LNSC Recruitment 2024/2025 Application Form | How to Apply
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LNSC Recruitment 2024/2025 Application Form | How to Apply

LNSC Recruitment

LNSC Recruitment: Recruitment for Lagos State Neighborhood Safety Corps is currently ONGOING.

Residents of Lagos State who are interested to work with the Lagos State Neighborhood Safety Corps can now begin to submit their applications. Candidates should read through this article to learn more about the organization, requirements for application, deadlines, and how to apply.


About the Lagos State Neighborhood Safety Corps

Lagos Neighborhood Safety Corps was established by a law of the Lagos State House of Assembly in 2016. This uniformed security agency was established to assist the police and other security agencies to maintain law and order in Lagos State.

The Lagos Neighborhood Safety Corps operate in all fifty-seven (57) LGA/LCDAs in Lagos and it is made up of indigenous locals from these Local Government areas and LCDAs. The policy governing them is a deliberate one and it aims towards utilizing their local knowledge to achieve maximum community policing and maximum grass root intelligence gathering.

Lagos Neighborhood Safety Corps holds the vision of becoming a Model Community Safety Agency in Lagos state. They work hard to provide a safe, secure and conducive environment for the citizens of Lagos State.

The body also has the mission of forming an alliance with the police, people in the community and other important security agencies. The partnership is towards the aim of gathering, collating and sharing information and intelligence. They hope to keep the neighbourhood safe and to engender a well-trained, efficient, effective and highly motivated workforce devoted to promoting the welfare and capacity of men of the corps and all officers. Finally, through the participation of the community people, public safety can be encouraged.

LNSC Recruitment

How Many People Are Employed by the Lagos Neighborhood Safety Corps?

The number of people working at Lagos Neighborhood Safety Corps is not specified. If you wish to get more information about this, visit the organization’s website.

Is Lagos Neighborhood Safety Corps Currently Recruiting?

Yes, Lagos Neighborhood Safety Corps is currently recruiting.

Vacant Positions Available at Lagos Neighborhood Safety Corps

To know the positions available at the Lagos Neighborhood Safety Corps, visit the organization’s website for more info.

What does the Lagos Neighborhood Safety Corps do?

  1. They gather information.
  2. They provide information.
  3. They create structure.
  4. They undertake motorized routine patrol regularly.
  5. They reduce the crime rate.
  6. They identify and arrest offenders.
  7. They ensure that offenders account for their misdeeds.
  8. They ensure that justice is served.
  9. They work together with other security agencies.
  10. They maintain peace and order.

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How Much Does Lagos Neighborhood Safety Corps Pay Their Employees?

According to info collated from some employees at Lagos Neighborhood Safety Corps, SSCE certificate holders earn an average salary of N19,500, while Bachelor degree holders and HND diploma holders earn N53,000 monthly.

Benefits of Working With Lagos Neighborhood Safety Corps

  1. Gain knowledge of security.
  2. Attractive Monthly pay.
  3. Job security.
  4. Retirement Benefits.
  5. Flexible Working Hours
  6. Little or no formal education is required.
  7. Personal Gratification.
  8. Active and physically engaging.

Eligibility Criteria for LNSC Recruitment

  1. The applicant must be a Nigerian Citizen and must be a resident of Lagos.
  2. Both males and females can apply; however, females must not be less than 1.64 meters tall, and males must not be less than 1.7 meters tall.
  3. Male applicants should also have a fully expanded chest measurement of 0.87 meters and above.
  4. Applicants must show proof of physical and mental fitness to be appointed in the service. They must be certified by a Medical Officer from a Government-recognized Hospital.
  5. You must be free from financial debt or embarrassment; that is your financial record must be clean.
  6. The criminal record of the applicants should be clean, and they must never have been convicted of any criminal offense.
  7. Must be of good character.
  8. Applicants with the under-listed disability should not bother applying:
  • Visual impairment.
  • Hearing deficiencies.
  • Flat foot.
  • Significant orthopaedic surgery.
  • Fracture
  • Stammering
  • Other natural impairments.

Lagos Neighborhood Safety Corps

Industry Defence
Type Public
Year 2016
CEO/Executive Director Lagos State House of Assembly
Chairman Mr Israel Ajao
Headquarters Lagos, Nigeria
Website www.lnsa.lg.gov.ng

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How to Apply for LNSC Recruitment

  1. Visit the official website of the Lagos Neighborhood Safety Corps to apply.
  2. Click on the “Apply” button.
  3. Carefully read all the instructions written on the site.
  4. Upload legit copies of documents required of you on the LNSC’s application page.
  5. Applicants are expected to wait for feedback from the LNSC recruitment team.






What is the Application Deadline for LNSC Recruitment?

Not Specified

How Much is the application fee for LNSC Recruitment?

Application for recruitment at Lagos Neighborhood Safety Corps is FREE!


Note / Warning to applicants – the Lagos Neighborhood Safety Corps will not have any direct interaction with candidates in terms of recruitment. You can only apply through the organization’s portal and through email application.

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LNSC Recruitment

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