IMAN Special Task Force Salary Structure 2024/2025 In Nigeria and Latest News On Importers Association of Nigeria (IMAN)

IMAN Special Task Force Salary Structure

IMAN Special Task Force Salary Structure 2024/2025 In Nigeria and Latest News On Importers Association of Nigeria (IMAN) – Do you want to know how much IMAN is receiving every blessed month as a salary?

Whether want to become a member of IMAN or you just join them newly, in this article, we are going to supply you with all the information about their salary structure.

If you have the passion of becoming an importer, then this article is for you, all you need to do is to read the article diligently.

Meanwhile, before diving into the main subject matter, which is the IMAN salary structure, let me first look at the meaning of IMAN.


About IMAN Salary Structure

What is the meaning of IMAN just to start with? IMAN stands for The Importers Association of Nigeria (IMAN) Special Task Force.

Does the importers association have a salary structure? In this article, you find answers to the above questions.

A salary structure is what provides a framework that determines how employees are paid for a particular job they have done.

Inside a salary structure, is a salary grade. In salary structure, each of the salary grades has a particular salary range that determines the minimum and the maximum amount of money they are to receive.

 IMAN Special Task Force Salary Structure 

This is the section you have been waiting for. So many of you who have been asking us about the salary structure of the Importers Association of Nigeria task force, here comes the answer to your long quest.

The Importers Association of Nigeria, though are paid a salary at the end of each month, are not paid based on structure, which means that they do not have a salary structure, rather, they 

Since IMAN is a voluntary association, they are not paid by the federal government, rather they generate their monthly salaries, which are being paid to them by their officers.

The Director-General (DG) of the IMAN Special Taskforce is the highest rank of IMAN, while the least are those in level 3–5 officers. IMAN monthly salaries are paid to the members based on their academic qualifications and their ranks


Salary Structure of IMAN Junior Officer 

If you are working as an IMAN junior officer, this is the range of how much you can earn in a month: 

  • Those in this grade receive a monthly salary of forty-five thousand (45,000) naira 
  • Some of them in the same grade, receive eighty thousand (80,000) naira


Salary Structure of IMAN Senior Officer 

If you are working as an IMAN senior officer, this is the range of how much you can earn in a month:

  • Senior officers receive one hundred thousand (100,000) naira,
  • Some hundred and thirty thousand (130,000) naira
  • Other two hundred and fifty thousand (250,000) naira monthly 

NOTE: Their salaries and allowances depend on academic qualifications and ranks.



IMAN Allowances

Apart from the monthly salary that that they receive, IMAN, also receives a token as allowances and bonuses, depending on each respective rank.


What are the functions of the Importers Association of Nigeria?

This association is a private voluntary organization whose aim is to help states and federal government paramilitaries in the following duties:

  • In cutting down crime, 
  • In reducing kidnapping, and illegal importation
  • To checkmate importers
  • Protection of the interest of importers in Nigeria.
  • To fight against illegal importation, adulteration, and smuggling.
  • They create effective mechanisms for monitoring and managing illegal cross-border activities.
  •  They ensure the smuggling of contraband goods into the country 
  • They help to reduce the negative socio-political and economic impact on the nation.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become an importer in Nigeria?

To become an importer in Nigeria follow these steps, they are 12 steps in number, in which you are to follow they include: 

  • Contract a clearing and forwarding agent, 
  • Make a Customs Declaration, 
  • Pay a Comprehensive Import Supervision Scheme (CISS), 
  • Submit documents for verification, 
  • Attend to Joint Examination, 
  • Obtain Examination Form, 
  • Submit Examination Form to Relevant Agencies, 
  • Submit Examination Form to SON
  • And other things


This is to let you know once again that the Importers Association of Nigeria, does not have an organized salary structure like other agencies in Nigeria because they are not paid by the federal government of Nigeria, rather they are a voluntary organization.


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