($26k/ Per Month) Highest Paying Jobs In Canada 2024: Apply Now

Highest Paying Jobs In Canada Apply Now

($26k/ Per Month) Highest Paying Jobs In Canada 2024: Apply Now – Are you staying in Canada? Are you looking for a job that can pay you good money, at least $26k every month? This article will highlight all those jobs for you.

In this article, we will discuss some of those jobs that are paid the highest in Canada. So if you want to secure a job with the highest pay in Canada, then, these are the types of jobs you should be looking at.

The most demanding job in Canada is in the field of Information Technology (IT). This industry has a high demand for workers in sectors like software development, web design, and artificial intelligence.


About Highest Paying Jobs In Canada

Canada has recently become a destination where people are looking for good jobs with high pay, because of the many job opportunities that are available there.

There are so many career areas that you can work in and earn a lot of money from, and that will be discussed in detail in this post.

All the jobs in the world are significant to humanity, as far as existence is concerned, however, some jobs are in demand more than others and are also being paid better than other jobs. 

($26k/ Per Month) Highest Paying Jobs In Canada 2024

  • Surgeon ($3,25,020 per year)
  • Medical Anesthesiologist 
  • Dentist ($1,75,149 per year)
  • Physician ($264,759 per year)
  • Lawyer ($100109 per year)
  • Psychiatrist ($314,952 per year)
  • IT Manager ($90,758 per year)
  • Marketing Manager ($71,849 per year)
  • Sales Manager ($83,705 per year)
  • Pilot ($1,10,832 per year)
  • Petroleum Engineer ($101,096 per year)
  • Optometrist ($110,926 per year)
  • Architect ($90,299 per year)
  • Cardiologist ($300,828 per year)



Surgeons are specialized doctors, who perform surgeries on patients with injuries or illnesses. The doctor carries out preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative plans. As a surgeon, you must ensure that you follow all the medical laws, guidelines, regulations, and standards governing the profession.

Skills Required:

Becoming a surgeon demands a lot of skills and knowledge for you to be able to function well and as such so much training is needed, that is why they are also one of the highest-paid jobs in Canada.

  • Better manual dexterity, 
  • Hand-eye coordination, and visuospatial awareness.
  • Good organizational and time management skills.
  • Excellent communication and decision-making skills.


The average Annual Salary of a Surgeon is $3,25,020 per year.



Dentists are those physicians who treat, diagnose, prevent, and control disorders of the teeth and mouth. This category of doctors provides general dental care to their patients, by cleaning teeth, filling cavities, and performing root canals. 

Skills Required: 

  • Excellent communication skill
  • And good verbal skills
  • Good Management Skills


Average Annual Salary: $1,75,149



A Physician is a medical doctor who is saddled with the responsibility of diagnosing and treating a patient’s illnesses. If you are in this field of job, you are expected to perform:

  •  Physical exams, 
  • Run tests on the patient, 
  • Treats chronic illness, knowing medical ethics, 
  • Pharmacology, human anatomy, and other specialties
  • Physicians can work in specialized clinics, family practices, or hospitals. 

To be qualified for this you need a medical degree from an accredited university. Having the necessary skills and experience needed. You must also have a license to practice.

Skills Required: 

Communication and Interpersonal skills


The average salary of a physician is $264,759 per year.



A lawyer is a professional who provides legal advice for their clients and represents them in a court of law. A lawyer pleads cases and conducts prosecutions for people in the courts of law. 

To be a qualified lawyer, you must complete your undergraduate program, and your law school training.

Skills Required:

As a lawyer, you are required to have the following skills:

  • Communication Skills
  • Research Skills
  • Critical Thinking


Average Annual Salary: $100109 



Psychiatrists are specialized doctors who are responsible for treating patients with mental disorders. 

The psychiatrist carries out an overall assessment of the patient, such as performing diagnoses of the clients and preparing the treatment plan. It is also the job of the psychiatrist to prescribe medicines and rehabilitation of patients with mental illness, and emotional, and behavioral disorders.  

To be qualified to work as a practicing psychiatrist, you must obtain an M.D. degree from an approved medical school, have a license, and have at least five years of a residency program in psychiatry.

Skills Required:

The following are the skills a psychiatrist job seeker should have:

  • Logical Reasoning
  • Empathy and Sensitivity
  • Problem-Solving

Average Annual Salary: $314,952 


Petroleum Engineer 

The responsibilities of a Petroleum engineer, are numerous, and some of them are as follows:

  • To design equipment, 
  • Develops plans, 
  • Supervises projects to extract oil, gas, and other fossils from the underground. 

To be qualified for this job, you must obtain a bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering or a master’s degree or doctorate in petroleum engineering. 

Skills Required:

The following skills are required from a

  • Communication skills
  • Decision-making skills
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Mechanical Knowledge

Average Annual Salary: $101,096 



An Optometrist is a doctor who provides care for patients who have eye problems. The doctor has to conduct eye examinations and other tests to be able to find out the problems in the patient’s eyes. When the result has been found, the optometrist will use that to prescribe treatment to maintain, improve, and resolve vision issues and eye disorders. 

Skills Required: 

You must have the following skills as an optometrist:

  • The Visual Acuity
  • Strong interpersonal skills

Average Annual Salary: $110,926 



Architects are in the business of consulting with their clients, sketching designs, and negotiating with contractors for the successful execution of projects. 

For you to be qualified for the job of an architect, you must have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Architecture, with the necessary professional training, and experiences.

Skills Required:

Here are the skills required for a 

  • Thinking and Reasoning skills
  • Customer service skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Verbal Communication skills


Average Annual Salary: $90,299 

Other Highest Paying Jobs in Canada:

Apart from the jobs that we have discussed above, there are still other high-paying jobs that you can get in Canada, which include:

  • Utility Manager – $48,584  per year
  • Engineering Manager – $118,344 per year
  • Business Operations Manager – $68,480 per year
  • Anesthesiologist – $342,708 per year
  • Orthodontist – $428,840 per year
  • Chief Marketing Officer – $121,429 per year
  • Software Engineering Manager – $135,752 per year
  • Software Architect – $118,840 per year
  • Enterprise Architect – $122,356 per year
  • Pharmacist – $109,081 per year
  • Corporate Controller – $107,322 per year
  • Data Scientist – $89,722 per year

Highest Paying IT Jobs in Canada

There is a high demand for IT jobs in Canada because all the companies are doing their business online. The IT industry in Canada is expanding massively, and sectors like communication services, software, and computer services, are high-paying jobs in the IT industry with high job payment in Canada

  • Software Developer – $84,781 per year
  • IT Project Manager – $113,215 per year
  • Data Scientist – $86,165 per year
  • IT Business Analyst – $70,452 per year
  • Business System Analyst – $69,795 per year
  • Database Analyst – $78,420 per year
  • Application Analyst – $73,577 per year
  • Quality Assurance Analyst – $50,039 per year
  • Security Analyst – $79,775 per year
  • Network Engineer – $78,920 per year

In-Demand Jobs in Canada

Some jobs are in high demand in Canada, and if you have the skills and the qualifications for such jobs, then you will be earning well. they include the d following:

Business Intelligence Analysts – $77,053 per year

  • Cloud Architects – $125,439 per year
  • Cloud Engineers – $102,220 per year
  • IT Project Manager – $113,215 per year
  • Data Scientists – $86,165 per year
  • Developers (web, software, mobile) – $80,219 per year 
  • DevOps Engineers – $98,012 per year
  • Full-Stack Developers – $89,140 per year
  • IoT Specialists – $76,870  per year
  • Security Professionals  – $107,578 per year
  • Mechanical engineer – $73,898 per year
  • Welder – $58,510 per year
  • Registered nurse – $81,844 per year


What skills are needed to secure jobs in Canada, as a job seeker?

Some skills that you need to acquire as a Canadian employee include but are not limited to the following:

  • Data analysis, 
  • Customer centricity, 
  • Coding and programming, 
  • Digital marketing, 
  • Budgeting, 
  • Agile project management, 
  • And operations planning. 

I hope the information was helpful for you to be able to get your dream job in Canada. In the post, we have discussed with you different job types like IT-related jobs, jobs in high-demand medical jobs, and others. The job that you will get depends on the skills you have acquired.


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