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International Healthcare Recruitment Agencies in the UK (2024)

International Healthcare Recruitment Agencies in the United Kingdom

International Healthcare Recruitment Agencies in the UK: The recent exodus of Nigerians to the United Kingdom has been recorded to be the most emigration movement in the country. Nigerians are now seeking greener pastures and most of them have found it in first-world countries.

If you are into healthcare and you wish to get a job in the UK, then this article is for you. Truthfully, if you are able to get an appointment through any recruitment agency, you can easily leave the country with a work visa. Going to work in the UK is an exciting opportunity. It will give you exposure internationally and helps you to build your work skills and competencies. You also get to meet a variety of people from across the world.

We have listed some international healthcare recruitment agencies in the United Kingdom in this article. You can visit their websites to see how to apply or you can just contact them through their email addresses.

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List of International Healthcare Recruitment Agencies in the United Kingdom

  1. MMA Healthcare International Recruitment.
  2. Ambition 24 Hours
  3. Mylocum Healthcare Recruiters.
  4. The Flame Lily
  5. Cromwell Medical Staffing
  6. Nursing Personnel
  7. Calvary Healthcare
  8. Kate Cowhig
  9. Medacs Healthcare
  10. Mayday Healthcare
  11. HW Healthcare LTD
  12. Skilled Healthcare International Limited
  13. Daytime Healthcare
  14. Mitre Passage
  15. Bluerock Healthcare
  16. Thornbury Nursing
  17. YourWorld Healthcare
  18. Cpl UK
  19. Medical Staffing Ltd
  20. MSI Group
  21. Direct Healthcare 24
  22. Artemis Recruitment
  23. Staff Giant
  24. Pearls Recruitment

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International Healthcare Recruitment Agencies in United Kingdom

  • MMA Healthcare International Recruitment.

More Medical Associates (MMA) is a recruitment agency located in the United Kingdom. They have over fifteen (15) years of experience in connecting nurses with employers across the UK. They negotiate salaries on behalf of the nurses. Through their online IELTS instructors, they provide language support to nurses.

They act as a guide for nurses applying for NMC, communicate on NMC on their behalf and help them with the NMC’s Computer-Based Test (CBT). They also help with VISAs, work permits, flight and travel arrangements. They meet you at the airport and assist you with accommodation. They also help you to open a Bank Account and to get the much-needed National Insurance Number (NIN).

MMA Recruitment has a record of placing over 2000 nurses with new jobs and still supporting their families. You could contact them to be your partner and guide as you embark on your fresh adventure.

Visit their website at to apply.

  • Ambition 24 Hours

Ambition 24 Hours has over twenty (20) years of experience in providing healthcare assistants and agency nurses to meet long-term and short-term needs of their clients around the clock. This was not so before as nursing agencies only operated during the assigned business hours. However, the existence of Ambition 24 Hours brought about a positive revolution; in that, clients can now receive 24-hour care from nurses. And nurses who cover these shifts receive increased rates of pay.

Visit their website at to apply.

  • Mylocum Healthcare Recruiters

Mylocum Group, a healthcare recruitment agency established eighteen (18) years ago, started off from recruiting Locum Doctors and extended to recruiting Locum Nurses and other individuals seeking employment in the healthcare sector. The mission of the agency is to act connect candidates with the right employers and employment that fits their skills, requirements and experience in a brief period of time.

Visit their website at to apply.

  • The Flame Lily

Flame Lily Healthcare is an accredited agency that provides medical bespoke, care and nursing solutions to fulfill the recruitment and staffing needs of their clients. Not only do they provide quality candidates and affordable solutions, but they also provide peaceful technological-driven staffing solutions. Their expertise lies in providing care for clients who require regular support. Such clients include those with mental health, autistic spectrum disorders, and learning disabilities.

You can visit their website at to apply.

  • Cromwell Medical Staffing

Cromwell Medical Staffing is a healthcare agency in the UK known for sourcing the best talent in the workforce since as early as 2003. Their dedication to their clients and candidates has earned them a well-respected reputation. They are approved as a supplier of temporary Clinical and Healthcare staff to NHS England. They provide global recruitment solutions to healthcare facilities in the private and public sectors.

You can visit their website at to apply.

  • Nursing Personnel Agency

Nursing Personnel Agency offers speedy recruitment services that help organizations employ new or temporary staff without the usual weekly or monthly delay associated with employing new staff.

They help organizations who urgently need new staff to bring in manpower at the needed time. They are quite dependable.

Visit their website at to apply.

  • Calvary Healthcare

Calvary Healthcare is a recruitment agency owned and run by healthcare professionals; and they take pride in the fact that they stand out from other average agencies. Their experience in the healthcare industry makes it easy for them to have a deep understanding of the work their staff do. It also helps them make the best matches between staff and clients.

Benefits of working with them include –

  • Work/life balance
  • Bonus scheme
  • Flexibility
  • Money off bills
  • Higher rate of pay
  • 24/7 clinical support

Visit their website at to apply.

  • Medacs Healthcare

Medacs Healthcare is an international healthcare staffing agency that is known for relocating thousands of global nurses, doctors and allied health professionals. They put candidates into permanent roles with private healthcare providers and NHS Trusts.

Their operations span across the Middle East, Asia, Australia, Europe and the UK. Their strong international reputation and global database of healthcare candidates enable them to attract lots of quality candidates constantly.

Visit their website at to apply.


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International Healthcare Recruitment Agencies in United Kingdom

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