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LASUED Cut-off Mark for 2024/2025 JAMB Applicants

LASUED Cut-off Mark for 2024/2025 JAMB Applicants

LASUED Cut-off Mark: Finally, it is here! The University of Lagos State Management Board has officially released their cut-off mark for the 2024/2025 Academic session which is out online for all candidates who wish to apply and gain admission into the Lagos State University of Education.

LASUED Cut-off Mark
LASUED Cut-off Mark

The Management used the medium to advise all candidates who would like to apply and gain admission into the university to do well and gain up to the cut-off mark of the university or above it.

As a candidate who wishes to apply for gain admission into LASUED, the cut-off mark is finally out. It is left to you to do well and read more to make sure you do your best to get to the cut-off mark required by the school.

If you do not know the cut-off mark for LASUED, well you are on the right page. I will share information on the LAUSED Cut-off mark for the 2024/2025 academic session in this article. If you wish to get more information concerning the LASUED Cut-off mark, I suggest you stay on the page as more information will be provided below.


LASUED Cut-off Mark

The Lagos State University of Education Management has just released the LASUED cut-off mark for the 2024/2025 academic session. It is important to note that if you do not score up to the cut-off mark required, you may likely not be given admission into the University.

The Cut-off mark is seen as one step to gaining admission into the University. If you do not meet the cut-off mark requirement of JAMB and that of the University you had chosen, you might not be able to gain admission and go for the screening exercise.

The LAUSED cut-off mark is 150 and above. It is important to note that aside from the cut-off mark from the university, we have cut-off marks for each department in the university.

The cut-off mark in each department duly depends on the different reasons which will be explained in the course of this article. All you have to do is to stay on the page to get more of this information.

1.         LASUED Current Cut-Off Mark 2023 150
2.         LASUED Post UTME Cut-Off Mark 2023 150
3.         LASUED Admission Cut-Off Mark 2023 150

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JAMB Cut-off Mark for LASUED 2024/2025

Aside from the University giving out their cut-off mark, JAMB also gives out their cut-off mark for all candidates. The JAMB Cut-off mark for LAUED is also 150.

So if you can score up to 150 in your JAMB, you should know you can also be admitted into the University. But if you do not score up to the required cut-off mark, you will not be given admission both from JAMB and the University.

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LASUED Cut-off Marks for each Department

Here are the list of the department in LASUED and their cut-off marks for 2024/2025, They include;

1.       B.A. Ed. History & Diplomatic Studies 150
2.       B.A. History & Diplomatic Studies 150
3.       B.A. Ed. Christian Religious Studies 150
4.       B.A. Christian Religious Studies 150
5.       B.A. Ed Islamic Studies 150
6.       B.A. Islamic Studies 150
7.       B.A. Ed Fine Arts 150
8.       B.A. Fine Arts 150
9.       B.A. Ed. Music 150
10.    B.A. Music 150
11.    B.A. Theatre & Performing Arts 150
12.    B.Sc. Ed. Biology 150
13.    B.Sc. Biology 150
14.    B.Sc. Ed. Chemistry 150
15.    B.Sc. Chemistry 150
16.    B.Sc. Ed. Physics 150
17.    B.Sc. Physics 150
18.    B.Sc. Ed. Mathematics 180
19.    B.Sc. Mathematics 180
20.    B.Sc. Ed. Statistics 150
21.    B.Sc. Statistics 150
22.    B.Sc Ed. Integrated Science 180
23.    B.Sc. Ed. Health Education 150
24.    B.Sc. Ed. Human Kinetics 150
25.    B.Sc. Ed. Computer Science 150
26.    B.Sc. Computer Science 150
27.    B.Sc. Ed. Educational Technology 180
28.    B.Sc. Ed. Automobile Technology 180
29.    B.5c. Ed. Woodwork Technology 180
30.    B.Sc. Ed. Electrical Technology 180
31.    B.Sc. Ed. Metalwork Technology 180
32.    B.Sc Library and Information Science 150
33.    B.Sc. Ed. Agriculture Science 150
34.    B.Sc.Ed. Home Economics 150
35.    B Sc. Home Economics 150
36.    B.Sc. Ed. Business Education 150
37.    B.Sc. Ed. Secretarial Administration 150
38.    B.Sc. Ed. Accounting 150
39.    B.Sc. Accounting 150
40.    B. Ed. Entrepreneurship 150
41.    B.Sc Ed. Economics 150
42.    B.Sc. Economics 150
43.    B.Sc. Ed. Educational Management 150
44.    B.Sc. Ed. Political Science 150
45.    B.Sc. Political Science 180
46.    B.Sc. Ed. Geography 150
47.    B.Sc. Geography 150
48.    B.Sc. Transport Management 180
49.    B.Sc. Ed. Social Studies 150
50.    B.Ed. Civic and Citizenship 150
51.    B.Ed Early Childhood Care Education 150
52.    B.Ed Primary Education Studies 150
53.    B.Ed Counselling Psychology 180
54.    B.Ed Special Education 150
55.    B.Ed Adult Education 150
56.    B.A Ed English 150
57.    B.A English 150
58.    B.A Ed French 150
59.    B.A French 150
60.    B.A Ed. Arabic 150
61.    B.A Arabic 150
62.    B.A Ed Yoruba 150
63.    B.A Yoruba 150
64.    B.A Ed Igbo 150
65.    B.A Igbo 150
66.    B.A Ed Hausa 150


How LASUED Departmental Cut-off Mark is Determined

The following factors are what the LASUED uses to determine their department cut-off marks and the factors include;

Applicants Number

The number of applicants applying to gain admission into that department could determine if the department will increase its cut-off mark or just use the school’s cut-off mark.

In departments like Law or Engineering, we all know that lots of students would want to go into or be admitted into such departments, if the department sees that they have a lot of people in the department already, they might likely increase the cut-off mark from the schools own which is 150 to about 200 and take only those who had scored 200 and above in their cut-off mark.

A Candidates Performance

Candidate performance could also make the department increase its cut-off mark. If all candidates are good and have performed well in their results, the department might likely use this opportunity to increase their cut-off marks and pick the best out of all.

You can see such happening in departments such as Law, Engineering, and Medicine where we have lots of students applying but they increase their cut-off mark and just pick the best out of all those who had applied for the admission.

LASUED Admission Policy

The admission policy of the school might also influence the cut-off mark of each department. If the policies set required specifications, all candidates must have to meet them before being admitted into any of the departments.

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To Conclude on LASUED Cut-off Mark

As a candidate who wishes to gain admission into LASUED but does not know the cut-off mark for each department, well the LASUED has just released their cut-off mark for the 2024/2025 academic session and it is out online for all candidates. you can simply check our page above for more information on it. If you have any difficulties, you can simply DROP A COMMENT and we will reply.

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