Remove these Things from your CV | 5 Things not Needed in your CV
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Remove these Things from your CV | 5 Things not Needed in your CV

Remove these Things from your CV 

So many job seekers miss out on their golden opportunity of getting hired because of these mistakes they think is not relevant. This article will reveal the top Five (5) things not needed in your CV, Remove these things from your CV ASAP if you really want to get that job.

When applying for an opening that interests you and you know you have the qualifications, sending in a well-written resume or CV and cover letter will convince the hiring manager to want to meet you

In a competitive market where thousands of people will apply for the same position you are applying for, the first impression that will make the hiring manager include your name among the successful shortlisted candidates or probably get you hired is your CV, How well your resume is designed and arranged.

However, the following are things not needed in your CV. Remove these things from your CV to make you stand out in that job application.


5 Things Not needed In Your CV

The following are the things that are not needed in your CV

Resume Objective Statement:

Many resumes carry the objective statements section which is about a professional who is searching for opportunities that will allow them to leverage their skills. This section is quite a waste of space on your CV because it does not help the hiring manager understand the role you are applying for and how qualified you are for the role.

Remove these things from your CV and replace them with a quick summary of your profession which is also known as a career summary or career statement. This section should be approximately 3 to 5 lines, go straight to the point by summarizing your relevant qualifications and career achievements, and why you are the best fit for the job.


Irrelevant Hobbies and Interests:

 Everyone has a hobby but the thing the more unique it is will make them stand out from other applicants is where you got it wrong.

Most hiring managers don’t care about how you spend your leisure time, they have other piles of resumes to review and deadlines to meet. What they care about this time is finding the right candidates who have the requirements.

Nevertheless, adding hobbies to your resume is okay but if it doesn’t relate to the nature of the job or position you are applying for shouldn’t be included.


Irrelevant or Outdated Social Media Profiles

Including social media accounts especially the ones that hosted unprofessional content or are not regularly updated does not help your current job goals. If it should be, ensure adding an account that reflects your personal brand and demonstrate the reason you are the best person for the job.

More so, to boost your chances of getting the job, you can create a professional account on LinkedIn or GitHub depending on the nature of your work, and include it at the top of your CV. Ensure it is mobile responsive so that your employer can access it from any device.


Spelling Errors, Pronouns, and Punctuation:

It is recommended to crosscheck the spelling on your CV. Make sure you use the correct tense and stick to a particular pattern for example if you are using the third person, stick to it.

Use spell-checking software like Grammarly and, if possible, seek mentorship or ask a friend or a career professional to review your CV. More so, it is generally accepted to stop referring to yourself by your name or personal pronouns like  “I,” “me,” “she,” or “he.”.

Instead, use the absent first person pattern to write your CV where all pronouns are dropped from the sentences.


Job Positions Older Than 10 to 15 Years

It is recommendable to  not use more than four or five positions that span no more than 10 to 15 years unless you are a recent graduate or a senior executive with decades of experience

Unless it is closely related to the job you are applying for or a well-known company. The older the position is the lesser the hiring manager pays attention to, avoid including outdated work experience and use that space to detail your most recent jobs and accomplishments.


Other Things not Needed In Your CV Include

  • Too many soft skills
  • Your professional headshot
  • The wrong kind of email
  • Your mailing address (if you’re applying out-of-state)
  • Referees
  • Unprofessional email
  • Multiple phone numbers
  • Personal details
  • Buzzwords
  • Elaborate formats and designs
  • Embedded charts and images
  • Too much of the past
  • Salary history
  • Lying or misleading information
  • Badly formatted CV


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What is the Least Important on a CV?

Personal Details. Most people seeking employment always make the mistake by highlight their personal details as the first information on their CV. Sex, religion, state of origin, date of birth, etc are not very important to land you that job interview you want.

However, we hope this article helps, if you have any questions regarding Removing these Things from your CV | 5 Things not Needed in your CV, do well to reach out to us through the below comment box. 



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