Pillow Fund Review (2024)

Pillow Fund Review

Pillow Fund Review 

This is the Pillow Fund Review. This article provides detailed information you need to know about Pillow Fund, including how it works, how to apply and register, how to login to access your dashboard, and requirements.

The depreciation of the naira has made dollar-lending investment opportunities more appealing to Nigerians, but it can be complex and confusing for beginners.

For this reason, it is very important to consider Pillow Fund, which is a notable investment company available to Nigerians that offers opportunities with dollar returns.

Pillow Fund is committed to assisting individuals in achieving their financial goals, including exponential savings growth and crypto asset protection.

An Overview Of Pillow Fund

First of all, Pillow Fund is a fintech platform that provides digital asset management services, aiming to help users earn high returns on their cryptocurrencies.

Pillow Fund was founded in 2021 by Roy, Mishra, and kM. It is also a platform that allows users to save digital assets in USD-backed cryptocurrencies from home, aiming to alleviate poverty and depreciation in Africa.

Moreover, Pillow Fund has over 100,000 global users and is aiming to educate Nigerians on the importance of utilizing digital coins.

Pillow Fund Mobile App

The Pillow Fund mobile app offers all products and services provided by Pillow. So, if you wish to invest on this platform, you can follow the steps below to download the Pillow Fund mobile App to start your investment.

Pillow is a user-friendly mobile app that allows users to save, invest, and earn money through its easy-to-navigate interface.

The app has received a high rating of 3+ on the Google Play Store, boasting a 4.8 star rating, over 1,000 user reviews, and over 100,000 downloads.

This is a large and compact app that only requires a minimum download size of 25 MB.

You can visit the Google Play Store on your Android or any smartphone, type the name, and download it.

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How To Download Pillow Fund Mobile App (APK)

To download the Pillow mobile app, follow these steps:

  • Kindly open Google Play Store on your phone.
  • On the search bar, enter “Pillow.”
  • The app features a feather-like logo in white and black.
  • Click on Download.

Facts About Pillow Fund

  • Pillow is a remarkable mobile app with unique features.
  • Pillow enables users to save, invest, and earn, aiming to revive the country’s economy and improve living standards. It also facilitates easy currency conversion, eliminating the need for inflation.
  • Pillow registration is quick and easy, requiring only your national document and email address and not requiring extensive paperwork or a property doctor.
  • Pillow provides high-interest rates, allowing users to earn 14% per year on their savings while ensuring the safety of their funds and digital assets.
  • Pillow allows daily earnings from investments without waiting for the end of a month or year to receive credit.

How To Withdraw Funds From Pillow Wallet To another Wallet

The following steps will guide you in withdrawing funds from the Pillow Wallet to your account. Stay tuned for further instructions.

  • To withdraw funds, enter the correct address and amount, as incorrect information can lead to permanent loss.
  • Then click on withdraw.
  • Ensure you select the withdrawal channel.
  • Please confirm your withdrawal via email, as an OTP has been sent to your registered email address.

How Does Pillow Fund Work?

Pillow Fund is a digital asset management platform that allows users to save, invest, and earn returns on their digital assets.

You can earn a reasonable interest rate of up to 14% per year on your investment deposits when deposited on this platform.

The platform invests users’ funds in promising Defi protocols on blockchain networks, with a dedicated research team assessing over 500 protocols across 10+ blockchains to identify the most secure and promising options for investment.

How to Invest Your Crypto with Pillow Fund 

To invest in cryptocurrency, consider the Pillow Fund platform, which offers up to 14% annual interest. To start, prepare your national documents and an active email address. Follow the guide to start your journey on Pillow.

  • To access the Pillow Fund app, sign up with your email address and download it from the Google Play Store or App Store.
  • The next step is to complete your KYC.
  • To initiate your investment journey, deposit crypto into your Pillow wallet after completing your initial deposit.
  • This platform offers daily interest earnings and a potential annual interest rate of up to 14%.

Please note that the Pillow Fund platform accepts Ethereum, Bitcoin, and stablecoins for investment, and the platform also allows you to deposit tokens from popular exchanges like Binance and invest them for higher yields.

What Products Does Pillow Fund Offer? 

Normally, the Pillow Fund platform offers a diverse selection of products and assets, including notable options that may interest you.

1. Invest and Earn

Pillow offers investment products, Pillow Cases, which allow you to deposit Ethereum, Bitcoin, and stablecoin tokens, ensuring your crypto investments remain protected from inflation. Check below:

(a) USDT/USDC Case

The platform accepts a USDT/USDC investment case, allowing depositing stablecoins and earning returns with an annual interest rate of 13.68%.

(b)Ethereum Case

The Ethereum investment case on this platform allows users to deposit ETH tokens and earn returns with a 6.03% annual interest rate.

(c) Bitcoin Case 

This platform offers a Bitcoin investment case, allowing users to deposit BTC tokens and earn returns with a 14% annual interest rate.

2. Easy and Quick Registration

This platform allows you to start investing with your national documents and email address, eliminating the need for tedious paperwork on your smartphone.

 3. Savings that attract mouth-watering interest rates

Pillow offers the best interest rate of up to 14% on dollar savings, ensuring your funds are safe and secure.

 4. Earn Daily

Pillow is Nigeria’s only investment app offering daily interest on investments, eliminating the need to wait for monthly or annual credits.

Pros and Cons of Pillow Fund

Pros of Pillow Fund

1. User-friendly interface

The Pillow Fund platform offers a user-friendly interface, making it accessible to both experienced and new DeFi investors. It allows easy browsing of available protocols, detailed information, and easy investment with just a few clicks.

2. The platform provides a diverse array of investment options to its users.

This platform provides a diverse range of investment options, allowing users to choose between personal investment protocols or diversified portfolios, allowing them to tailor their investments to their goals and risk tolerance.

3. User-friendly products

Pillow Fund provides a range of educational resources, including webinars and guides, to enhance users’ understanding of DeFi investing and optimize the platform’s potential.

4. Grow your Bitcoin value with Pillow Fund

This crypto investment platform offers a hassle-free solution for growing Bitcoin value.

This platform offers flexibility and effectiveness due to its lock-in periods, making it ideal for emergency withdrawals.

Cons of Pillow Fund

1. Limited historical performance data available.

The Pillow platform’s recent launch has limited historical performance data, making its chances of success uncertain.

2. Crypto investment risk

Pillow Fund is a blockchain-based platform that exposes investments to risks like a lack of investor protection, funding delays, and regulatory changes. Loss is a significant concern, particularly if the underlying crypto assets lose value.

The platform’s interest rates are not guaranteed due to cryptocurrencies, and investors must invest in stablecoins to avoid losing interest.


Pillow Fund seems to be a great investment platform that offers a lot of benefits for crypto investors. Its user-friendly interface, diverse investment options, and quality educational resources make it an ideal choice for both new and experienced investors.

It’s important for investors to carefully weigh the pros and cons of any investment opportunity, including the platform you mentioned.

While the 14% interest offer may be tempting, it’s important to take into account the limited historical performance data and potential risks associated with blockchain technology.

Ultimately, investors should conduct thorough research and analysis before deciding whether the platform is a good fit for their individual needs and goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Pillow Fund still working?

Singapore-based crypto startup Pillow, which offered crypto asset savings and investment services to Nigerian and Ghanaian users, has ceased operations due to regulatory climate issues.

Q. How do I withdraw money from Pillow fund?

To withdraw, select the appropriate network (ERC-20/BEP-20) and deposit to the same address. Cross-check the wallet address and network before clicking [Withdraw].

Q. How much can I invest in Pillow?

Once you are done with your KYC, you can proceed to deposit. Properly, you can begin with any amount, as long as it is not less than N1,000. You can also start investing once you fund your account to stand a chance of earning up to 14% interest per year.

Q. How safe is pillow app in Nigeria?

The Pillow App prioritizes security and transparency by utilizing the world’s largest custody and security technologies to ensure users’ funds’ safety.

Q. Is Pillow Fund shutting down?

Pillow, a crypto investment startup, will shut down operations on July 31 due to regulatory uncertainties and a challenging business environment, eight months after raising $18 million in a Series A round.

Q. Who owns Pillow Fund?

Pillow was founded in 2021 by Roy, KM, and Mishra, is a community of over 75,000 users in 60+ countries, empowering them to manage their financial lives using digital assets.



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