EKSU Admission List is Out 2024/2025: How to Check

EKSU Admission List: How to Check

In this post:

👉 See the EKSU Admission List and understand its purpose in the admission process of Ekiti State University.

👉 Discover two methods to check the EKSU Admission List: via the EKSU portal and through the JAMB CAPS portal.

👉 Follow step-by-step instructions on how to check your admission status using both the EKSU portal and JAMB CAPS portal.

👉 Understand the meaning of different admission status terms like “Admission in progress” and “Not admitted.”

👉 Find out how to accept or reject your admission offer, along with the subsequent steps to take after accepting admission.


EKSU Admission List 2024/2025: How to Check – In this post, we are going to discuss something very crucial to all the prospective students of Ekiti State University. 

So are you a prospective student of EKSU?  If yes, then read this article to get full details on how to check your name on the admission list.

To check your name on the EKSU admission list, you need to follow the guide that we are going to give to you in this post below.


About the EKSU Admission List

What is the EKSU admission list? This is a compiled list that consists of all the names of the students who applied for admission and who have been offered provisional admission to study their choice courses at the University. 

The list of successful EKSU candidates can be released in different forms, it could come as a PDF or published on the University’s official portal where candidates can log in and check their names.

In most cases, there may not be a list, but you can always check the portal of the school or JAMB admission portal for updates.


How to Check the EKSU Admission List 

If you applied for admission at EKSU, and you don’t know how to check if your name is on the list of the candidates that have been offered admission, this section will stand as a guide for you to learn how to check it.

There are two ways you can check your EKSU admission list, you can check it at the EKSU official portal or you check it at the JAMB CAPS, any of the two ways are available and will help you to find out if you have been offered admission.


How to check the EKSU Admission List Via Portal

As we mentioned before, you can check your name on the EKSU admission list by logging into the official portal. Here are the steps to follow if you want to check your name on the list through the EKSU portal:

  • You can log into the University portal
  • Enter your email address and password 
  • Enter your post-UTME registration
  • Click on Admission Status.
  • Select the year of admission.
  • Then check your admission status
  • If not you need to check back


How to check the EKSU Admission List Via JAMB CAPS

The second method of checking your name in the EKSU admission list is by following the JAMB CAPS portal, so in this section, we will be discussing with you the steps to follow and check your name in the list of students offered admission at EKSU via JAMB CAPS.

The following steps will help to check your name in the list successfully: 

  • Log into the JAMB CAPS at http://jamb.gov.ng/efacility/
  • Enter your username 
  • Enter the password you created when you registered for admission
  • Cross-check your information
  • Click on ‘Check Admission Status
  • Select your Exam year
  • Enter your registration number correctly 
  • Click on Access my CAPS
  • Finally, click on ‘Check Admission Status
  • Wait for the page to load, after which the list will appear
  • Check your name or status if you have been offered admission



Your admission status can show admission, admission in progress, and not admitted

Admission in progress means that you still have the hope to be offered admission, though the admission is not offered yet, it is still in the process.

Not admitted, means that you have not been offered admission, and that you may be considered for admission, and that hope is not gone yet. So what you have to do, is to continue to check the portal while the admission is still in progress.


How to Accept or Reject EKSU Admission

 As a new student, seeking admission into Ekiti State University, when you check and discover that your name is on the admission list, the next thing for you to do is to either accept your admission offer or reject it, in this section, I will show the steps you are to take when you want to accept or reject your admission.

Accept or rejecting admission is not a difficult task, and the steps to follow are:

  • Log into the portal with the official link
  • Enter your registration number, 
  • Select your examination year, 
  • Click on enter
  • The dashboard will display the options
  • Here, you can view your admission status,
  • Accept or Reject admission offers, 
  • Go and pay your acceptance fee immediately after accepting the admission offer,
  • Click on the admission letter, 
  • Go and print or download it.



Frequently Asked Questions

Is the EKSU admission list out?

At the time of composing this article, the admission list was not out yet, so let’s be hopeful that it will be out soon.


When will the admission list be out?

Right now there is no notification from the admission unit of the University concerning when the admission list will be released, so we do not know when the list will be out for now.


How many admission lists are there?

There are two different ways of checking your admission list 

  • You can check your admission status on the School Portal
  • You can also check your admission status on JAMB CAPS or Portal


If I find my name on the admission list, what is the next thing to do?

Immediately you find your name in the list of those who have been offered admission, your next line of action will be  as follows;

  • Payment of acceptance fees
  • Print your admission letter
  • Payment of accommodation/hostel fee
  • Start preparing for resumption 
  • Departmental clearance and others
  • Payment of School fees


How many admission lists will be released?

Most schools always release a first list, second list, and supplementary list, so any of the lists that find your name does not matter, but what matters is that you have been offered admission.

If the first batch comes out and you do not see your name wait for the second, third, or even supplementary list.



Checking your name in the EKSU admission list is very simple if you can follow the steps outlined above. When the first list comes out, and you check it and you did not find your name, then wait for the next list to be released.



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