Highest Paid Accounting Jobs in Nigeria

Highest Paid Accounting Jobs in Nigeria

Highest Paid Accounting Jobs in Nigeria – If you are a student studying accounting at the University or you are a graduate seeking for job, this article is designed for you.

In this article, we have gathered a lot of information, that will help you to find out the highest-paying accounting jobs in Nigeria. 

Accounting jobs require a long time to process or compute results, and as such, accountants must seek the kind of accounting jobs that will give them pay that is equal to the effort they put into the job.

Let us take a brief background of the accounting jobs in Nigeria, which can pay well, either as an entry-accountant or a senior accountant in the field.


About accounting Jobs in Nigeria

Accounting jobs are very important, and organizations and companies cannot do without them. Almost all businesses and organizations need accounts that will provide them with the financial information to manage their businesses or films.

Accounting jobs, accountants are involved in researching and analyzing accounting data; preparing reports for their employers, as well as preparing asset, liability, and capital account entries. 

In this job, accountants also, make available statements and documents of the company, and they to maintain their internal accounting to a high standard.


Highest Paid Accounting Jobs in Nigeria

  • Chartered Accountant
  • Senior Accountant
  • Auditor 
  • Internal Auditing Manager
  • Finance Coordinator
  • Accounting Controller
  • Accounting Financial Analyst
  • Forensic Accountant
  • Actuarial Accountant
  • Chief Financial Officer


Chartered Accountant

The primary persons of a company’s accounting department are the Chartered Accountants, they are in the position of performing various tasks such as auditing, data tracking, reporting, and processing of all the organization’s finances. He or she is versed in all the accounting skills to perform all necessary tasks.

As a chartered accountant in Nigeria, you will earn an average of NGN 3,000,000, in a year. As a Chartered Accountant, you must be registered with professional accounting bodies in Nigeria. 


Senior Accountant

Senior Accountants who are higher in level than the average accountants, with more experience in the field and within the company. Their tasks are more like that of an accountant, only that they have more responsibilities than the accountants. In most cases, they are appointed as team leaders who are saddled with the responsibilities of managing subordinate accountants and accounting clerks.

As a senior accountant, you will earn an average of NGN 2,936,260, every year.



The main responsibility of the auditors is to specialize in checking the financial and accounting records of a business. Their work is to ensure that they present chronological records in order and without mistakes or differences.

Correct and orderly record keeping is what they are majorly concerned with, including investigation of mishandling or misappropriation of funds of the organization.

Auditors earn a lot of money in the accounting jobs. As an auditor, you will earn an average salary of NGN 2,168,000 every year.

Accounting Financial Analyst

The Accounting Financial Analyst job is almost the same thing as the job of auditors, Accounting Financial Analysts examine the records of the company they are working for, by analyzing financial information and identifying trends for the organization. 

Apart from the aforementioned, they also make recommendations based on the trends and report them to the decision-makers of the company. Through the financial reports, Accounting Financial Analysts analyze

The average salary of an accounting financial analyst is about NGN 2,069,453 every year.


Finance Coordinator

The main job of this category of accountants is to coordinate the financial operations of the organization they are working with and for. Their tasks also include ensuring proper and accurate financial record-keeping.

Another responsibility of the finance coordinator is to monitor and check the inflow and outflow of financial transactions in the organization. The making of financial reports and presentation of the same to the shareholders is handled by them as well.

Considering the duties done by financial coordinators in any organization that they are working for, that explains that they ought to earn a good salary, however, the average salary of NGN 5,115,059.


Accounting Controller

The Accounting Controller’s job description is to oversee and make sure that all accounting processes of the organization are in the right perspective.

The job role of an accounting controller evolved around the sub-departments of the organization such as payroll, tax compliance, and accounts payable. The overseeing process is carried out by the accounting controller who works with upper management.

As an accounting controller of an organization, your average salary will be NGN 7,262,501. For a year.


Internal Auditing Manager

Another job that pays very high in accounting is the one called internal auditing. Here the internal auditor manager’s work is to perform auditing jobs within corporations or businesses. 

They are saddled with the task of ensuring that the organization’s financial records are in order and in compliance with the rules and regulations guiding its operation.

As an Internal Auditing Manager, you can earn an average pay of NGN 5,364,829 every year.


Forensic Accountant

Forensic Accountants are experts who analyze the financial statement to investigate any signs of fraud, embezzlement, and other questionable financial practices of a business. 

One of the main reasons why they are employed is to assist in civil or criminal proceedings, and when it has to do with scrutinizing data for any sign of foul play and making detailed reports on accounting matters, you can count on them.

If you are seeking a high-paying accounting job in Nigeria, consider working as a forensic accountant. This is how much they can earn in a year, NGN 2,100,000, as salary.


Actuarial Accountant

Actuarial Accountant’s work is to analyze statistics that will help an organization assess risks. They do this by using past financial records, sales projections, and current economic trends. 

This kind of accounting job will help the company to make the right financial decisions by scrutinizing the risk assessments before any major undertaking.

The average salary earned by an actuarial accountant is about NGN 12,000,000.


Chief Financial Officer

The CFO is the senior executive officer who oversees the financial operation of the organization, he or she manages the cash flow and investment, analyzes financial records, and makes sound financial decisions for the benefit of the organization.

They initiate strategies that will help the organization to have a profitable organization. Chief Financial Officers earn about NGN 9,673,237 at the end of each year.



In the list above are the highest-paying accounting jobs, you can go for in Nigeria and beyond. So if you want to make a high income from accounting jobs, then choose from any of the above.


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