Hairdresser Jobs In Canada For Foreigners With Free Visa Sponsorship – Apply Now
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Hairdresser Jobs In Canada For Foreigners With Free Visa Sponsorship – Apply Now

Hairdresser Jobs In Canada For Foreigners

Hairdresser Jobs In Canada For Foreigners With Free Visa Sponsorship – Apply Now – Are you a skillful hairdresser? Are you dreaming of getting a hairdressing job in Canada but do not have what it takes to process your visa? 

There is now a solution to that if that is your challenge. If you would like to know, there is a job in Canada with visa sponsorship for people who need a hairdressing job but can’t afford the cost of the visa.

If you are interested in knowing how you can get a visa sponsorship to Canada, please read this article for full details.

About Hairdresser Jobs In Canada With Free Visa Sponsorship

There are so many job opportunities in Canada, and hairdressing is one of them, that is why the demand for skilled hairdressers in Canada has increased so much.

Everyone likes to look good, and that is why there is a need for a skillful hairdresser, in Canada, the demand is becoming higher, so if you have the required, then you can dive into this opportunity, where you will be given a visa to go work in Canada.

Eligibility Criteria

Who can apply for the Hairdresser Jobs In Canada For Foreigners With Free Visa Sponsorship? For you to earn this opportunity of working as a hairdresser in Canada, you must meet certain requirements which we are going to mention in this section.

The job is open to all Canadian citizens, those who are residents of Canada, and people from other foreign countries who are interested in job opportunities in Canada.


Requirements for Hairdresser Jobs In Canada 

The following are the requirements for those who are interested in Hairdressers who want to get a job in Canada with Free Visa Sponsorship.

Educational Qualification

You must have a qualification to show you are a qualified hairdresser, at least a diploma

Job Experience

You must have professional experience in hairdo, with a minimum of two to five years of relevant work experience in a salon setting. Your proficiency in hairdo should include straighteners, curlers, clippers, scissors, etc.

Language Skills

You must also prove that you possess the language skills. For you to have a successful business, you need to communicate well with your customers, they must understand you as well as you understand too, and that is where language skills come in.

That means that you need to be fluent in the two Canadian Languages, which are English and French, but at least understand one of the languages.



If you have the opportunity to work in Canada as a hairdresser, the following benefits will be accrued to you:

  • Good salary that comes with bonuses. 
  • Health insurance, with health benefits.
  • On-the-job training and professional development opportunities.
  • A safe and vibrant working environment.


Document Required

These are some of the documents that you need to have for this job and other ones in demand:

  • Copy of passport bio-data page
  • Copy of up-to-date CV, which includes your qualifications and experience 
  • Current visa grant letter 
  • Prove financial stability


Available jobs in Canada for Hairdressers

If you are looking for hairdressing jobs in Canada, here is a list of hairdressing jobs that you navigate for your choice of job. Here you will find the location of the job, the number of available jobs, and the links that can help you get more information about the job.



Available jobs




View job postings >

British Columbia


View job postings >



View job postings >



View job postings >

New Brunswick


View job postings >

Newfoundland and Labrador


View job postings >

Northwest Territories


View job postings >

Nova Scotia


View job postings >



View job postings >

Prince Edward Island


View job postings >



View job postings >



View job postings >



View job postings >


How to Apply for the Canadian Hairdressing Job Visa Sponsorship

The opportunity is already out there for you, so you have to do the needful, to ensure that your application goes well, by getting yourself prepared with these things:

Prepare your Resume/CV

Prepare a good resume that will meet the requirements of the sponsor of the visa, and include in it all your skills, qualifications, and professional experiences relevant to hairdressing.


Make sure that you have gathered all the prerequisite documents needed for the travel such as:

  • Your passports photographs 
  • A proof of your hairdressing academic qualifications, 
  • Get a sponsorship letter, 
  • And financial stability proofs.

Filling Forms

You have to obtain the form fill it, out correctly, and submit it. Ensure that you cross-check all the information that you have submitted so that you will not end up submitting the wrong information


Get yourself prepared for the interview that will be organized for you at the Canadian embassy.


Tips on how to apply for this opportunity successfully?

For you to successfully apply for this job, read these tips carefully:

  • Seek professional advice
  • Comply with the rules and regulations 
  • Understand the sponsorship requirements
  • Get your documents ready
  • Get ready for the interview



What is the NOC code for Canadian hairdressing?

In Canada, the NOC code used by all Hairstylists and barbers is NOC 63210.


How much does a Hairstylist make in Canada?

 In Canada, the average hair stylist’s salary is about $18.50 per hour and $36,075 per year. However, if you are just starting, you can receive the sum of $31,200 per year, in the same vein experienced workers get up to $46,577 per year.

Do I need a license before I operate as a hairdresser in Ontario?

Before you can work in Ontario, you must be certified, and being certified is not a big deal, you just have to be legally registered as an apprentice with Skilled Trades Ontario. By the time you are officially registered, then you can work freely as a certified hairdresser or stylist.


If you are a skillful hairdresser, who wants to work in Canada, there are so many job opportunities in Canada, and hairdressing is one of them, that is why the demand for skilled hairdressers in Canada has increased so much, so apply now as the window is still open for application.



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