
  • Tour guide
  • Christmas tree seller
  • Bartender
  • Package handler
  • Mince pie chef
  • Christmas photographer
  • Christmas card designer
  • Work at winter venues
  • Work at Christmas events
  • Wrap gifts
  • Be a personal shopper
  • Sell unused stuff
  • Rent rooms
  • Shop for groceries with Shipt
  • Babysit
  • Flip Furniture
  • Try Proofreading
  • Type and Earn Cash
  • Do Surveys
  • Join Focus Groups
  • Do Laundry
  • Tutor Online

Decorate homes

Best Christmas Jobs
The 30 Best Christmas Jobs to Make Some Extra Cash

Not everyone can decorate, so if you are skilled or talented in doing decoration, you can make use of the opportunity to make some cool cash. You can also try Christmas tree decoration services.


Install Christmas lights

Installing Christmas lights can be difficult for some people. You can start by installing lights for homeowners or some seasonal holiday businesses like light displays.

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Retail Worker

There are so many retail job vacancies around at this time that workers are needed. You can apply for retail jobs and get paid. Working as a retail personnel will require you some skills like conflict resolution and customer service skills.

You can get retained permanently if you are good at what you are doing.


Window decorator

You can decide to work on a freelance basis decorating your client’s window with snow-spray artwork. This could be a great option for you if you already have the skill, and you will enjoy it more if you have excellent creative skills and the necessary tools.


Customer service representative

If you have customer service skills and experience, it will be a great option for you to work as a customer service representative. Inquiries about delayed packages, damaged or dysfunctional products, and general customer complaints will be your role.

You can decide to work remotely, there are many companies that hire remote workers.

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Ice-skating instructor

If you like ice, becoming an ice-skating instructor will be a great option for you. Ice rinks temporarily seem to pop up in the winter period, so make a great income with the opportunity if you have the qualifications.



During Christmas, there are always many birds, and meats of all kinds needed. You can choose to become a butcher by preparing these meats for people. You need no qualifications here, all you need to do is get on-the-job training and under some food safety regulations.


Christmas cracker joke writer

Best Christmas Jobs
The 30 Best Christmas Jobs to Make Some Extra Cash

If you love cracking jokes or writing, why not put it to something meaningful and earn money? This might become a full-time career if you have a passion for it.


Delivery driver

We are in a generation where things are done digitally. Most people make online shopping and this will need a delivery driver. You can sign up with FedEx, UPS, Yodel, Amazon, etc, During the Christmas period they need delivery drivers. This can turn into a permanent job who knows?


Uber driver

If you are a licensed driver, why not make use of it? There is a taxi service app where you can monitor your working hours which you can use. You can get more tips and ratings if do some decoration in your car.


Makeup artist

Chrismas is the season for glitzy makeup and sparkling outfits and becoming a makeup artist is the best option to Make Some Extra Cash. You don’t need a special qualification all that is needed is the skill and also for you to be updated and know the trends.


Pet sitter

While pet sitting remains a steady opportunity throughout the year, its demand rises significantly during the holiday season when individuals embark on trips to see family or enjoy vacations. 

During this festive period, pet sitters undertake the responsibility of caring for their clients’ beloved furry companions in their absence. This involves either residing in the client’s homes or consistently tending to the pets throughout each day.


Tour Guide

During the Christmas period, there is a tendency for people to travel for a tour or visit many resorts, some go out there to enjoy the cold, snowy weather, etc. You can take this opportunity to become a seasonal tour guide.

A local tour operator or freelance company may hire you.

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