Best Paying Jobs in Real Estate Investment Trusts in USA 

Best Paying Jobs in Real Estate Investment Trusts in USA

Best Paying Jobs in Real Estate Investment Trusts in USA 

Today’s article is for those considering working in the real estate industry to learn about the best paying jobs in real estate investment trusts (REITs).

Are you an estate surveyor or have ideas about real estate management? If yes, you might love to know that real estate career opportunities may involve working for a real estate investment trust (REIT), which employs various roles such as property managers, financial analysts, and brokers to optimize profits and align with personal interests and financial goals.

This article explored the best-paying jobs in real estate investment trusts (REITs) for those interested in the real estate market or college majors earning the most money. Key positions include Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, and Chief Operating Officer, and explore further for more options.

And also note that the discussion in this article focuses on the job opportunities available at real estate investment trusts, including estimated salary ranges, job responsibilities, and qualifications for each position.

What Is A Real Estate Investment Trust?

Before we start, note that REIT is the abbreviation for Read Estate Investment Trusts, so we’re going to use it in this article. REITs are companies that own and manage real estate assets like shopping centers, hotels, office buildings, warehouses, and commercial forests.

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) in the US own $3.5 trillion in assets, generating income from real estate properties and paying investors in return. They offer investors a stable shared income by vesting valuable assets, similar to investing in stocks.

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Real estate investments are popular for expanding passive income streams due to high yields and safe investments. Trusts in real estate are ideal for those seeking safe, high-return investments.

So, let’s now look at the different types of real estate investment trusts.

Different Types Of Real Estate Investment Trusts

I believe you’ve now understood a bit about Real Estate Investment Trusts. Now let’s consider different types of REITs that generate income through rent collection, residential sales, or mortgages.

1. Debt Real Estate Investments Trust

Debt-oriented REITs offer financing to customers interested in buying real estate properties, similar to lending companies. They provide debts in exchange for loan interest, generating investment income from monthly interest fees. However, the downside is the risk of being tricked, as many buyers delay payments or walk out without paying interest.

2. Equitability Real Estate Investments Trusts

Equitability REITs invest in sectors like apartments, residential real estate, shops, markets, and resorts. After approval, REITs establish, supervise, and build the hub, paying investors a percentage of the profit. The entire earnings are divided based on the agreement.

3. Medical-Oriented Real Estate Investments Trusts

Medical-oriented REITs invest in properties like multi-specialty clinics, research facilities, and healthcare buildings due to high demand. Hospitals, laboratories, specific tests, and nursing homes also require investment. Investing in the medical sector can yield profits and help businesses develop.

4. Merchandise Real Estate Investment Trust

Merchandise investments refer to the establishment of retail shops and markets, including department stores, shopping malls, supermarkets, and other centers.

REITs do not manage or produce debts but instead provide purchaser debts and collect profits from retail shops and market owners.

5. Domestic Real Estate Investments Trust

The REIT focuses on creating housing, apartments, large-scale communities, and complex centers, handling both land and property businesses. It is a good career choice for those seeking financial success and independence, offering opportunities to invest and climb the ladder to financial success.

Real Estate Investment Trusts Job Functions

Real estate investment trusts (REITs) offer various job functions, including back offices, operation roles, and customer service. They raise funds from investors to establish or purchase properties, maximizing cash flow for investors.

Top 15 Best Paying Jobs In Real Estate Investment Trusts in USA

The following highlights the top 15 best-paying jobs in real estate investment trusts, which are available to those who enjoy working in these trusts.

  1. Property Manager
  2. Investment Analyst
  3. REIT Analyst
  4. Acquisition
  5. Asset management
  6. Investor Relations
  7. Real estate property appraiser
  8. Real estate attorney
  9. Accountant
  10. CEO
  11. Financial Analyst
  12. Lawyer
  13. Leasing Consultants
  14. Marketing Coordinator
  15. Real Estate Acquirer

Property Manager

A Property Manager oversees the daily operations of a real estate investment, including rent collection, maintenance, and asset financial management. To become a Property Manager, one needs a real estate broker’s license, which may require a written examination, depending on the state. They may also design a business plan for the property’s expansion.

The US Property Manager’s average annual salary is $105,266, making it a top choice for REITs seeking experienced real estate professionals due to its high pay.

Real Estate Developer

A Real Estate Developer studies international trends, analyzes consumer expectations, and devises strategies to improve properties’ functionality, pricing structure, and design. They aim to bridge the gap between construction capacity and investor demands. To become a Real Estate Developer, one must have a degree in Engineering or Management.

The role requires innovative thinking, project visualization, and planning skills, with a Real Estate Developer earning $110,000 per year in the US.

Investment Analyst

An investment analyst at a REIT can earn up to $124,020 a year. They analyze assets, project cash flows and returns, prepare financial statements, and develop pro forma models. The job opportunity at WashREIT in Washington, D.C., includes preparing tenant notices and marketing packages for brokers.

Employers require REIT investment analysts to possess a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, along with experience in commercial real estate, investing, and asset management.

REIT Analyst

A Real Estate Investment Trust analyst seeks investors, requires strong communication and persuasion skills, and must analyze market developments to assist in adapting to the organization’s needs.

The real estate investment trust pays an annual salary of $109,784 to those with extensive real estate knowledge, keenness for profitable investing opportunities, and up-to-date industry trends.

Real Estate Property Appraisers

A real estate appraiser earns a substantial monthly salary by assessing a property’s worth by comparing it to comparable properties in the area.

Real estate appraisers make informed decisions for buyers, sellers, lenders, and investors, earning an annual salary of approximately $68,678.


The acquisitions department of a real estate investment company focuses on attracting and inviting new clients, developing strategies to attract investors, and ensuring deals are sealed. This sector is popular for job hunting, with executives potentially moving up to senior vice president positions.

A real estate analyst is a highly sought-after role in the acquisitions department, where candidates can attract REIT companies and investors.

Asset Management

Asset management is a systematic approach to managing and maximizing the value of both tangible and intangible assets, including physical objects like manufacturing plants and intellectual property. It involves developing, operating, maintaining, upgrading, and disposing of assets in a cost-effective manner, considering costs, risks, and performance attributes.

Asset management theory focuses on improving, maintaining, or ensuring the economic and capital value of an asset over time. It is commonly used in the engineering, business, and public infrastructure sectors to optimize costs, risks, service/performance, and sustainability. In finance, it refers to individuals or companies managing investments on behalf of others, such as pension fund managers.

Investor Relations

The Investor Relations job role in REITs focuses on ensuring investors and shareholders receive the best return on their investments. This role requires excellent communication skills and a keen eye for analysis to ensure clients receive the best returns. The role is crucial for ensuring the best return for investors in the real estate industry.

The job in real estate investment trusts offers a high-paying annual average salary of $142,303 in the US to all investor relations employees.

Real Estate Attorney

A Real Estate Attorney handles legal aspects of property transactions, including name searching, dispute resolution, and document preparation. They require a bachelor’s degree in law and sound judgment to become attorneys, ensuring smooth transactions and resolving disputes.

Real Estate Attorneys earn an average annual salary of $156,682, with higher pay depending on experience and repute in real estate investment trusts.

Property Accountant

A Property Accountant handles the financial aspects of real estate transactions, working with REITs and participating in sales, purchases, and rents. This role requires thorough knowledge of accounting and real estate practices and can be started in a normal real estate firm or with REITs.

Property accountants earn an average of $59,547 per year, with salary variations depending on qualifications, experience, and skills.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) (Salary: Up to $500,000)

A CEO’s high salary is due to their strategic decisions that shape the company’s direction and the performance of all direct reports, making them the highest-paid individual in the organization. Wow, this is amazing—what a hefty paycheck!

The role of CEO in the real estate investment trusts industry is a demanding and rewarding one, requiring strong leadership skills, extensive industry knowledge, and the ability to make tough decisions. With at least 20 years of experience, these professionals have risen through the ranks and taken on various departmental roles.

Real Estate Broker

A Real Estate Broker, a certified expert in real estate, assists clients in buying and selling properties, ensuring all paperwork is completed. A license is required for this role, offering access to exclusive listings and the ability to negotiate higher property prices.

Lawyer or Attorney (Salary Structure in the USA: $100,000 – $150,000)

Real estate investment trust professionals can pursue a career as lawyers, as they can handle legal proceedings like loan contracts and real estate documents.

So, a real estate lawyer handles legal paperwork for property purchases and management, representing employers in any issues. This lucrative career offers potential for earnings growth in the sector, making it a worthwhile choice for future career prospects.

Marketing Coordinator

The Vice President of Marketing in real estate investment trusts has a lucrative and enjoyable role that involves promoting the business to attract new clients and investors, as well as managing property marketing after deals are made.

Job responsibilities include creating and executing marketing campaigns to attract new business and investors, with an average salary of $130,000-160,000, requiring a degree in marketing, public relations, or communications.

Best Paying Jobs in Real Estate Investment Trusts in USA FAQs

Q. Which field in real estate makes the most money?

A Real Estate Development Manager is typically the highest-paying real estate job, responsible for overseeing large-scale projects, managing budgets, negotiating deals, and ensuring successful completion.

Q. How much do the highest paid real estate agents make?

Recruitment Portfolio reports salary ranges from $149,377 to $29,045 for Real Estate Agents, with top earners earning $129,667 annually in California.

Q. Are real estate investment trusts good?

REITs offer a diversification strategy beyond traditional stocks and bonds, offering strong dividends and long-term capital appreciation.

Q. In which city do real estate agents make the most money?

Real estate agents in high-cost cities like New York and San Francisco typically earn the highest salaries.

Q. Who is the richest real estate agent in the United States?

Is Donald Bren. Donald Bren, a real estate agent, initially invested in a company that purchased over 90,000 acres of land, but later bought out the entire company in 1996.

Q. How much do luxury real estate agents make in California?

The 25th percentile of a luxury real estate agent salary in California is $67,400, with outliers below this and the 75th percentile at $103,700.

Q. Who is the richest real estate agent in Texas?

Agent Ben Caballero is the richest real estate agent in Texas.

Ben Caballero, a Texas-based real estate agent, broke the record for home sales volume by selling 6,438 homes worth over $2.46 billion in 2020, becoming the No. 1 agent in the U.S. since 2013.

Q. Who is the richest female real estate agent?

Dottie Herman is the first richest female real estate agent, and she is a self-made woman.

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