Primeshare Investment: What you should know in 2024

Primeshare investment What you should know

Primeshare Investment

Do you want to know more about Primeshare investment? Or are you interested in investing in Primeshare but don’t know how it works or how to start?

If yes, this article carefully explored what Primeshare is all about, how to make money on Primeshare, if it is worth investing in, the requirements, and even how to make withdrawals from Primeshare.

Note that Primeshares are often offered to high-value customers meeting specific criteria, like having a longstanding relationship with the sector or probably maintaining a high-level account balance, and they also offer additional benefits or privileges compared to regular shares or accounts.

Moreover, Primeshare also offers daily savings to its members through exclusive deals, fast delivery, prescription savings, and quality entertainment, making it a worthwhile investment for many people.

For those asking when Primeshare was founded, Primeshare was established in 2009 and is a secure and user-friendly file-sharing platform designed for businesses and individuals worldwide.

Prior to this, we’ve put together in this article what you should know about Primeshare investment: how it works, how to invest your money without getting scammed, how to withdraw your money anytime, and step-by-step guides on how to register in case you don’t have an account.

What is Primeshare Investment?

Primeshare is an online investment platform that offers users various payment options, including share trading, publishing, and affiliate marketing.

Also, as a Primeshares user, you can earn a daily income of ₦500 (₦15,000 monthly) for sharing posts, and as a new user, you can receive a welcome bonus of ₦2,500.

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Primeshare Investment Referral System

It seems like I’ve already emphasized this, but for better understanding and explanation, I would like to go deeper for your clarity. Primeshares Investment offers users referral bonuses for referring friends to the platform. The system is straightforward, with a referral bonus of ₦3,200 ($6.4) automatically earned when someone signs up with your link.

Honestly, I can tell you, that’s not all; the offer also extends to paying you when your referrals refer their friends.

Okay, let me explain further.

The Primeshare referral bonus is set at ₦3,200. The indirect referral fee is ₦300 when a referred individual refers another individual. Are you surprised? Not just that the second indirect referral is ₦100 when another individual is signed up by your second-level downline.

Additionally, you can receive referral bonuses when your downlines purchase new shares.

Now let’s look at the commissions attached to each downline that buys shares from your link.

Referral commissions for your downlines who buy shares:

The offer includes a referral bonus for purchases of $50, $100, and $200 shares, with the bonus amounting to 5%, $3, and $1 respectively, and can be withdrawn at any time.

How Primeshare Investment Works

Primshares affiliate marketing: Affiliate marketing rewards businesses for referring visitors, customers, or sales to their website.

In Primeshares, each person receives a $6.4 referral bonus, including a $0.60 first-level spillover and a $0.2 second spillover. Additionally, referral bonuses are earned when downlines purchase new shares.

Primeshares shares trading: Primeshares also offers six volatile shares for regular affiliate users to monitor daily value growth or decline. These shares range from 5-15% monthly and are announced monthly for sale.

Primeshares acts as an intermediary in the foreign stock exchange market, buying a limited number of shares to resell to shareholders. Shares are available in two monthly batches and are valued at $50, $100, and $200. Referral bonuses can be withdrawn at any time.

Ebook publishing/resale: Digital book publishers can publish their books on Primeshares, earning commissions of 70% for successful sales. Authors promote their books, earning 20% from ebook users, while the remaining 10% goes to Primeshares. …that is amazing, right?

Most importantly, to upload an ebook, the author must have earned at least $100 from the referral system.

How to Join/Register for Primeshare Investment

Registering or joining Primeshares is quite easy and simple. The platform offers an easy membership for ₦4,000, with a welcome bonus of ₦2,500 for new users, payable through trusted coupon dealers on the website.

If you’re struggling to find a reliable coupon dealer, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via our contact page for guidance or assistance.

To log in, enter your email and password. If you forget your password, you can reset it via email.

How To Earn On Primeshare Investment

I know I’ve already explained this, but to summarize it, kindly follow the steps shown below.

  • The primary method of earning is through sharing daily posts.
  • Earn by referring your friends.
  • You can also earn by investing in shares.
  • Uploading your ebooks can potentially generate income.
  • As an affiliate, you can earn money by selling ebooks.

Is Primeshare Scam or Legit?

Believe me, I won’t say Primeshares is a scam, but I advise conducting thorough research before investing in new platforms and investing what you can afford to lose.

How to cashout/withdraw on Primeshare Investment

You can withdraw Primeshare referral bonuses twice weekly on Mondays and Thursdays and non-referral/PS trends earnings on the 2nd of the month, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Note that the minimum withdrawal amount for referral earnings is $10 (₦5,000), while for non-referral earnings, it is $40 (20,000 points).

To cashout on Primeshare Investment platform, kindly follow the steps below.

  • On your Primeshare dashboard, click on Cashout’.
  • Type in the one you want to withdraw from. 
  • Provide your bank or account details.
  • Proceed to click on the Submit button.
  • Once that is processed, you’ve got to wait 24 hours before receiving your money in your local bank account.


I believe this article has helped you make wiser financial decisions based on Primeshre Investment. With the potential for future updates, kindly follow us on Recruitment Portfolio.

Share your thoughts on Primeshares, whether you’ve invested or received payment, and feel free to leave a comment and share your experience.



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