How to Post Job Vacancies Online for Free in Nigeria

How to post job vacancies online for free in Nigeria

How to post job vacancies online for free in Nigeria – Want to post your job vacancies online for free, but don’t know how to do it? This article will serve as a guide to you. Through this article, you will get to know how you can reach your prospective job applicants by posting your vacancies online for free.

In this post, you will learn about some of the websites where you can post your job vacancies in Nigeria for free, and also learn how you can post on each of these websites, if you are interested in learning this, then carefully read this article to the end.


About How to Post Vacancies Online for Free

Most people have job opportunities and vacancies that they would have liked to post for others to see and apply for, sometimes because they don’t have the platform to do so, and because they don’t also know how to post vacancies for free.

To post your vacant post on any platform, you need to pay, but for the sake of this post, you will be able to learn how to post free job vacancies on some vacant websites.


How to post job vacancies online for free in Nigeria

In this section, I will show you how you can post vacancies for free in Nigeria, and the steps to follow and achieve this purpose, the steps to follow are:

Create an Account with the Job site

For you to have access to the website where you want to post your vacancies online, you must first register with the site, so that you can know the conditions that you need to meet, before you can post your vacancies.

Brief Company Information

Most of the websites where you want to post your vacancies for free are owned by people and they would like to know if the vacancies you want to post are legitimate ones, so you have to give a brief information about your company, what you do, the name of the company and website, if you have any.

Job Title(s)

You have to explain the job title you want to post for, that is show the job duties and obligations of the job you are publishing. 

Job Requirements/Responsibilities

You also have to make it clear, the requirements of the job, and the responsibilities that the applicant is to hold if employed.

How to Apply

Another that you need to make the applicant understand is how they can apply for the job, this is very important.

Application Deadline

Then finally you have to state clearly when the application for the job will close.

After all this information has been made available, then you can post your job vacancies.


Website That You Can Post Vacancies Online for Free

The following are some of the online platforms where you can post vacancies for free, they include:

  • Indeed
  • Ladders
  • Handshake 
  • Learn4Good
  • SimplyHired
  • Guru
  • LinkedIn
  • Wellfound
  • PostJobFree
  • Hubstaff Talent



Indeed is a website that is known for its all-around options, which means that you can post any vacancy position for free, but the post is limited to some extent. Therefore, if you want to reach a large audience, you need to sponsor the post.

Indeed has over 250 million visitors every month, who log in to check for job openings, and you can post your free vacancies here by visiting their official website at for more information.


If you are seeking blue-chip applicants, posting your vacancies on Ladders will be the best for you, that is why Ladders is known as the best when sourcing blue-chip candidates

This job site is mainly for those who need experienced professionals in the U.S. and Canada. So posting your job vacancy on this site, means you are seeking applicants from the US and Canada.


Handshake is a job posting website where you can post your job vacancies for free. At Handshake, the job vacancies that you can post are only for college students. Through Handshake you can also conduct virtual interviews with candidates. It is referred to as the best site for recruiting recent graduates

Learn4Good: Best for student jobs

This is a job site where you can post only educational vacant positions for students. The website will give you 20 listing credits that you can use for six-month periods. After you have used up the 20 listings, you will have to wait for another period of six months, before you can use another.

SimplyHired: Best job site aggregator

This is another website where you can post your job positions for free. The website also teaches you how you can post on the websites, and the ability to receive alerts when a candidate applies for a job position. To get more information log into the official 


Guru: Best for finding freelancers

If you are looking for writers, then you are the right employer to post on Guru, that is because Guru is a job posting website that can help you find writers, programmers, web developers, and other freelance job seekers.

So with Guru, you can post jobs, you can hire freelancers, and pay them as well, in a convenient way. One thing that you need to understand about Guru is that you will pay for fee charges if you use e-check or wire transfer.

LinkedIn: Best feature-rich option

This is a professional networking site with over 830 million members, it has more than 200 countries and territories, that it operates in. Here you have the opportunity of posting only one free job at a time.

Wellfound: Best for startups

It was formally known as Angellist, with over 8 million job seekers ready to work with a startup business. You can post as many startup businesses as possible. Some of the benefits of this website is that you can message candidates, and create a profile for your business without paying any money.

PostJobFree: Best for teams on a budget

Here is another website where you can post your free job vacancies too. PostJobFree was founded in 2007. It helps employers too to distribute job posts on other websites and job boards, Examples of such websites are,, and 

Here you have the privilege of posting 10 job positions for free, every blessed day.


Hubstaff Talent: Best for finding remote candidates

Those who can post job vacancies here are those who would like to hire remote employees, such as:

  • Graphic designers, 
  • Software developers 
  • And marketing professionals. 

Here, there is no limit to how many job vacancies that you can post, you can also receive messages, like what makes a candidate fit for the job.



The list above is just a few compilations of the website where you can post your job vacancies for free, there are still many others out there that you can still access, but these are the ones that we have decided to bring your way on this post.



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