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Liberia National Police Rank and Salaries (Updated 2024)

Liberia National Police Rank and Salaries 

Liberia National Police Rank and Salaries: Are you a Liberian and you are aspiring to join the Liberian Police? Are you searching for the Liberian National Police ranks and salaries in 2023? We have the results of all your searches here in this article keep reading to see.

In this article, we will give Police salaries in Liberia based on rankings compared to other countries and professions, Liberian police salaries are distributed based on median salary, 25th and 75th percentile, and compensation.


Liberia National Police Rank and Salaries

The Liberian average police patrol salaries include benefits and compensations such as housing and transport.

The Liberian police salary varies based on rank, experience, location, skills, gender, and qualifications. Please note that It is possible for a Liberian police officer to earn more or less of the data given on this page.


How Much Does A Liberian Police Officer Earn?

The salary of a Liberian police officer can typically be estimated at around 454,300 LRD annually. This ranges from 232,900 LRD lowest average salary to 699,700 LRD highest average salary.

However, the Liberia National Police salary is summarized as follows:

  • Average Annual Salary – 454,300 LRD
  • Average Monthly Salary – 37,858 LRD
  • Lowest Annual Salary – 232,900 LRD
  • Lowest Monthly Salary – 19,408 LRD
  • Highest Annual Salary – 699,700 LRD
  • Highest Monthly Salary – 58,308 LRD
Liberia National Police Rank
Liberian National Police ranks and salaries

Distribution of Liberia National Police Salaries – Liberia National Police Rank

  • Salary Range, Minimum Wage, and Starting Salary

The starting salary for the position of a police officer in Liberia ranges from 20,900 LRD (starting salary) to 72,300 LRD (maximum salary). Please note that the figure represents the lowest salary survey from thousands of police officers and professionals from all regions in Liberia.

  • Median Salary

The median salary structure is 43,500 LRD. Half of the police professionals in Liberia earn below this figure while the other half get more. However, the median salary entails the middle value of salaries. 

Normally, you would want to be among people that earn above the median salary which is located at the right side of the distribution graph.

  • Percentiles and Salary Scale

The 25th and 75th percentiles are quite closely associated with the median salary structure. From the salary distribution chart, 25% of professional police officers in Liberia earn less than 35,100 LRD while 75% earn more.

Nevertheless, the chart also shows that 75% get less than 50,100 LRD while 25% earn more.

  • Pay Scale Structure

In order to have a clear understanding of the expected salaries, we group the most occurring salaries into different ranges. Compared to a simple average calculation, this method provides a more accurate representation of the salary distribution for the position of Police Officer in Liberia. 

The data reveals that around 65% of the reported salaries fall within the bracket of 26,000 LRD to 37,800 LRD. Approximately, 20% of the salaries are situated below the 26,000 LRD threshold, whereas another 10% span from 37,800 LRD to 43,200 LRD. Merely 5% of individuals earn salaries surpassing 43,200 LRD.


What is the Liberian National Police Rank 

The following are the ranks and levels of the Liberia National Police

  • Corporal
  • Sergeant
  • 3rd Sergeant major
  • Inspector
  • Assistant Superintendent
  • Deputy Superintendent
  • Superintendent
  • Chief Superintendents
  • Commissioner of Police
  • Inspector General.

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