Top 10 cheapest private universities in Nigeria in 2024
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Top 10 cheapest private universities in Nigeria in 2024

Top 10 cheapest private universities in Nigeria in 2024

Check out the latest Top 10 cheapest private universities in Nigeria in 2024. 

Private institutions in Nigeria charge significantly more tuition than public universities, with the cost of undergraduate tuition at the country’s most affordable private university nearly the same as at federal and state universities.

Looking at today’s private universities in Nigeria, you can agree with me that the facilities and academic standards are so competitive. It also seems like managing and maintaining a private university is more expensive than managing a public or government university. Please hear me well. I am not saying public or government universities are not good or well structured, but looking at the academic standard, I can give it to private universities.

Because of this, private universities make school fees so high that many Nigerian parents cannot send their children to private universities due to the high cost of school fees.

Prior to this, we’ve explored in this article the top 10 cheapest private universities in Nigeria and their school fees, aiming to help those with limited financial resources.

So, if you’re dreaming or have the desire to send your child or children to private universities but, because of the high rate of school fees, you can’t do so, this article is mainly for you, as we’re going to list out the top 10 cheapest private universities in Nigeria and their tuition fees.

What Is A Private University?

A “private” university is financed by private contributors, investments, and tuition fees rather than government funding.

Most Nigerian universities, including the University of Ibadan, are government-funded and often receive tax savings due to their non-profit status, making only a small number entirely independent.

Public universities, unlike private institutions, receive a small portion of their operating budgets from state tax payers and are managed by public officials, potentially exposing them to politics behind state budgets.

Private universities, like Landmark University, Afe Babalola University, and Babcock University Ilishan Remo, Ikenne, receive minimal state tax funding, offering both undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Although private institutions can sometimes be more expensive than public ones, they can potentially be less expensive with financial assistance.

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List of cheapest private universities in Nigeria

Tuition fees for Nigerian private universities vary based on course, with Oduduwa University being the cheapest. The list below includes other cheapest universities with similar fees.

S/N Private University  Tuition Fee
1. Obong University, Obong Ntak  N170,000
2. Oduduwa University N195,000
3. Wellspring University  N213,000
4. Caritas University N248,000
5. Paul University, Awka N300,000
6. Claretian University of Nigerian N300,000
7. Rhema University N313,000
8. Atiba University Oyo between N300,000 to N600,000
9. Fountain University, Osogbo N350,000
10. Al-Hikmah University N350,000
11. Adeleke University   N350,000
12. Novena University N400,000
13. Crawford University N450,000
14. Newgate University Minna N450,000
15. Joseph Ayo Babalola University N436,000
16. Coal City University N467,000
17. Trinity University  N300,000 – N550,000
18. Lead City University N550,000
19. Tansian University N258,000  -N698,000
20. Glorious Vision University N404,000 – N695,500
21. Mountain Top University N650,000
22. Veritas University N720,000
23. Huda University Gusau N450,000 – N750,000
24. Topfaith University, Mkpatek N650,000 – N863,000

Top 10 cheapest private universities in Nigeria

  • Babcock University Ilishan Remo
  • Igbinedion University Okada
  • Ajayi Crowther University
  • Lead City University
  • Al-Hikmah University, Ilorin, Nigeria.
  • Oduduwa College Of Professional Studies, Oduduwa University, Idimu
  • Crescent University, Abeokuta (CUAB)
  • Adeleke University
  • Veritas University Abuja
  • Caritas University, Amorji-Nike, Enugu
  • Fountain University

Alhikmah University 

Alhikmah University, established in 2005, operates two campuses in Ilorin and Igbaja, Kwara State. Accredited by the Nigerian University Commission, it offers affordable tuition with a range of N103,000–N600,000.

This university offers various faculties, including the Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences, Education, Management Sciences, Law, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Health Sciences.

Oduduwa University

Oduduwa University, established in 2009 in Ipetumodu, Osun State, Nigeria, offers a secure, serene environment for students to concentrate on their studies, with fees ranging from N170,000 to N197,000.

This institution offers high-quality education at affordable fees between N170,000 and N197,000, with affordable food and accommodation compared to other cities. It is rising in popularity and is expected to become a top institution in the country. Courses offered include Banking & Finance, Business Administration, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, and Electronic/Electrical Engineering.

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Ajayi Crowther University

Ajayi Crowther University, located in Oyo State, Nigeria, honors Samuel Ajayi Crowther, the first African Bishop of West Africa who translated the Bible into the Yoruba language and offers fees ranging from N162,000 to N782,000.

Ajayi Crowther University, founded in 2005 by the Anglican Church, offers various faculties including Natural Science, Law, Engineering, Humanities, Social Science, Education, and Management Science. The university has a history dating back to 1868 before the Nigerian government took over ownership of all schools.

Obong University

Obong University, a sub-urban institution in Nigeria, has been in operation since 1997, initially known as the African College of Management. As one of the oldest private higher education institutions in Nigeria, it emphasizes high moral standards and encourages students to behave decently.

Obong University, funded by the Churches of Christ and sponsored by Rivergate Church of Christ in Madison, Tennessee, offers affordable courses in Accounting, Economics, Marketing, International Relations, Business Administration, Mass Communication, Public Administration, Sociology, and Political Science.

Lead University

Lead University, established in 2005 in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria, operates a sub-urban campus designed to resemble a metropolitan city, with fees ranging from N200,500 to N550,00.

Lead University offers a diverse range of courses, including Civil Engineering, English Language, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Telecoms Engineering, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Medicine, Nursing Science, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Public Administration, and Radiography.

Crescent University

Crescent University, established in 2005 in Abeokuta, Nigeria, is one of the cheapest private universities in the country, offering fees ranging from N283,000 to N1,000,000.

Crescent University, situated in Ogun State’s sub-urban area, is a secure institution with a strong emphasis on moral education. It houses several colleges, including the Bola Ajibola College of Law, the College of Natural and Applied Sciences, 

The College of Environmental Sciences, the College of Information and Communication Technology, and the College of Arts, Social, and Management Sciences The institution, currently educating around 24,000 students, is well-established and has the potential to become a significant institution in the near future.

Rhema University

Rhema University, established in 2009, is a Christian university in Aba, Nigeria, graduating its first students in 2014. Established by Living Word Ministries International, its fees range from N152,000 to N464,000.

The university, with an equity agreement with an international research institution, is dedicated to research. It offers courses in Biological, Chemical, Physical, and Computer Science, and maintains a radio station and farm facilities.

Adeleke University

Adeleke University, established in 2011, is a Christian institution in Ede, Nigeria, affiliated with the Seventh Day Adventist Church. It aims to educate young people in excellence and character, with fees ranging from N273,000 to N450,000.

The university offers various courses across various faculties, including Arts, Basic Medical Sciences, Law, Business and Social Sciences, Engineering, and Science.

Babcock University

Babcock, a popular private university in Nigeria, has a rich history dating back to 1959 as a Seminary of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Established in 1999, it is still affiliated with the church and offers low fees ranging from N288,000 to N560,000.

The university offers various faculties, including the School of Social Sciences, School of Computing & Engineering Sciences, School of Public & Applied Health, School of Nursing, School of Law & Security Studies, and School of Science & Technology.

Fountain University

Fountain University, established in 2007, is an Islamic university in Osun, Osogbo, Nigeria, offering affordable, Islamic-style learning and an environment with annual fees capped at N341,000.

Fountain University offers a safe and morally upright environment suitable for students seeking academic excellence without negative influences, especially among school-aged children in the country.

In Conclusion

The cheapest private universities in Nigeria are spread across the country, offering numerous options for students to choose from based on their course interests and budget.

These institutions provide a wide range of options for students. I will advise you to read through the article over and over again to make your best choice out of them.

Cheapest Private Universities in Nigeria FAQs

Q. Which private university has lowest fees?

Here are the cheapest private universities in Nigeria in 2024.

  • Oduduwa University Ipetumodu. Read also. 
  • Ajayi Crowther University. Ajayi Crowther University gate entrance
  • Al-Hikmah University. Al-Hikmah University faculty of law
  • Igbinedion University. 
  • Adeleke University. 
  • Lead City University
  • Caritas University. 
  • Veritas University.

Q. What is the cheapest university in Nigeria and their fees?

The University of Calabar (UNICAL) is the cheapest public/government university in Nigeria. 

UNICAL is Nigeria’s cheapest public institution, offering tuition fees varying by department and level, with newly admitted students paying between ₦34,750 and ₦43,250 and returning students between ₦31,000 and ₦39,500.

Q. What is the most beautiful private university in Nigeria?

Covenant University is widely regarded as the top private university in Nigeria, known for its stunning campus.

Q. Which private university is the cheapest in Nigeria for nursing?

  • Grimard College of Midwifery, Anyigba Kogi State
  • Danshariff College of Nursing in Kano
  • The School of Nursing is located at Holy Rosary Hospital in Emekuku, Owerri.
  • The Seventh Day Adventist School of Nursing is located in Lageere, Ile-Ife, Osun State.

Q. Which state university is the most expensive in Nigeria?

Edo University in Nigeria is the most expensive state university for undergraduate programs, with an average annual tuition fee of 500 thousand Naira, equivalent to 1.2 thousand U.S. dollars.

Q. Which Nigerian University is known for having the most beautiful girls?

The following are the top 5 Nigerian Universities With The Most Beautiful Girls 

  • Imo State University (IMSU)
  • University of Lagos (UNILAG)
  • University of Calabar (UNICAL)
  • The University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT)
  • University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN)

Q. What is the oldest private university in Nigeria?

Igbinedion University (IUO), founded on May 10, 1999, is Nigeria’s first licensed private university, certified by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Q. Why are private universities better in Nigeria?

Private universities in Nigeria offer a guaranteed graduation date, ensuring adherence to the academic calendar and reducing the risk of strikes compared to public universities.

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