UNILORIN Admission List for 2024/2025 Academic Session 

UNILORIN Admission List

UNILORIN Admission List 

UNILORIN Admission List for 2024 academic year is out. This article provides guides on how to download the UNILORIN Admission List for 2024/2025 PDF format and how to download and check the UNILORIN Merit List via the UNILORIN admission portal at www.unilorin.edu.ng.

UNILORIN Admission List

Are you among the participants in the University of Ilorin UNILORIN Post UTME screening exercise? If yes, the UNILORIN admission list for the 2024/2025 academic session is out.

You can check the Admission List for provisional admission into direct entry and undergraduate degree programs here below.

Is UNILORIN Admission List For 2024/2025 Out?

Yes, the University of Ilorin’s admission list is now available on the official portal. All prospective candidates are to visit the admission portal to download and check their respective names.

Check: Unilorin Postgraduate Admission Form

How to Check UNILORIN Admission List for 2024/2025 Academic Session 

  • Go to https://uilugportal.unilorin.edu.ng/ 
  • Select Admission list 
  • Then click on UNILORIN admission list 2024/2025
  • Once it opens, check your name on the list
  • If your name is among the admitted students, congratulations!
  • Now scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the link provided to complete your biodata registration.
  • Most importantly, your login details contain your registration number and surname.

UNILORIN Admission List for 2024/2025 Academic Session

Here is the admission list for all international students at the University of Ilorin.

SNO Registration No Surname First Name Other Name Country Level Programme
1 UIL/INT2021/0031 TAWIAH Adwoa Enyonam Matilda 100 B. Agric
2 UIL/INT2021/0078 TASSI Antuanet Ngweh 200 B.Sc. Food Science
3 UIL/INT2021/0068 MOTOUO Ismael Loko 100 B.A. Performing Arts
4 UIL/INT2021/0072 DZEKASHU Behailu Kehmoa 200 B.Sc. Biochemistry
5 UIL/INT2021/0033 FOKAM Bradd Djoussi 100 B.Eng. Computer Engineering
6 UIL/INT2021/0030 SAHEED Muhammed Selu 100 B.Eng. Computer Engineering
7 UIL/INT2021/0045 NJEI Tikum Joel 200 B.Eng. Computer Engineering
8 UIL/INT2021/0046 TCHOUMI Tanekam Sandral Rosange 200 B.Eng. Food Engineering
9 UIL/INT2021/0069 LEBBIE Aiah Joseph 100 B.Sc. Computer Science
10 UIL/INT2021/0004 MUHAMMED Lamine Sodiq 100 B.Sc. Computer Science
11 UIL/INT2021/0034 NGASA Tshasila Japhet 100 B.Sc. Computer Science
12 UIL/INT2021/0005 BROWN Temitope Nathaniel 100
13 UIL/INT2021/0006 MENSAH Kojo Enoch 100
14 UIL/INT2021/0007 SOWLEY Koffi Wilfred 100
15 UIL/INT2021/0028 ANDERSON Love Priscilia 100 LL.B. Common Law
16 UIL/INT2021/0036 KAMARA Ali Victor 100 B.Sc. Economics
17 UIL/INT2021/0038 LAURENHILL Laurenhill Vughangsi 100 B.Sc. Geography & Environmental Management
18 UIL/INT2021/0037 TSANANG Leking Iris Serena 100 B.Sc. Geography & Environmental Management
19 UIL/INT2021/0044 BARRY Aliu Mustapha 100 B.Sc. Sociology
20 UIL/INT2021/0035 ASIEDU Efia Dorcas 100 B.Sc. Criminology and Security Studies
21 UIL/INT2021/0011 BEMPONG Florence Yemisi 100 B.Sc. Anatomy
22 UIL/INT2021/0032 CAMARA Fatoumatta 100 B.Sc. Anatomy
23 UIL/INT2021/0070 BOBGA Etane Samvalla 200 B.Sc. Anatomy
24 UIL/INT2021/0014 FOKAM Johanne Ngninzeko 200 B.Sc. Anatomy
25 UIL/INT2021/0016 JUNIOR Awetua 200 B.Sc. Anatomy
26 UIL/INT2021/0024 SHUTANG Casiana Ntontang 200 B.Sc. Anatomy
27 UIL/INT2021/0043 MBAH Scott Mbah 100 B.Sc. Physiology
28 UIL/INT2021/0008 WORLANYO Abiodun Faith 100 B.Sc. Physiology
29 UIL/INT2021/0080 YOUNGAI Finda Theresa 100 B.Sc. Physiology
30 UIL/INT2021/0020 NEMBO Maku Phoebe 200 B.Sc. Physiology
31 UIL/INT2021/0073 NKENG Mbokong Shanone 200 B.Sc. Physiology
33 UIL/INT2021/0042 MBANGA Rodric Machetum 100 MB;BS
34 UIL/INT2021/0023 RUDI-JOY Egbe Andong 100 MB;BS
35 UIL/INT2021/0054 ABEN Josiane Awan 200 MB;BS
36 UIL/INT2021/0055 ACHOTIA Divine Ofembe 200 MB;BS
37 UIL/INT2021/0056 ALI Kighen Rodney 200 MB;BS
38 UIL/INT2021/0057 DIANE Bintu Fatima 200 MB;BS
39 UIL/INT2021/0071 DJEGOLMEM Anicet 200 MB;BS
40 UIL/INT2021/0059 GEH Peter Kum 200 MB;BS
41 UIL/INT2021/0015 JATO Prisca Muyang 200 MB;BS
42 UIL/INT2021/0017 KELLY Ntsah Gemandze 200 MB;BS
43 UIL/INT2021/0060 NGONGANG Kelsy Chepngum 200 MB;BS
44 UIL/INT2021/0022 PELAGIETHERES Shutang Fenui 200 MB;BS
45 UIL/INT2021/0058 RINWI Thank-God Bonjoh 200 MB;BS
46 UIL/INT2021/0025 SULAIMAN Abdulcabir 200 MB;BS
47 UIL/INT2021/0026 TSI Ryan Anye Abegley 200 MB;BS
48 UIL/INT2021/0075 ALLEN Adewumi Mercy 100 B. Nursing Science
49 UIL/INT2021/0076 JALLOH Alexa Fatima 100 B. Nursing Science
50 UIL/INT2021/0077 TARR Angel Favour 100 B. Nursing Science
51 UIL/INT2021/0010 SHUAIB Fatima Jalloh 100 B.Sc. Business Administration
52 UIL/INT2021/0029 NKO Levis Ngwang 100 B.Sc. Marketing
53 UIL/INT2021/0039 GOM Ndeh Paul 100 B.Sc.(Ed.) Health Education
54 UIL/INT2021/0048 FIFEN Paul Roland Njoda 200 B.Sc.(Ed.) Health Education
55 UIL/INT2021/0047 FUH Bih Charity 200 B.Sc.(Ed.) Health Education
56 UIL/INT2021/0049 GHISLAIN Junior Samuel 200 B.Sc.(Ed.) Health Education
57 UIL/INT2021/0050 JATOR Alvin Nfor 200 B.Sc.(Ed.) Health Education
58 UIL/INT2021/0051 KENCHIN Chia Maldini 200 B.Sc.(Ed.) Health Education
59 UIL/INT2021/0052 MFORCHESIRI Vernon Muma 200 B.Sc.(Ed.) Health Education
60 UIL/INT2021/0053 NGINYU Yanick Ndamnsa 200 B.Sc.(Ed.) Health Education
61 UIL/INT2021/0065 SAMA Sedrick Akumbu 200 B.Sc.(Ed.) Health Education
62 UIL/INT2021/0066 SENYUY Thierry 200 B.Sc.(Ed.) Health Education
63 UIL/INT2021/0067 SHEY Kiara Bongshe 200 B.Sc.(Ed.) Health Education
64 UIL/INT2021/0079 TOUNSI Piekam Fabricia 200 B.Sc.(Ed.) Health Education
65 UIL/INT2021/0013 CHIRANELLE Ajoacha 200 Pharm. D
66 UIL/INT2021/0061 CLAUDIA Esieh Asanji 200 Pharm. D
67 UIL/INT2021/0002 DANIEL Che Asanji 200 Pharm. D
68 UIL/INT2021/0062 DEMA Cyndi 200 Pharm. D
69 UIL/INT2021/0063 MASAH-MESEH Winie Apehngong 200 Pharm. D
70 UIL/INT2021/0003 MBAH Brilliantine Etong 200 Pharm. D
71 UIL/INT2021/0018 MBICHELE Achiagteseh 200 Pharm. D
72 UIL/INT2021/0019 NDAJIM Ngwe Amina 200 Pharm. D
73 UIL/INT2021/0021 NENG Nelvis Mbah 200 Pharm. D
74 UIL/INT2021/0027 UNUSA Rbiatou 100 B. Physiotherapy
75 UIL/INT2021/0074 PEZUMBIA Gislain Wozizung 200 B. Physiotherapy
76 UIL/INT2021/0009 ENGEMISE Pierez Essingila 100 B.Sc. Architecture
77 UIL/INT2021/0064 KOAGNE Bruce Armel 200 B.Sc. Architecture
78 UIL/INT2021/0040 BARRY Saheed Ibrahim 100 B.Sc. Industrial Relations & Personnel Management
79 UIL/INT2021/0041 MUANZE Bonade Emmanuel 100 B.Sc. Industrial Relations & Personnel Management
80 UIL/INT2021/0001 AWAH Nisahnikwi Wilma 200 DVM ( Doctor of Veterinary Medicine)

How to Download UNILORIN Admission List for 2024/2025 PDF 

All candidates who wish to download the PDF file of the UNILORIN admission list, kindly follow the steps below.

  • First, login to www.unilorin.edu.ng
  • Navigate to “Admission” 
  • Click on Admission List”
  • Carefully scroll down to the button page and click on Download in PDF 
  • Once you click, it will downloaded to your device immediately
  • Launch your device and open the downloaded file 
  • Then search for your name using your Registration number or Surname.

Payment of UNILORIN Acceptance Fee

All Successful candidates must pay an acceptance fee to the school after the admission list is released, except for those not needing admission.

School Fees

New admitted students should pay the school fee separately from the acceptance fee, as the acceptance fee is for admission and the school fee is for studies. 

Guidelines After Receiving UNILORIN Admission

After receiving admission to UNILORIN, there are several essential steps to take. Namely:

  • Accept Your Admission: To accept the admission offer, please log in to your JAMB CAPS and UNILORIN admission portal.
  • Acceptance Fee: Check out for the UNILORIN acceptance fee amount and payment procedure, and ensure you pay within the specified timeframe.
  • School Fees: Conduct thorough research on the school fees for your course, department, and faculty to ensure effective financial planning. You can also visit our page Recruitment Portfolio for guidelines on how to pay the school and how much it is.
  • Accommodation: Stay updated on the UNILORIN hostel application portal for updates on university hostel accommodations, or explore off-campus housing options if you plan to stay there.
  • Payment Instructions: Before making any payments related to tuition, registration, or other fees, it is essential to wait for official instructions.
  • Document Preparation: Ensure that all necessary documents for screening upon resumption, including academic results, admission letters, and identification certificates.

I hope this article has answered your question regarding the UNILORIN Admission List for the 2024/2025 Academic Session. Further questions can be addressed in the comment box below.

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Meet Mr. Smith, a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience as an author and researcher at Recruitment Portfolio. With a passion for words and a keen eye for detail, Mr. Smith has become a cornerstone of our team, bringing a unique blend of creativity and analytical prowess to his work.

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