UNIUYO Academic Calendar 2024/2025 Academic Session

UNIUYO Academic calendar
UNIUYO Academic calendar

UNIUYO Academic Calendar

This article is about the UNIUYO Academic Calendar recently released. The University of Uyo management has announced the release and publication of the 2024/2025 academic calendar online and all students, both returning and freshers can have access to it to check out the semester will look at and make preparation for both classes and the Exam.

UNIUYO Academic calendar
UNIUYO Academic calendar

The University of Uyo academic calendar which also contains the official resumption date serves as a guide to all staff, lecturers, and students as a whole, and usually, students are always advised to use this to start preparations for their upcoming exams.

In this article, I will share with you some insight and information on the UNIUYO Academic Calendar 2024/2025 Academic Session.

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UNIUYO Academic Calendar

The University of Uyo management has released and published the academic calendar for 2024/2025 and it is online for all students both returning and fresher to access it. You can check uniuyo.edu.ng/eportals for more information.


UNIUYO First Semester Academic Calendar

December 06, 2024 Commencement of 1st semester 2023/2024 session for all students
December 06–December 24, 2024 Registration without penalty (3 weeks)
December 27 – January 07, 2024 Orientation for all fresher (1 week)
January 3 –March 1, 2024 Commencement of Lectures for 1st Semester 2020/2021 session for all Fresher/Returning
undergraduate/ Postgraduate Students.
March 1- March 14, 2024 Lecture for Fresher/Returning Undergraduate/Postgraduate Students (14 weeks)
March 14- April 3, 2024 Registration with penalty (2 weeks)
April 3- April 15, 2024 Revision exercise for the 1st Semester Examination for all students
April 15 – May 5, 2024 1st Semester Examinations for all students (3 weeks)
May 5- May 20, 2024 1st Semester break for all Students (3 weeks)


UNIUYO Second Semester Academic Calendar

May 20, 2024 Commencement of 2nd semester 2020/2021 session for all students
May 20- June 1, 2024 Registration without penalty (2 weeks)
June 1- June 20, 2024 Registration with Penalty (2 weeks)
June 1- July 2, 2024 Lecture for all students (14 weeks) + (13 weeks of lectures) + 1 week
July 2- July 5, 2024 Students’ week
July 5- July 8, 2024 Students’ week
July 8- August 5, 2024 Revision exercise for 2nd Semester of 2020/2021 session all (1 week)
August 5- September 5, 2024 2nd-semester examinations for all students (3 weeks)
September 5- October 20, 2024 Long Vacation for all students (4 weeks)
October 20- November 5, 2024 Commencement of 2021/2022


This is the Academic Calendar for 2024 and all students are expected to follow the calendar and use it as it is a guide to them on how to prepare for the semester, it is also a guide for the lecturer to know when to fix a test and make revisions to the students.


Registration with Penalty in UNIUYO

This is the week when additional payment will be added for any student who did not pay their school fees early. it is usually a two-week period.

This is usually added to show how serious it is to pay school fees at the University and to push them into paying the school fees.

Immediately the deadline for the payment is due, an additional two weeks will be added to help students who are actually struggling to pay to meet up but they too still have to pay the N2,000 being added as it is very compulsory.


Student Week in UNIUYO

The University of Uyo student week, which kicked off on July 2- July 5 2024 was one amazing week for all students, especially the freshers as this was the opportunity they had to do their rag day.

The rag day isn’t just done by the 100L student, all other levels could join to rag as this doesn’t just give them a fun free day around the school but a source of having a little money from making people out their laugh.

The students don’t just have to do with rags, they all sit out, have music day, pageantry night, and a lot of fun games, which doesn’t just help them cool off from the school stress but also brings all the students from different levels together as one.

It is very important to associate, make friends, and learn new things, This is an avenue for the freshers to meet their senior colleagues in the school and get to learn as well as get more necessary information from them about the department and university as a whole.


Revision Exercise in UNIUYO

The revision exercise is done after the lecturers have covered the curriculum for the semester. It is the time for lecturers to test the students with what they have learned so far in the course of their teaching.

During this period, tests are given to the students while waiting for their examination, they revise their knowledge of what they had learned. Some lectures usually give projects, term papers, articles, or assignments if they do not want to give tests.
At this point, the student will have to meet with their colleagues or even as a group/team to discuss how the assignment or project can be done.

The students also use this opportunity to learn from each other on things they did not exactly understand when the lecture was taught. With this, they expand their knowledge of the course and also get fully prepared for the course exams.


How many months is a semester in Uniuyo?

UNIUYO Resumption Date 2024/2025 for Fresh & Returning Students

The University of Uyo UNIUYO School management has designed the 2024/2025 Academic session to run for 4 months. Both academic and non-academic activities have been scheduled to run through this period of four months and these 4 months could include students’ weeks and breaks either in the state or the country as a whole.

How much are UNIUYO school fees per semester?

The University of Uyo school fees depend solely on the department or faculty, some pay up to N60,000 and others pay less than that, All you have to do is ask your department or check it online on the school portal.

Which year and semester is the hardest in the University

The hardest year is the fresh year/100l because of the loss of processes you will have to do and go through even while studying. This year requires lots of effort and money, you will need to be mentally, physically, and financially ready to spend and buy lots of books to use this year to build your CGPA in the University.

How long is a semester in Uniuyo?

The academic year of the University of Uyo is divided into two semesters. Each semester is normally made up of 15 weeks of teaching and examinations. It is expected of both students and lecturers to optimize these 15 weeks so that they don’t end it falling apart or out of guide.

What is the CGPA in Uniuyo?

CGPA: Cumulative Grade Point Average.

This simply refers to the numeric value obtained by a student on dividing the total of his/her overall quality points by the total credit hours obtained (or accumulated) over his/her entire stay in the university.

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Conclusion UNIUYO Academic Calendar

The academic calendar for 2024/2025 has been released and published by the University of Uyo management. so if you are a fresher or a returning student, optimize this opportunity by checking in online to get information about when classes will start as well as when exams will start so that you will be guided on it.


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