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CV Format for Federal Government Recruitment in Nigeria

CV Format for Federal Government Recruitment

The Federal government recruitment in Nigeria has started and so many applicants have been wondering what CV format to present to earn them their dream job. Are you an applicant and have been looking for the correct CV format for federal government recruitment in Nigeria? You should read this article!

So many candidates have applied for federal government jobs, but there is this thing that will make you stand out in the crowd and be recruited. Your CV format, how you arrange your CV, and how your CV will be able to convince your recruiter matters a lot.

However, in this content, we have explained everything about a good CV format for Federal government work and what it should look like.  Read carefully through this article to know how your CV format for FG recruitment should be written.

But before we proceed, so many people have been hearing CV and have no clue about it. Let’s know what a CV means!


What Does CV Mean?

CV is an acronym for Curriculum Vitae (Latin for “the course of life”). It is a written account of one’s accomplishments, education, work experience, publications, etc used to seek for a job.

It is a document that you present to your prospective employer. He/she will review it before inviting you for an interview, so it is advised to include the details related to the job role you are seeking that would make the recruiter interested in meeting you.

Candidates should know that there is a difference between CV submission to the private sector and government work. The private sector will demand only an overview of your work role, which a CV with one page is ok. But on the other hand, CVs for federal government jobs are not. The standard number of pages for government work is from 4 to 6 pages.

Here you should state your name, address, email, and phone number boldly and elaborates more on your career objective/personal statement, skills acquired and competencies, achievements, and educational certificates and includes a comprehensive listing of professional history and most significantly how relevant it is to the role being applied for.

Most Importantly:

A good CV format should be in such way below

  • Must be summarized with important details such as Name, age (optional), address, phone number, and e-mail. These details must be easily noticed by the recruiter.
  • Educational qualifications. Arrange it from the highest to the least.
  • Relevant Work experience, if you have it.
  • Abilities which include skills and competencies 
  • References could be stated as Available on request.


CV format

Good CV Format for FG Recruitment 

A standard CV or resume for federal government recruitment should be written and formatted in the way given below:

  • Personal information
  • Purpose/Objective
  • Working Knowledge
  • Section on Education
  • Other sections

Personal Information: 

This is where you will list out your names, email addresses, phone numbers, etc. It should be in a way that your recruiter will see at a glance.



This section can also be referred to as the aim, you expressed the reason you need the job, and where you tell the recruiter that you are the perfect one for the job. Your rationale should be in a way that will convince the employer.


Working Knowledge:

Unlike a private sector CV, a government resume is quite lengthy in the experience section, depending on your responsibilities each position may require a full page. The following should be stated in every position you listed.

  • Name and address of the employer
  • Work starting and ending dates
  • Salary acquired per year
  • GS grade and occupational series number
  • Job title
  • Total work hours weekly
  • Job responsibilities summary
  • A list of job responsibilities
  • Outstanding achievements
  • Awards
  • Supervisor’s Contact number ( if they can be contacted)


Section of Education:

You list out your education and certificates here. Note that anything you include here will be determined by your degree. Include the following in each of your education attended.

  • Name and location of institutions (city, state, and zip code)
  • Year attained
  • Degrees obtained (minors included)
  • Award received or special recognition
  • Participation in educational groups and clubs

If you did not attain any high school, including the following technical college you attended;

  • Name and location of the school
  • Where you obtained your diploma, certificate, or license?


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Other Section:

This section is optional but it makes you stand out from the crowd by including your extracurricular activities, certificates, language abilities, work volunteered, and publications.

Aside from including the above-stated sections in your resume or CV, there are some additional details you should include in your CV. They are as follows;

  • Citizenship status
  • Veterans’ status
  • Highest General Schedule (GS) grade
  • Security clearance (if applicable)
  • Pay and number of hours worked each week for each job



This is another essential part of your CV, here you have to state your superior skills and abilities, for example, teamwork skills, ability to meet deadlines, strong journalistic and investigating skills, and your motivations, etc.

The guide given above is the standard CV format for federal government recruitment in Nigeria, if you have applied for any of the FG jobs, follow the format you will be surprised at the end when you find yourself having the job of your dreams. Visit to apply for your dream government job.

Send back your thoughts to us through the comment section or if you have any questions regarding the CV format for federal government recruitment in Nigeria. We will reply as soon as possible.



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