Highest Paying jobs in Canada in 2024

Highest Paying jobs in Canada

Highest Paying jobs in Canada in 2024

Highest Paying jobs in Canada in 2024: Finding a high paying job in Canada requires time and research, considering personal interests, educational background, and earning potential. Personal interests and earning potential can help determine the best career fit. This article provides the highest paying jobs in Canada that you can apply for.

Over 600,000 international students study in Canada, many of whom stay post-graduation for job opportunities. The top ten highest-paying jobs include doctors, nurses, product owners, and miners, among others.

Despite the potential for high income in many fields, some, like IT, law, or architecture, offer higher salaries despite average salaries, highlighting the satisfaction associated with pursuing a passion.

Average salaries provide an idea of potential earnings, but income depends on knowledge, skills, and connections. The university you choose significantly impacts your chances of securing the desired job, and these universities are chosen for their best chances.

Prior to this, this article explores the lucrative highest paying jobs in Canada in 2024 for job seekers, amidst inflation and recession concerns, as well as the most promising opportunities to boost income.

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Top 20 Highest Paying jobs in Canada 

  • Registered Nurse
  • Software Developer
  • Pharmacist
  • Surgeon
  • Truck driver
  • Psychiatrist
  • Physician
  • Data science
  • Financial Analyst
  • Engineer
  • Anesthesiologist
  • Project manager
  • Computers and information technology
  • Aerospace Engineer
  • Accounting
  • Construction management
  • Architect
  • Software engineering
  • Cardiologist
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Actuary
  • Management
  • Orthodontist
  • Marketing

Registered Nurse

Canadians prioritize health care, recognizing it as a wealth, making nursing one of the most in-demand jobs in the country and highlighting the importance of proper healthcare.

The nursing population has significantly declined, necessitating a sharp decline in the requirements for becoming a registered nurse, including a bachelor’s degree and formal registration with a monthly salary structure of $87,603


Pharmacists promote health and well-being through programs and services. They can work in hospitals, drugstores, or start their own pharmacy. Provincially regulated, they require a pharmacy degree, PEBC exam, and registration to become a certified pharmacist in Canada.

Pharmacists in Canada earn an average of $45 per hour, with an annual salary of $129,600 if they work 12 hours per day for a year.

Financial Advisor

Financial advisors, who work at banks, provide advice on money management and promote financial institution products and services, with an average salary of $62,971.

Human Resources and Recruitment Officers

As businesses expand, demand for candidates for vacant positions increases. Recruitment Officers (Recruiters) play a crucial role in filling this demand, particularly in professional fields like engineering and technology, due to the high demand.

A Canadian recruiter must have a bachelor’s degree in human relations, register as a professional recruiter, and be a member of the Association of Professional Recruiters of Canada (APRC) with an average salary of $75,292.

Electrical Engineer

Electrical engineers are crucial in the modern economy, responsible for designing, analyzing, specifying, constructing, and testing electrical systems and components, with an average salary of $97,832.

Web Developer

Web developers, specialists in application development, work in various organizations, including businesses, corporations, and governments. Canada’s two-week processing timeline for the Global Talent Stream provides a solid pathway for web developers to obtain a Canada work permit.

Business Development Manager

Business development managers are crucial in customer prospecting and assisting sales staff in closing deals, with an average salary of $84,003.


Accountants, often associated with financial record-keeping, are professionals with financial expertise responsible for overseeing budgets, revenue, and expenses. Accounting, encompassing auditing, taxation, and payroll, requires a CPA certification in Canada to distinguish oneself, with an average salary of $69,100.

Account Manager

Account managers in Canada are sought after for their expertise in building client relationships, specializing in sales and CRM software. They typically earn a base salary plus a commission, making them a valuable asset to employers.

Account managers face high demand across various industries, requiring strong client relationships to succeed. The average salary is $86,104.

Administrative Assistants

Administrative assistants, specializing in accounting or bookkeeping, are in high demand in Canada, providing support to colleagues in areas like accounting and clerical tasks, with an average salary of $49,927.

Aerospace Engineer

Aerospace engineers design, research, test, develop, and oversee the manufacture and maintenance of aerospace vehicles and systems, with several institutions offering degrees in this field.

Canada offers high chances of hiring aerospace engineers due to retirement, industry growth, and high demand. The average salary is $108,347, making it a highly competitive and high-paying job.

Project Manager

This field requires individuals to be flexible and adept at managing people and budgets across various sectors like marketing, sales, and engineering.

Project management is a highly sought-after job in Canada, with an average salary of $98,425. A Project Management Professional (PMP) certification can enhance your chances of success.


A receptionist is the first representative of an organization, significantly impacting the impressions they create for existing or prospective clients seeking partnership.

A receptionist must possess excellent customer service and client relationship skills, utilizing verbal and non-verbal communication. They must also have computer knowledge and multitasking abilities, making the job less time-consuming even in face-to-face interactions. The average salary is $47,304.


Drivers in various categories, including delivery, truck, forklift, and long-haul, have a high chance of finding jobs in Canada if they can drive commercial vehicles..

The Canadian labor market is expanding, necessitating the hiring of commercial drivers. The required certifications include a commercial vehicle driver’s license or a forklift operator, with an average salary of $64,836.


Merchandisers, employed by retail stores like Walmart, Canadian Tire, and Real Canadian Superstore, make decisions on inventory and display, earning an average salary of $48,610.

General Labourer

General laborers and construction craft workers perform physically demanding jobs like excavating, demolition, and compacting, with an average salary of $57,678.


Welders in Canada are highly sought-after jobs, with no university or college degree required. They require welding knowledge and can be trained through vocational training, apprenticeship, or both, making them a lucrative career option.

This job is among the top 15 in the current year, with high demand due to a diminishing number of skilled trade workers. Mastering underwater welding skills, which require good swimming and aquaphobia, can improve employment prospects.


Canada is a top 30 nation for expert healthcare services, with 3 physicians per 1000 inhabitants, making it a prime location for medical practitioners, particularly surgeons, who are trained to assess and treat health conditions requiring surgery.


Cardiologists in Canada are highly paid due to their expertise in diagnosing and treating heart conditions, which is crucial due to the increasing prevalence of cardiovascular diseases, the elderly population, and medical advancements.


A psychiatrist diagnoses, treats, and prevents mental, behavioral, and emotional disorders, with high demand and high pay in Canada due to increasing mental health awareness, a shortage of qualified professionals, and specialized patient care.


Orthodontist jobs in Canada offer high-paying, in-demand positions. These dentists diagnose and treat tooth and jaw irregularities, using braces, aligners, or other dental devices to straighten teeth and align bites.

Data Scientists

Data scientists use advanced analytics and machine learning to extract insights from vast datasets, drive decision-making, and predict modeling. They combine programming, statistical, and domain knowledge to uncover hidden patterns and solve complex business problems.

Cloud Architects

Cloud architects create secure, scalable infrastructure for organizations, integrating technologies seamlessly and facilitating migration strategies. Proficiency in cloud service providers like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud allows for cost-effective solutions.


Q. What jobs make 300k a year in Canada?

  • Associate Dentist.
  • CMB Insurance – Producer – Grande Prairie.
  • Apprentice Heavy Duty Agriculture Mechanic 
  • Interprovincial Journeyman Heavy Equipment Agriculture Mechanic 
  • Progress Insurance – Producer – Red Deer.
  • Director, Health and Safety.

Q. What is the highest demanding jobs in Canada?

  • Electrical Engineer.
  • Aerospace Engineer.
  • Software Engineer.
  • Human Resources Manager.
  • Web Developer.
  • Veterinarian.
  • Recruiter.
  • Financial Advisor.

Q. How to get a high paying job in Canada?

  • Improve your performance in your current position.
  • Build your professional network
  • Develop your skills
  • Seek new responsibilities
  • Research your current position and salary
  • Explore internal options
  • Check job listings
  • Update your resume and submit your application.

Q. Which job is easier to get in Canada?

A software engineer or designer in Canada can be a skilled yet easy-to-get job, provided they have the necessary skills, experience, and software certifications.

Q. What is Canada’s lowest salary?

Canada introduced a new federal minimum wage of $16.65 per hour on April 1, 2023, adjusting based on inflation and set by the government.

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