Ministry of Defence Screening Date 2024/2025 Designated Centers, MoD Screening Requirements and Portal

Ministry of Defence Screening Date

Ministry of Defence Screening Date 2024/2025 Designated Centers, MoD Screening Requirements and Portal – This article is designed for all those who want to become a part of the Nigerian Ministry of Defence. So do you have interest in joining the Nigerian Defence?  This article is designed for you. if your answer is yes.

In this article, we are going to touch on essential updates in the Ministry of Defence. The discussion will include the screening date for the Nigerian Ministry of Defence, designated centers for the screening, the MoD screening requirements, and also the portal.


About the Ministry of Defence screening Date

The Ministry of Defence has a statutory responsibility of overseeing the Defence of the country, from the perspective of the Armed Forces. It was established on 1st October 1958 and has played its role since then till today.

For candidates to be sure of when they are to be screened, it is, therefore, the duty of the Ministry of Defence to fix a specific date for screening of the candidates who applied for the recruitment, this way candidates will not be taken unawares of their screening dates and time and even venue.

Having said that screening of candidates is very essential because it is a hiring process for the ministry to help them select nothing but the most suitably qualified candidates. During the screening, candidates are made to bring to bear the skills, knowledge, and potential that will be needed throughout their year of service in the ministry.


The Ministry of Defence screening Date

When will the screening of the Ministry of Defence recruitment take place? You need to know the date for the screening so that you can prepare for it in advance, but unfortunately, the Ministry of Defence has not officially announced when the screening will take place, and for that reason, every applicant should stay updated by checking on the portal of the Ministry of defense for latest update about the screening date.

To check the screening date for the Ministry of Defence, follow the steps below:

  • Log into the official website: 
  • Check for the latest recruitment news
  • Scroll down for all the latest news on the platform 
  • Check screening date 
  • Check the recruitment timeline also
  • Navigate through the portal you will get all the information you need.


Ministry of Defence Screening Requirement 

Before you are selected as one of the successful candidates for the Ministry of Defence, you will pass through a screening session, and how well you 

do at the screening session will determine if you will be qualified or disqualified. 

However, you will also participate in an interview session, where you will be asked several questions to prove that you are qualified with the skills, knowledge ability to be in the force. 

The following are some of the requirements that candidates of the Ministry of Defence are expected to come to the screening ground with:

  • Printout of this Letter of Invitation
  • Application Confirmation Slip printout
  • Identity card Number
  • Original of all relevant Certificates,
  • Certificate of origin
  • Medical Certificate from a Government Hospital
  • Any other form of valid identification


Ministry of Defence Portal

In this section, we are going to discuss the Ministry of Defence portal and how you can access the portal by yourself with ease. So if you want to know the services that you can get from this portal, check below.

What is the portal all about? The Ministry of Ministry portal is a platform, where applicants and candidates can log in and check for information and details about the ministry, and there are so many things that you can learn on the platform, by the time you log into the portal, let us see a few of them here as we proceed.

Examples of the services that candidates can get from the portal include:

  • To check the list of shortlisted candidates
  • To apply for recruitment by the Ministry of Defence
  • Check for the CBT exam result
  • And other vital information about the ministry 


Ministry of Defence Portal

Where are the Ministry of Defence screening centers? Has the government and the ministry announced the centers that will be used for the screening?

The venue for the screening is not going to be in just one place, but rather in all the 36 states of the federation. All the centers will be well equipped with the needed facilities for the screening and interviews, that includes the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), 

All the applicants are advised to be at alert concerning the date, and venue of the screening, which will be announced much later. Also, know that the centers for the screening have not been announced yet.



For more information about the Ministry of Defence screening date, screening centers, portal, and screening requirements, please log into the official portal using the portal link provided to you above, however, we will keep you informed should there be any latest information concerning this.



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