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Best JAMB CBT Practice App for Both Jamb and WAEC in 2024

Jamb CBT Practice App Free Download

Best JAMB CBT Practice App for Both Jamb and WAEC in 2024. This article emphasizes the importance of time management in preparing for the JAMB examination. It suggests using JAMB CBT apps for effective time management. This article also provides a guide on the best free JAMB CBT apps for JAMB and WAEC practice, based on extensive experience.

Best JAMB CBT Practice App for Both Jamb and WAEC

Do you want to unlock your mind’s full potential? This post is mainly for those who want to maximize their mind’s potential and pass the JAMB UTME exam while having fun.

As we all know, exams are inevitable, but self-control, motivation, and efficiency can lead to success. A unique CBT practice software supports this by boosting confidence and knowledge.

This CBT software is not just a standard tool; it aids JAMB/UTME candidates and even WAEC candidates in preparing for e-Exams/CBT and achieving higher scores.

The Electronic System Testing & Preparatory Software is a licensed application designed for JAMB CBT exam candidates to assess their readiness and prepare for the exam on a per-computer basis.

Prior to this, this article highlighted the top 10 free JAMB CBT apps in Nigeria, including some that are both free and paid. It also outlined 13 free JAMB CBT apps and recommended websites to help you pass the JAMB examination as well as WAEC.

How does Our CBT Software work?

The term CBT software is a generator that generates simulated and randomized JAMB CBT test questions and WAEC based on past JAMB/UTME questions, providing an accurate representation of the actual exam for effective practice.

Moreover, the software automatically schedules tests, marks and scores exams, and provides a comprehensive performance report, grading answers and displaying scores to identify areas for improvement.

A comprehensive learning experience includes test answers, explanations, and other features to ensure easy JAMB UTME and WAEC exam passing, the best JAMB CBT Practice App for both Jamb and WAEC, and lifetime knowledge acquisition. I recommend you read this page to the end.

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10 Best JAMB CBT Practice Apps for Both Jamb and WAEC for  2024/2025 Examinations

Here are the top 10 best JAMB CBT practice apps.

  • Passng CBT app
  • Flashlearners JAMB app
  • Currentschoolnews JAMB mobile app
  • Nigerian scholars UTME CBT practice application
  • JAMB (Swiftspeed edu)
  • Jamb CBT Software by
  • Examiner NG (Free)
  • JAMB CBT Practice Software
  • PrepUp JAMB CBT

1. Passng CBT app (Free/Premium)

This JAMB CBT app only functions on a PC. Passng is a top Nigerian education website that provides students with essential information for tertiary institution admission. It offers a free JAMB CBT app for practice, and users can upgrade the app using internet data without paying. Passng is considered one of the best JAMB CBT applications in the country.

Furthermore, Passng is also one of the top Nigerian websites for school-related information, providing university news for students. To apply for an application, visit today.

2. Flashlearners CBT app

Flashlearners is a free JAMB and WAEC CBT app. And also, the Flashlearners CBT app is a powerful CBT tool for JAMB examinations, offering features similar to real software. It allows users to practice multiple subjects simultaneously and offers both free and paid versions.

I understand you will love to know the owner of the app and also why the Flashlearners CBT app, one of the best, is quite simple. Flashlearners CBT app, owned by Isaac from one of Nigeria’s top 10 education websites, is considered one of the best JAMB CBT applications due to its legit nature.

3. Currentschoolnews JAMB mobile app (Free/Premium): 

Currentschoolnews JAMB mobile app is designed and developed by another Nigerian admissions news website and is considered one of the best JAMB mobile applications in the country. Currentschoolnews JAMB mobile app offers similar features to other JAMB apps, but the price is unknown. Try it for exam preparation.

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4. Nigerian scholars UTME CBT practice application (Free/Premium)

Nigerianscholars is a popular and highly visited education website in Nigeria, ranking in the top 5 on the list of popular websites. The Nigerian scholars UTME CBT practice application is powerful software for JAMB practice, offering a calculator for science students and providing a free version for those seeking more features, making it an ideal choice for JAMB preparation.

5. JAMB (Swiftspeed Edu (Free/Premium):

The JAMB CBT app, despite being new to the Play Store, has been added to the list of the best free JAMB apps for this year.

JAMB (Swiftspeed edu) is a free app that tests students on JAMB syllabus topics using past questions and answers. It is an indispensable tool for passing the examination and can be found on the Google Play Store.

6. JAMBITE free JAMB, WAEC, Post UTME past questions app (Free):

JAMBITE free app by Axum Technologies offers free past questions for JAMB, Post UTME, and WAEC candidates, perfect for WAEC and post UTME practice.

This application from Axum Technologies offers past questions for admission to Nigerian universities, including UNN, UI, UNICAL, and UNIBEN. You can visit Google Play Store to download it for free. I can tell you that this is what you need to actually achieve that goal.

7. FaceYourBook JAMB mobile app (Free): 

FaceYourBook JAMB app helps prepare students for JAMB examinations by preparing them to face their books and maintain the same condition they will be in during the exam.

FaceYourBook JAMB app, rated 4.4, offers a unique feature of teaching and correcting JAMB question failures. With 200 reviews and a comprehensive list of necessary preparations, it is a top-rated CBT application available for download on the Google Play Store.

I don’t know how true this is, but I believe this app can really help students. It has both

4 Best Free JAMB Practice Website 


TryJAMBCBT is a free online learning and testing software application for Jambites, allowing them to practice JAMB without any financial cost.

2. is a popular online JAMB CBT software, offering both free and paid versions of JAMBITES, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a cost-effective JAMB practice option.

3. is an excellent online platform for practicing JAMB past questions, offering no cost and allowing students to compete with themselves, helping them become familiar with JAMB’s questions.

4. offers both a JAMB practice app and online software for free practice of previously asked questions, demonstrating their commitment to assisting students in passing the JAMB examination. offers free access to the best JAMB app features for those without the financial means to purchase paid or free apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I practice JAMB CBT online?

TryJambCBT provides a simplified system for taking practice tests related to your course of study, preparing you for outstanding examination performance.

2. What app can I use to practice for JAMB?

The Jamb CBT practice app offline is compatible with all Android smartphones and offers clear corrections after each exercise.

3. What is the best app for Waec preparation?

The Nexvelsoft Ultimate Passco app is a user-friendly mobile tool designed for students preparing for the WAEC and BECE exams. So, if you are among the candidates waiting to write either JAMB/UTME or WAEC, I recommend you visit this website for better preparation.

4. How many questions are in JAMB CBT?

The JAMB CBT is a standardized computer-based examination consisting of 120 questions and 180 minutes, while the JAMB CBT is a standardized test for Nigerian tertiary admission.

5. How do I know my CBT JAMB Centre?

JAMB exam center, date, time, subject combination, and registration number are listed on the JAMB slip, which can be emailed or printed from JAMB’s portal.

How can I pass JAMB in one sitting?

1. Have confident that you can successfully pass JAMB this year.

You should believe in yourself and your ability to pass the JAMB/UTME or WAEC exam, despite the challenges, as others have successfully passed it.

2. Set a target JAMB Score

Most people are unaware of their desires, leading to a lack of clarity and often meaningless outcomes. It is crucial to be precise in expressing one’s desires. So, you need to set out the actual JAMB score you wish to score at the end of the examinations and practically work toward it.

3. Select a course that aligns with your interests.

Choose a course with at least two preferred subjects and compulsory English use for JAMB study and writing, as allowing others to choose may reduce success chances.

4. Love the use of English.

English is a broad subject with more questions than other subjects in the JAMB/UTME examination, indicating that passing it well can lead to high JAMB scores.

5. Increase your reading time. 

Increase daily reading time from two to eight hours to cover the JAMB syllabus faster, as Jamb is a different exam than internal examinations.


This is all we have for you today regarding the best JAMB CBT Practice App for Both Jamb and WAEC in 2024. Kindly let us know in the comment box if you have any questions.

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