How to Check Nigeria Police Exam Result 2024 | Check NPF Aptitude CBT Test Result Here
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How to Check Nigeria Police Exam Result 2024 | Check NPF Aptitude CBT Test Result Here

How to Check Nigeria Police Exam Result

How to Check Nigeria Police Exam Result 2024 | Check NPF Aptitude CBT Test Result Here – Did you take part in the Nigeria Police Exam, Aptitude CBT Test? Do you want to check the results? You can check the result by reading this article for full details about the result and how to check it.

If you participated in the Nigeria Police examination, then this article is for you. In this post we have gathered you information that will guide you to check your results successfully, part of what will be discussed includes how to the Nigeria Police exam result, aptitude test result, and the CBT result.

You will also know if the result is out or not, so if you are interested in getting the information, read this article to the end.


About the Nigeria Police Exam

The Nigeria Police examination result is a result of the examination that was taken by all the interested applicants to join the Nigeria Police Force.

For you to think of checking results, it means there was an examination and those who took the examination can check if they have passed or failed.

The NPF examination result is a result that will show those that have passed the examination and are also those that will move to the next level of the selection process.


Understanding the Nigerian Police Exam/ Aptitude Test

The Nigeria Police test is aimed at making sure that all applicants are not of questionable character and that their behaviors are in line with the standard rules of behavior expected of an officer to be recruited in the police force.

The Nigerian Police Aptitude Test Exam takes place in approved centers located in the 36 states of the country and the objective of this aptitude test is to ensure that the recruitment process conforms with acceptable standards necessary for recruiting only well-deserving officers.

It is important to note that the police aptitude test is compulsory and all applicants are expected to come with the following to the venue for the test.

  • Guarantor’s form, this must have been Duly completed
  • NIN, stands for National Identity Number. It is your means of identification.
  • Also, bring your application acknowledgment slip
  • All the documents you sign up with, please bring them, this includes Birth Certificate/Declaration of Age, O level results, Birth certificate


Is the Nigeria Police Exam Result 2024 | Check NPF Aptitude CBT Test Result Out?

Many of the applicants have been asking when the NPF examination result or what is called a computer-based Test, will be released, and we want to use this opportunity to let you know if the result is out or not yet out.

So for those of you who have been asking if the result of the NPF is out, we want to use this opportunity to let you know that the result 

And for you to check your result, you have to log into the official portal of the Nigeria Police Force, by visiting their website at

So if you log into the official portal with the link provided to you above, you will be able to access the website and then check your result.


Important Information to Gather Before Checking Result

Before heading on to check your result on the Nigerian Police Portal, you need to gather the following details.

The first thing you need to know is your registration details, without knowing your registration details, you will not have access to the Nigerian Police portal.

You need your Examination roll number, without knowing your examination roll number, it might be quite difficult to check your name on the shortlisted list of the Nigerian Police.


How to Check Nigeria Police Exam Result/Aptitude CBT Test Result

Now we are going to look at the steps you need to follow to check your Nigeria Police Examination result. 

To check your result, you must ensure that you have an account, and it can be asserted that during your registration and application, you opened an account with them, so to check your result, you need the credentials of that account, such as your email address and password. 

Having said that, let us now move straight to the steps and procedures on how you can check your NPF result. The result-checking process is not difficult anyway, so here are the steps to follow:

  • Visit the NPF recruitment portal at 
  • Click on the “Check Your Result” button
  • Enter your application number#
  • Enter your password
  • Click on the “Login” button
  • Your result will be displayed
  • After seeing your result click on the print slip
  • Also check your email inbox, if you have been sent any messages.


What Next After Checking My NPF Result?

If you have checked your NPF result and you passed, congratulations to you. I know that you will be wondering about the next line of steps to take after checking your result. 

After you have checked your NPF examination result, find out the next selection process, which includes the NPF medical screening, the acceptance offer, and other essential things that you need to do for the recruitment.

Medical Screening

Medical screening is a process of checking the medical condition of the applicant. This includes the physical and mental fitness of the candidates, to ensure that the candidate does not have any serious illness that will later affect him/her in the course of the training.

So you have to check the NPF medical screening list, just to find out if your name is on the list. However, we are going to discuss how you can check the NPF medical screening list here.

Acceptance Offer

Here, you have to find out if there are forms you need to fill out or important documents that you need to submit for the next selection process or medical screening exercise.

NPF Training

Another thing that you need to know about, is when and where the NPF training will commence so that you can get yourself ready with all the things that you need for this training.


Frequently Asked Question

How can I Check my name on the NPF Medical Screening List?

The medical result is a very essential part of the NPF selection process, and you cannot be recruited into the force without passing through the medical screening process. So if you have passed the CBT or examination, the next thing that you need to partake in is the medical screening.

Let us now discuss how you can check your name in the list of those listed for the NPF medical screening exercise, the steps are;

  • Log in with your email
  • Enter your password.
  • Navigate to “Medical Screening List”
  • Download the list and check your name
  • If your name is there, then you are to get ready for a medical test.

Is the NPF training date out?

For now, the Nigeria Police Commission has not said anything about the date of the commencement of the NPF training, so for now all applicants are expected to wait till the training date is officially released

When is the NPF medical training date?

To ensure that the candidate candidates are physically and mentally fit for the NPF, the candidate must pass the medical screening, and for now, the medical screening exercise date has not been communicated to the candidates yet.

How much is the NPF salary? 

The monthly salary of the NPF is different, based on the ranks they hold. They earn between N200k to 500k, depending on the rank of the officer.

How long does it usually take for the result to be declared?

For the Nigerian Police Force aptitude test result, it takes at least one week to more to complete everything and make the result out for all applicants who had applied for the recruitment.



Checking the Nigeria Police Force examination result or aptitude test is not a very difficult task, and if you follow the procedures, you can check your results easily. Again, the result has been released, so use the link above to log into the portal and check your result.


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