Mexican Government Scholarships of Excellence 2024

Mexican Government's Scholarships

Mexican Government Scholarships of Excellence 2024

Mexican Government Scholarships 2024 is a fully funded scholarship program for international students from 180 countries, open for master’s and doctoral programs. The initiative, initiated by the Mexican Agency for International Development Cooperation, is part of the “Call for Excellence Scholarships of the Government of Mexico for Foreigners 2024” initiative.

The Mexico Government Scholarship offers free study opportunities to international students at over 80 higher education institutions. This program covers all academic programs registered in the National Postgraduate System of the National Council of Science and Technology, showcasing Mexico’s achievements in various science and humanities areas.

Mexico’s Excellence Scholarships for international students have strengthened its global responsibility and commitment to human capital creation. These scholarships have brought brilliant students from various countries, contributing to long-term positive impacts and connections. They enrich Mexico’s foreign policy and foster better communication between Mexico and other countries. 

Before this, we’ve highlighted in this article the details of Mexican Government Scholarships: benefits, eligibility, how to apply, documents required, and application process.

About Mexican Government’s Scholarships

For years now, Mexican cultural diplomacy has successfully implemented programs like human capital training, academic degree scholarships, and research in various knowledge areas.

The Directorate-General for Educational and Cultural Cooperation manages the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Scholarship Program for Foreigners, offering academic studies and special programs through the Academic Exchange Department.

Mexican Government’s Scholarships are available for academic studies, including complete programs for Specialization, Master’s or PhD Degrees, and Postgraduate Researchers, with academic mobility for Bachelor’s and Postgraduate Degrees. Special programs offer short-term fellowships for Visiting Professors, Mexico researchers, media contributors, and Art Production Fellowships.

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Mexican Government’s Scholarships Selection Criteria and Eligibility

  • Scholarships are only awarded based on academic excellence.
  • Prospective candidates must hold a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D. degree, not technical or commercial degrees, as required by the scholarship program.
  • Bachelor’s level mobility cases do not require a diploma but proof of completed studies from the institution of origin.
  • The application process requires candidates to be living in Mexico at the time of application.
  • Applicants must have a minimum grade point average of 80 for their last academic degree, and lower grades will not be considered.
  • Scholarships are non-transferable and cannot be deferred to future years.
  • Foreign diplomats, non-temporary student residents, Mexican citizens, children of Mexican parents, international applicants with Mexican visas, previous year scholarship recipients from federal government institutions and government agencies, and former AMEXCID grantees who applied for scholarships after the same number of months with benefits elapsed

Mexican Government’s Scholarships Scholarship Benefits

The Mexican Government Scholarship 2024 is a fully funded scholarship for international students, covering all expenses, including:

  • Monthly Stipend
  • Enrollment and Tuition Fee
  • Medical Coverage
  • Visa Fee waiver
  • International Flight Tickets
  • In City Transportation
  • The scholarship offers a monthly stipend of $12,614.80 for Master’s scholarships, Undergraduate Mobility Program, and Master’s level research, and $15,768.50 for doctoral and research stays.
  • Other benefits include enrollment and tuition fees, medical insurance, payment waivers for Mexican visas, international air flight transportation, and national transportation.

Duration of Mexican Government’s Scholarships

  • Undergraduate and graduate academic mobility programs are offered for one academic term, which can be a quarter, trimester, or semester. Undergraduate Duration is 4 years
  • The minimum duration for graduate research and postdoctoral fellowships is 12 months.
  • The minimum duration for specialization is 1 year.
  • The minimum duration for a master’s degree is 2 years.
  • The minimum duration for a doctorate is 3 or 4 years.
  • The minimum duration for medical specialties and subspecialties is 3 years.

What does the scholarship cover?

  • A monthly stipend of four times the minimum salary in Mexico City is available for undergraduate mobility scholarships, specializations, master’s degrees, research, Spanish language, or Mexican culture courses.
  • A monthly stipend of five times the minimum salary in Mexico City is available for doctoral studies, research, postdoctoral fellowships, medical specializations, and subspecializations.
  • The academic programs offered by participating IES determine the registration fees and tuition for each institution.
  • The scholarship recipient must have health insurance from the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) starting in the third month, covering both major and minor medical expenses.
  • The scholarship covers round-trip international airfare at the start and end of the scholarship.
  • The scholarship also covers transportation from Mexico City to the host institution and back at the start and end of the study if the student is studying outside of Mexico City.

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Required Documents

  • The scholarship application form must be completed and well-signed.
  • A letter outlining the motivations behind conducting studies or research in Mexico, with a maximum of two pages, using Arial size 12 and single line spacing
  • A curriculum vitae should be no more than three pages long, with a 12-point font size and single-line spacing.
  • The Mexican institution’s acceptance letter or the HEI’s response to the admission application, as per the requirements section
  • Applicants must present a letter of commitment to return to their country of origin.
  • Applicants must possess an acceptance letter outlining the terms of the call.
  • Applicants birth certificate
  • A valid passport in color and open book format, or a government-issued photo ID
  • A medical certificate from a public or private health institution, issued three months prior to the application, confirming the applicant’s good health
  • If the applicant’s mother tongue isn’t Spanish, they must provide proof of advanced Spanish language knowledge from a university or educational center, ensuring a minimum B2 level within the Common Framework European Reference.
  • The applicant’s letter protests the truthfulness of the provided information.
  • The documents and forms must be either in Spanish or submitted with translations into the language.

Important Notes:

  • AMEXCID will purchase air flight tickets, and any individual tickets aren’t refundable. 
  • Changes made by the recipient aren’t payable. 
  • Scholarship recipients must pay for bus fares and receive reimbursement.

Mexican Government’s Scholarships Deadline

The deadline for submitting a complete scholarship application is July 15, 2024.

How to Apply for Mexican Government’s Scholarships

  • You can apply for a Mexican government scholarship through the online application portal (SIGCA) at
  • You must create an account on the original website to access the application portal.
  • The registration of applications is mandatory and must be conducted in Spanish.
  • You’re required to submit all the necessary documents and materials using the application form on the portal.
  • Applicants must submit all the required materials and documents with the application form on the portal.


The Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) is offering Excellence Scholarships for foreigners in 2024 to support their studies in Mexico, including specialty, master’s, doctorate, Ph.D., postgraduate research, and undergraduate, and postgraduate student mobility programs.

The Call grants scholarships to over 180 students from 180 countries to study in over 80 Mexican Higher Education Institutions, showcasing the country’s progress in science and the humanities.

Mexico’s government will enhance its global responsibility role and commitment to cooperation, promoting high-level human capital formation through the award of Excellence Scholarships to all applicants.

Scholarships will boost international students, academics, scientists, women, and men in Mexico, strengthening dialogue bridges and enriching foreign policy agendas, benefiting the academic community and HEIs.

This is all we have for you regarding the Mexican Government’s Scholarships of Excellence. In case you’ve any questions, kindly indicate them in the comment box below.

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