Top 20 Skills to have on your Resume (2024)

skills to have on your resume (2023)
skills to have on your resume (2023)

Top 20 Skills to have on your Resume (2024)

Top 20 skills to have on your resume (2024): It can be difficult having to balance your act when writing a good resume, not knowing if to add in your skill or not, not knowing which skill could likely make you get or even be the suitable candidate for the position.
It is very important to know how relevant your skill is to the job you are applying for and how that skill could maybe be the reason why you got hired for the job.

skills to have on your resume (2023)
skills to have on your resume (2024)

In this article, I will share 20 skills to have on your resume (2024) while applying for a job, but before we give out that information, we will have to answer a few questions.


What are soft and hard skills in a resume?

We have two different skills seen in a resume, the soft and the hard skills

Soft skills: Soft skills help a person be more fit for a particular sort of employment. Soft skills are easily transferrable to any form of career. Personal characteristics and habits, which are frequently formed as a result of life experiences, might influence how someone approaches their employment.

Hard skill: Hard skills relate to a person’s capacity to carry out a duty that is unique to their position. They consist of specific knowledge and technical skills needed to finish a task.


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Skills to have on your resume

Here are 20 skills you need to have on your resume, 10 hard skills, and 10 soft skills;

Soft skill

1. Creativity

Being creative allows you to develop fresh, original ideas and solutions, which is a vital quality in a workplace that is continually growing.

Employees that are innovative are more likely to be able to deal with issues that come up with remote work, altering markets, and evolving technology.

2. Problem-solving skill

As an employee, you should be a problem solver, you should be able to think fast and quickly and then come up with a reasonable solution to help your company because definitely something will go wrong and you might be asked to think and come up with something to help the company.
The company wants employees, who can help grow the company and help them when things go wrong too.

3. Communication skill

Communication is the key to bringing in good results. The ability to communicate with your supervisor, coworkers, and clients/customers in any circumstance—verbally or in writing—is extremely useful. You will produce greater outcomes the more skilled you are at it.

4. Teamwork

There are works that you may be asked to join with your co-workers to make it able to work or join heads to come up with something. Your employers need to know that you can succeed in a team environment. We have a lot of companies that need this as part of what you can do.

5. Organization skill

Here, you will probably be responsible for managing and organizing assignments for your coworkers in this situation. A carefully organized CV is undoubtedly helpful if you want to highlight your organizational abilities.

6. Attention to Detail

Some occupations need you to pay close attention. Therefore, you must make sure that you adhere to all guidelines in order to do your assignment. This may be crucial when you collaborate with others. Any position you have will need you to pay attention to detail.

7. Responsibility

You need to be accountable for all you do before you even apply for jobs.
Accepting responsibility for your work and even owning up to mistakes is a key component of being a good employee. The majority of managers prefer not to have to monitor their staff members to make sure all aspects of their duties are being completed. Being responsible entails taking the necessary steps to finish your assignments.

8. Leadership

The ability to manage a team is one of the top skills that any employer would look for, and it is essential for any work because you could be asked to do so at any time. Effective leadership abilities are crucial for adjusting to new possibilities and challenges, motivating employees to provide their best efforts, and stimulating innovation to stay relevant in a market that is always changing.

9. Research

Many businesses are looking for personnel that can use their research skills to advance the business. For the creation of sound strategies and decision-making, excellent research abilities are crucial. In order to keep current, this involves analyzing market trends, consumer behavior, and new technology.

10. Project management

As an employee, you need to be able to manage projects and give respond quickly. In order to guarantee that projects are finished on schedule, within budget, and to acceptable quality standards, project management skills are essential. To guarantee that employee activities are coordinated and coherent, this is a particularly crucial ability for remote and cross-functional teams.

11. Marketing

Marketing talent is highly important and useful in today’s society since technology allows you to advertise your items globally. Building creative products, presenting those solutions to clients, or enlisting in-demand talent are all ways that marketing helps firms stand out from their rivals.

Hard skills

1. Designs

A talent like designing anything gives your resume an edge since employers will know that you are passionate about design in addition to what you do for a living. Even if it’s only for creating presentations, certain design abilities are necessary for jobs in marketing, advertising, branding, engineering, and construction.

2. Negotiation

This is the finest skill set for those who enjoy marketing and selling products since it will give them an advantage when applying for jobs at advertising agencies or other businesses of their choosing.
Therefore, all they do is sell goods or services, buy stock or other goods, broker contracts for manufacturing or transportation, form partnerships for advertising or investment, and do many other things.


3. Writing skills

Many careers need writing.
Basic writing skills are essential and should be listed on your CV. Poorly written emails that contain typos and grammar mistakes might come seen as unprofessional. Include any specific writing-intensive projects you’ve worked on and use your cover letter and correspondence with the recruiter to demonstrate this competence.

Other hard skills include:

  • Foreign languages
  • Digital skills
  • Software development
  • SQL
  • finance
  • Python
  • Data Analysis


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Having a skill attached to a CV is, really necessary as it is not only an additional advantage to your CV but it helps to show how suitable you are for a particular position, you need to have and as well show your employers that you have the skill there are looking for.


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This post is authored by Dora Edet, an Editor of Recruitment Portfolio. Boasting over a decade of expertise in the recruitment sector, Dora provides up-to-date information on jobs and recruitment topics, career opportunities, and breaking news stories.

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