ICPC Screening Date For The Recruitment of Shortlisted Candidates Is Out for 2024 | Check The Recently ICPC Released Center Now

ICPC Screening Date For The Recruitment

In this post:

👉 Learn about the significance of the ICPC Screening Date and its implications for the recruitment process of the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission.

👉 Find out the specific screening date announced for the additional 266 shortlisted candidates to be recruited into the ICPC.

👉 Understand the requirements for the ICPC screening process, including the necessary documents and attire.

👉 Discover the ranking system and salary structure of officers in the ICPC, ranging from entry-level to top-level positions.

👉 Get insights into the ICPC screening process, including the types of assessments involved and the verification of supporting documents.

👉 Find answers to frequently asked questions about the ICPC screening process, including the announcement of new screening centers.

👉 Conclude with a reminder that the official screening date has not been published yet by the ICPC, urging readers to check the website for updates.


ICPC Screening Date For The Recruitment of Shortlisted Candidates Is Out for 2024 | Check The Recently ICPC Released Center Now – Have you been waiting for the release of the screening date for the recruitment of the shortlisted candidates of the ICPC? If yes, then this article has been designed for you, so read this for details about the latest information on this.

So in the course of reading this post, you will be able to gather vital information about the screening date for shortlisted candidates and the ICPC relevant center.

Let us first see a brief overview of the ICPC and its full meaning before we continue with the focus of today’s discussion.


About ICPC Screening Date

What is the full meaning of ICPC? ICPC means Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission, it is an agency established by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

This is an agency whose main responsibility is to fight corruption and other related offenses in Nigeria and bring them down to the nearest minimum.


What does the ICPC Screening Date Imply

This refers to the date that is set aside by the recruitment unit of the ICPC for the recruitment of all the shortlisted candidates who come out successful in the ICPC recruitment selection. 

It is this date that all the shortlisted ICPC candidates are required to appear at the ICPC designated centers for screening, checking, and verification of documents and certificates of the candidates, including other vital information about the candidates, to ensure that they are the owners of those credentials.

After this stage, those who pass the screening and interview will move to another level of the recruitment exercise.


ICPC Screening Date for 266 Additional Shortlisted Candidates

What to know is the official date for the screening of the additional 266 ICPC candidates to be incorporated into the ICPC?

The Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission has stated that it will screen an additional 266 shortlisted candidates who will be recruited into the ICPC having completed their Anti-Corruption Academy of Nigeria (ACAN).

So many candidates as a result of this have been asking when the screening date will be released publicly. All the prospective candidates are hereby advised for their good to log into the official portal of the agency to check on the latest released information regarding the date for the screening.


ICPC Screening Requirements 2024

That your name is on the list of the shortlisted candidates list does not mean that you have finally arrived, no, there is still room for you to prove that you are the right person with the right certificate and qualifications

However, if you have been selected, you are to get ready for screening, and you are going there with certain requirements such as:

  • Printout of this Letter of Invitation
  • Application Confirmation Slip printout
  • Identity card Number
  • Original of all relevant Certificates,
  • Certificate of origin
  • A pair of canvases, 
  • A white vest, 
  • And white shorts
  • Medical Certificate from a Governmental Hospital
  • Any other form of valid identification


ICPC Ranks

The following is the ranking system in Nigeria’s Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission:

  • Assistant Detective Superintendent
  • Detective Superintendent
  • Assistant Chief Detective Superintendent
  • Assistant Chief Investigator
  • Chief Investigator
  • Assistant Director
  • Deputy Director
  • Director
  • Assistant Chief Superintendent (Assistant Chairman)
  • Chief Superintendent (Chairman)



ICPC Salary Structure

Here is a table that shows a breakdown of the ICPC salary structure, it includes the ranks, salary, and position of the officers, take a look.

Rank Salary Position
Assistant Detective Superintendent NGN53,000 Entry-level officer
Detective Superintendent NGN54,500 Entry-level officer
Assistant Chief Detective Superintendent NGN56,000 Entry-level officer
Assistant Chief Investigator NGN63,000 Mid-level officer
Chief Investigator NGN70,500 Mid-level officer
Assistant Director NGN80,500 Senior-level officer
Deputy Director NGN92,000 Senior-level officer
Director NGN105,000 Senior-level officer
Assistant Chairman NGN120,500 Senior-level officer
Chairman NGN138,500 Top-level officer


Frequently Asked Questions

How is the ICPC screening process?

The screening will touch different areas, that will be used to test the capability of each of the candidates, which include;

  • It will test candidates’ knowledge, ability, and attitudes related to anti-corruption work. 
  • There will be both written and oral examinations
  • There will be practical assessments.
  • Supporting documents and academic qualifications will be verified also, to ensure authenticity and ownership.


Has New ICPC Screening Centers been Announced?

Although the management of the ICPC has promised to increase the number of screening centers to accommodate the increasing number of candidates, it has not confirmed officially that new centers have been added and where they are located.



This is all we have for you on this topic, we have touched on all the essential parts of the post, including the screening date, the ranking and salary structure of the screening center, screening requirements, and supporting documents. Finally, this is to let you know the official screening date has not been published yet by the ICPC, so feel free to check the website for more updates.



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