How to improve your working performance and efficiency (2024)

improve your working performance

How to improve your working performance 

This article details the effective ways individuals, teams, organizations, and companies can be productive. Read this article to the end to see how to improve your working performance and efficiency (2024).

Most people think working on performance will only come before the annual performance evaluation, while some will sit quietly to let another person point out possible improvements in their work. However, have you thought about this? You are talented, productive, and good at your job, but how will you grow your productivity?

No matter how skillful you are, there is always a possibility to do more. Keeping an eye on improving your working performance and efficiency is the greatest step towards becoming successful in what you do. This will not only affect your work performance but also improve the potential opportunities for your professional development.

Nevertheless, we have gathered successful and approved tips on How to improve your working performance and efficiency in 2024.  Read carefully to not miss out on the important facts this article has for you.


What are the Top 3 Ways to Improve Performance at Work?

The top three ways how to improve your working performance and efficiency  are:

  • Limit distractions
  • Split your tasks into milestones
  • Stop multitasking, prioritize your work


Limit Distractions

Findings have revealed that distraction becomes the reason for low performance rates in work if it happens too often plus stress. To be focused throughout the working hours and achieve great work-related results, one needs to understand where lucrative distractions come from and limit exposure to them.

According to Udemy, the impacts of workplace distraction are as follows

  • 54% aren’t performing as well as they should.
  • 50% say they’re significantly less productive.
  • 20% are not able to reach their full potential, advance in their career


To avoid distraction, follow the tips given below:

  • Get acquainted with productive people in the workplace. 
  • Use a time-tracking tool to watch your time spent completing different tasks. 
  • Schedule time to check email notifications and social media updates. 
  • Take short breaks to relax and revitalize. 
  • Set up your workstation if you are working remotely in a quiet place in your home. 
  • When working in an open-space environment, use noise-canceling headphones to block out the noise. 
  • Stop holding unnecessary consultations or meetings. 


Split Your Tasks into Milestones

Always split your work into milestones whenever you are working on a big project, this will ensure that you are not falling behind schedule and are performing at a higher level.

By so doing, you will know exactly what needs to be done, the date for the project to be completed,


  • Break your workload into simpler and manageable milestones.
  • Schedule enough timing for each segmented milestone to achieve a great overall outcome.


Stop multitasking, prioritize your work

According to research, multitasking can lead to a 40% reduction in productivity. You may think that you are getting more jobs done but this is adversely affecting the quality of your work output.


  • Rather than multitasking three different projects at a time, prioritize your work and focus on each of them individually.

By doing so, you will provide a good work quality output and be able to finish more work quicker and more effectively.

  • Decline work that may come with distraction from your actual job or communicate with your manager/boss that you cannot multitask effectively.


Other Helpful Tips to Improve Your Working Performance and Efficiency (2024)

  • Improve Your Time Management

Starting with your time management is a very big step to improving working performance, always ensure allocating your time correctly to every project you handle.

If your work performance is poor, start working on your time management, and you will see a greater improvement in your productivity at work.


  • Plan ahead of your time in every project you are working on. By so doing you will manage time appropriately on each project you are handling.
  • Avoid unnecessary distractions that may take up your time for example discussions with colleagues, and random use of social media platforms.


  • Try to do important tasks first

A wide range of tasks will be allocated for you to deal with by a particular deadline as an employee. This is certain, all you need to do to maintain your performance at work is to prioritize your tasks in an order judging by importance.


  • Always deal with projects that are due to deadlines, and put your whole focus on the close project. Your work performance will be at an optimal level and you will easily meet the set deadlines by doing this.
  • Think about which one will have the most negative impact on you and the business if not completed soon If time is not a factor. Focus on that one


  • Set clear goals

  • Set out the main goal and after that, break down the main goal into smaller goals for each stage of the project.
  • Align your goals with business goals.
  • Review your goals regularly.
  • Set goals with achievable time frames.
  • Use the OKR goal-setting strategy (Objectives and Key Results)


  • Improve your communication skills

communication will be essential for overall performance if you are working in a team or dealing with a project in a company with your colleagues. So, ensure you communicate with them everything till the successful completion of the task.


  • Develop your communication skills 
  • Go on research to discover ideas on how to improve your communication skills.
  • Don’t waste time trying to figure it out yourself if you are struggling with a particular part of the project. Ask for help!
  • Communicate your concern with your team members if you are worried that something could go wrong that could affect the project. The issue can be taken care of before it becomes worse.


  • Don’t try to do your own, delegate

Do not ever try to do everything on your own except you are a master of all trades within your industry. Because unless it’s super straightforward, it may require a different set of expertise that you may not be so good at.



  • Give out each specialized task to a colleague that expertise specifically within that field.
  • If you want to do anything that you are not fully specialized in, Seek an opinion from a colleague that expertise in that field.
  • Make use of the right tools
  • Give yourself downtime
  • Encourage desk cleanliness and organization
  • Stay healthy
  • Don’t leave tasks unfinished
  • Become a lifelong learner
  • Ask for constructive feedback
  • Participate in mentorship
  • Try to be punctual and accountable
  • Rethink ineffective ways of working
  • Build your own development plan
  • Build working relationships and connections
  • Avoid idle chat, drama, and gossip


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Tips on How an Organization Can Help You Improve  Your Working Performance

  • Be a leader and a role model
  • Train your employees
  • Communicate with your employees
  • Provide constructive feedback
  • Organize and optimize tasks
  • Provide good judgment
  • Let employees learn even from mistakes
  • Ask questions
  • Compliment your employees
  • Provide an enjoyable working environment

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    This post is authored by Michael Offiong, an Editor of Recruitment Portfolio. Boasting over a decade of expertise in the recruitment sector, Michael provides up-to-date information on jobs and recruitment topics, career opportunities, and breaking news stories.

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This post is authored by Michael Offiong, an Editor of Recruitment Portfolio. Boasting over a decade of expertise in the recruitment sector, Michael provides up-to-date information on jobs and recruitment topics, career opportunities, and breaking news stories.

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