Best cryptocurrency trading platform for Nigerians in 2024

Best cryptocurrency trading platform

In this post:

👉 Find the best cryptocurrency trading platforms in Nigeria in 2024.

👉 Understand the key features and benefits of each recommended exchange.

👉 Compare trading fees, supported coins, and overall ratings of the exchanges.

👉 Determine the right cryptocurrency exchange based on individual trading preferences and requirements.

Best cryptocurrency trading platform for Nigerians in 2024 – In this article, I will be telling you the best cryptocurrency platform in Nigeria, so if you are interested in trading crypto, then this article is mainly for you.


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The exchanges that are chosen are chosen based on certain factors that we think will help you make the right choice of exchange to use.


About Best Cryptocurrency Platforms 

The various exchanges that are mentioned in this article are going to be discussed based on the factors that make them the best exchange, such factors include: 

  • Trading fees, 
  • Supported trading pairs, 
  • Customer support services, 
  • Liquidity of the exchange, and more. 


Best cryptocurrency trading platform for Nigerians in 2024

  1. Bybit: Best Overall Crypto Exchange in Nigeria
  2. Bitget: Best Crypto Derivative Platform in Nigeria
  3. Kucoin: Best Low Fees Crypto Exchange 
  4. 3. Binance. Best crypto platform for trading altcoins
  5. 6. OKX. Best for futures and margin trading
  6. Coinbase: Crypto Exchange for Earning Rewards
  7. Remitano: Exchange to Sell Bitcoin in Nigeria
  8. Exchange for Crypto Portfolio Diversification
  9. Paxful: Best P2P Bitcoin Exchange in Nigeria
  10. Luno: Safest Nigerian Crypto Exchange
  11. NairaEX: Best Nigeria’s Bitcoin Exchange
  12. BuyCoins: Best Cryptocurrency Exchange 
  13. Kraken: Largest crypto exchange in Nigeria


Bybit: Best Overall Crypto Exchange in Nigeria

Bybit trading platforms are rated as one of the best in Nigeria because it is easy to deposit or withdraw money. Also, their fee rate is very low. It has a high liquidity and makes room for staking, lending, and copy trading.

To start using Bybit, you just have to create an account and verify it, after that, you can use the P2P feature to exchange Naira.

Bybit at a Glance

  • Exchange – Bybit
  • Cryptocurrencies – 1,000+
  • Trading Fees – Maker Fees 0.01% and Taker Fees 0.06%
  • Deposit Methods – Bank Transfer, Debit Card, Credit Card & Google Pay
  • Key Features – Staking, Options, Futures, Lending & More



This is another cryptocurrency exchange that has good features which you can trade with. MEXC offers you all the good features that make trading easy and simple.

MEXC at a Glance

  • Exchange – MEXC
  • Cryptocurrencies – 300+
  • Trading Fees – Maker Fees 0.02% and Taker Fees 0.06%
  • Deposit Methods – Bank Transfer & Debit or Credit Card
  • Key Feature – 200X Leverage, Staking, Options & More


Luno: Safest Nigerian Crypto Exchange

uno is the next recommendation on our list. This crypto exchange has over 10 million crypto users in Nigeria and other countries.

Before you can deposit in Naira in Luno, you need to buy a voucher, after which enter its number on the Luno screen that says Redeem your voucher.

Luno currently has the best security for safeguarding your crypto, offering a friendly interface, low fees, high volume, and many features to suit your needs. The amount for trading with Luno is as small as ₦50.

Luno at a Glance

  • Exchange – Luno
  • Cryptocurrencies – 20+
  • Trading Fees – 1% Fiat to Crypto & 0.25% for Crypto to Crypto
  • Deposit Methods – Bank Transfer & Debit or Credit Card
  • Key Features – Supports Staking Only

Pros of Luno

  • Secure and compliant platform.
  • User-friendly interface and app.
  • Extensive educational resources and support.

Cons of Luno

  • Limited payment options
  • Strict verification requirements Exchange for Crypto Portfolio Diversification

With this exchange, you trade over 1,700 crypto pairs.  Buying and selling cryptocurrencies with fiat currencies such as NGN is possible here, as well as trading of future contracts with up to 100x leverage.

You can lend money to others and get interest and you can borrow money from the platform with up to 10x leverage. services, include staking, startup launchpad, HODL & Earn, and automated trading bots. at a Glance

  • Exchange –
  • Cryptocurrencies – 1,700+
  • Trading Fees – 0.08% Trading Fee and 0.1% Spread
  • Deposit Methods – Bank Transfer & Debit or Credit Card
  • Key Features – Widest Altcoin Variety, Futures, Options & More

Pros of

  • High liquidity and trading volume.
  • There are many crypto pairs to trade.
  • Advanced trading features
  • Launchpad for new crypto startups
  • Secure and reliable platform
  • It has multiple layers of protection.

Cons of

  • Limited fiat currency support and payment methods.
  • Complex user interface


Remitano: Exchange to Sell Bitcoin in Nigeria

This platform makes room for traders to use the P2P platform to connect with other crypto traders and exchange Bitcoin and other coins with Naira.

Traders can use a bank account or Remitano NGN fiat wallet to conduct transactions. With its trusted escrow system that keeps your money and data secure, you don’t have to fear scams or delays. Remitano charges no fees when you deposit crypto.

Pros of Remitano

    • No fee for depositing or withdrawing crypto.
    • Quick and safe deals 
    • Strong escrow and support.
    • Easy conversion of crypto to Naira 
  • User-friendly platform with simple features.

Cons of Remitano

  • Altcoins supported for trading are a few
  • No fixed market price 
  • It depends on individual orders
  • It has a high price for buyers and sellers


Coinbase: Crypto Exchange for Earning Rewards

Coinbase has high-security standards and compliance with rules. 98% of its customers’ funds are stored offline, while it uses encryption, biometric authentication, and insurance to protect the remaining 2%. 

It makes use of Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies and works with law enforcement agencies when needed. Customers who watch videos, learn about various coins and complete quizzes are rewarded by Coinbase.

Pros of Coinbase

  • Trade crypto easily with fast, 
  • Safe, and diverse options
  • Stake and earn rewards
  • Highly secure trading with high volume
  • Easy-to-use mobile app

Cons of Coinbase

  • There are fewer cryptocurrencies 
  • Advanced trading features like margin trading, are lacking


Kucoin: Best Low Fees Crypto Exchange 

This exchange platform allows you to trade and invest in various digital currencies. Kucoin traders over 700 coins on its platform, including BTC, ETH, KCS, and others.

Buyers and sellers at this exchange have the opportunity to transact at a low trading fee of 0.1%. There is also room for discounts if you hold KCS tokens. Depending on your payment methods, most times, you may not be charged for depositing.

Kucoin at a Glance

  • Exchange – KuCoin
  • Cryptocurrencies – 700
  • Trading Fees – 1% Trading Fee and 1% Spread
  • Deposit Methods – Debit Card, Credit Card, Google Pay & Apple Pay
  • Key Features – Futures, Staking, Halo Wallet & More

Pros of Kucoin

  • Easy to use P2P trading
  • A user-friendly website
  •  It lets you trade anytime, anywhere
  • It has multiple trading options 
  •  Staking, lending, or investing in other crypto projects is allowed
  • It supports NGN-USDT deposit via bank transfer.

Cons of Kucoin

  • Limited payment methods
  • No low-cap coins 


Bitget: Best Crypto Derivative Platform 

Bitget is a trading platform that allows you to trade all kinds of crypto products. You have access to futures trading, spot trading to copy trading, and launchpad. They offer low fees but with high security, and fast transactions.

Pros of Bitget

  • Products for all levels of crypto investors,
  • Free trial funds to users for doing certain tasks.
  • Low fees for high-volume traders.
  • Copy trading for inexperienced traders.

Cons of Bitget

  • New exchange in the industry 
  • May lack trust and reputation.
  • Not supporting all the popular payment methods 


Comparison of Cryptocurrency Exchanges in Nigeria

Supported Coins Trading Fees NGN Supported Overall Rating
Bybit 398+ 0.1% maker/taker Yes 4.7/5
Bitget 518+ 0.1% maker/taker Yes 4.6/5
Kucoin 700+ 0.11% maker/taker Yes 4.5/5
Coinbase 240+ 0.4% maker0.6% taker Yes 4.4/5
Remitano 40+ 1% maker0% taker Yes 4.3/5 1,700+ 0.2% maker and taker Yes 4.3/5
Paxful 3 (BTC, USDT,USDC) 1% for sell0% for buy Yes 4.2/5
Luno 11 (in Nigeria) Flat 2% per trade Yes 4.2/5
NairaEX Only support BTC Free Yes 4.1/5
BuyCoins 2 (BTC and USDT) 0.05% maker0.15% taker Yes 4/5
Kraken 228+ 0.16% maker0.265 taker No 4/5



Knowing the right cryptocurrency to trade with is what makes the difference. If you are trading crypto, please check all the highlighted options for your trading.


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