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NDLEA Rank and Salary Structure and Allowance (Updated 2024)

NDLEA Rank and Salary Structure and Allowance 

NDLEA Rank and Salary Structure: If you are considering a career at the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) we believe it is pertinent you know the NDLEA Rank and Salary Structure and Allowances for you to know what to expect in your preferred position for application.

Your rank and salary in the NDLEA are determined by your recruitment level and credentials submitted during your application to the agency. This means that the level you are placed after entering the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency will determine your pay.

Level 8 is always for people who applied with a bachelor’s degree while level 7 is for people with an HND. Level 8 employees will always be placed at higher rankings and receive higher pay than level 7 employees.

Nevertheless, this is also applicable to those with ND and SSSC. The hierarchy of ranking in NDLEA begins with Recruit Officers to Directors which includes Assistant Superintendents, Commandants, Chief Superintendents and Deputy Commanders.


NDLEA Ranks – NDLEA Rank and Salary

The Consolidated Paramilitary Salary System (COMPASS) is the system used by NDLEA for rankings and salary structure. This system ensures that staff are promoted accordingly since it is believed that motivation and commitment to work from officers will be derived through it.

However, the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency of Nigeria rankings are given as follows:


NDLEA Commissioned Officers Ranks

They are the senior officers in the agency, they are chosen upon thorough verification of their academic qualifications. The Deputy Superintendent of Narcotics and the Commander General of Narcotics are the first two ranks before the commissioned officers in the NDLEA.

The Commander General of Drugs holds the highest position. This position is mostly chosen by the President. Commissioned officers will always aspire to top positions inside the organization.

However, NDLEA commissioned officers ranks include:

  • Commander General of Narcotics (CGN)
  • Deputy Commander General of Narcotics (DCGN)
  • Assistant Commander General of Narcotics (ACGN)
  • Commander of Narcotics (CN)
  • Deputy Commander of Narcotics (DCN)
  • Assistant Commander of Narcotics (ACN)
  • Chief Superintendent of Narcotics (CSN)
  • Superintendent of Narcotics (SN)
  • Deputy Superintendent of Narcotics (DSN)
  • Assistant Superintendent of Narcotics I (ASN)
  • Assistant Superintendent of Narcotics II (ASN)


NDLEA Non-Commissioned Officers Ranks

The NDLEA non-commissioned offers are the lowest ranks in the agency. They are the newly recruited officers their rankings also depends on qualifications such as WAEC, ND, HND, etc.

The following are the NDLEA non-commissioned officers ranks:

  • Chief Narcotic Agent (CNA)
  • Senior Narcotic Agent (SNA)
  • Senior Narcotic Assistant I (SNA I)
  • Narcotic Agent (NA)
  • Narcotic Assistant 1 (NA I)
  • Narcotic Assistant (NA


NDLEA Ranks and Salary Structure

The framework for determining pay scales within all paramilitary organizations across the nation is the Consolidated Paramilitary Pay Structure (CONPASS).

The Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) minimum salary grade for the lowest-ranked officer is CONPASS 1 STEP 1. We will provide a comprehensive breakdown of each tier within the CONPASS, including their monthly and annual salary scales as we continue.


NDLEA Monthly & Annual Salary Scale According to CONPASS 

CONPASS grade 1 N46,320 monthly 410,667 annually
CONPASS grade 2 N45,067 451,076
CONPASS grade 3 N48,854 451,076
CONPASS grade 4 N51,645 323,856
CONPASS grade 5 N54,746 N324,545
CONPASS grade 6 N90,456 N327,048
CONPASS grade 7 N110,743 N382,508
CONPASS grade 8 N143,023 N802,745
CONPASS grade 9 N151,739 N902,568
CONPASS grade 10 N205,673 N2,456,300
CONPASS grade 11 N220,384 N2,564,739
CONPASS grade 12 N236,578 N3,122,689
CONPASS grade 13 N307,826 N3,389,087
CONPASS grade 14 N353,238 N4,307,669
CONPASS grade 15 N425,906 N4,807,688
CONPASS grade 16 N425,906 N4,807,688


NDLEA Allowances

The Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) allowances include health insurance, travelling allowances which are mostly for the senior officers for their official travelling, and housing allowance.

Officers at the NDLEA are entitled to accommodation, where there is no suitable house, They are given an allowance which will cover their housing expenses in their assigned location.

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