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CBN Salary Structure and Allowances 2024 | Earn N700k Working at CBN

CBN Salary Structure and Allowances 2024 

Are you an aspiring Central Bank of Nigeria job? You may be wondering what the CBN salary Structure and allowances are in 2024. This article will give comprehensive details on the CBN Salary Structure and Allowances 2024 | Earn N700k Working at CBN.

Details regarding the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) employees’ salary structure consistently capture significant attention. This is primarily because the banking industry in Nigeria stands as one of the highest-paying sectors within the private sector of the country’s economy.

This article will reveal all CBN salaries and pay structures including the monetary allowances accorded to CBN’s workforce, the remuneration structure for trainees CBN personnel, and the salary brackets applicable to experienced CBN staff.

If you have any aspirations or keen interests in pursuing careers within Nigeria’s premier banking institutions, this piece will undoubtedly prove to be an invaluable resource.

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CBN Salary Structure and Allowances 2024

The CBN salary structure is paid based on the positions, qualifications, years in the office, etc. Here in this article, we will explain the CBN salary structure in the following categories:


CBN Salary Scale for Graduate Trainee

Graduate employees are the newest hired employees who are placed on training. They are trained to get familiarized with the banking principles, policies, and culture.


The trainee is paid during the training and after the completion of the training. However, the CBN salary structure for graduate trainees ranges from N60,000 to N100,000 monthly.

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Entry-Level Staff’s Salary

After the completion of the graduate trainee program, the CBN will assign you to the position of entry-level staff if found fit. As an entry-level employee, CBN will pay you a monthly salary of N122,000, depending on the department and unit you are being placed.

However, this will sum it to about N1,464,000 yearly. Notably, the remuneration for entry-level employees at CBN is not fixed rather, it increases with time based on the period spent with the bank.


Salaries of Loan Officers

With appropriate qualifications and experience, a CBN employee can be promoted to the position of a Loan Officer. This category of employees at CBN is paid N573,000 as their monthly salary.


CBN Salary Structure and Allowances

Salaries of Credit Analysts

A credit Analyst is a rank held by employees, they are one of the positions that are well paid. The Credit Analysts in Central Bank are paid N647, 000 monthly which makes it N7,764,000 yearly.


Pay Scale of Branch Managers

The CBN branch managers are paid N732,000 every month with several allowances. However, compensation is N8,784,000 yearly for CBN branch managers.


CBN Salaries for Experienced Employees

Experienced CBN employees such as branch managers, financial markets, banking operations, directors of corporate communications, credit officers, and analysts receive more than N500,000 yearly.

Working with the CBN is one of the most outstanding achievements as their salaries, allowances, and incentives are enticing.

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