Nomba Financials – Everything you need to know
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Nomba Financials – Everything you need to know

Nomba Financials – Everything you need to know

Get acquainted with the steps and latest updates about Nomba Financials. Nomba, formerly known as Kudi, is a digital bank designed for merchants and business owners, offering simplified tools for payment acceptance, processing, and operations management.

Hello, welcome to Recruitment Portfolio, would you like to invest in or register for Nomba Financial? If yes, absolutely, you’re on the right page.

Based on this, we have carefully explained in this article the details and everything you need to know about Nomba Financials. Keep reading this page to find out more.

Note that Nomba empowers business owners to generate extra cash by providing basic financial services like bill payments and cash withdrawals via POS. Also, Nomba offers financial services in your location, providing tools for business management and growth and even a POS machine for extra cash.

An Overview of Nomba Financials

Nomba is a financial services organization that uses artificial intelligence and conversational interfaces to provide a quick and seamless banking experience for individuals.

Nomba Financials was established in 2017. The organization focuses on financial inclusion and mobile money through its agent network, enabling individuals to offer banking services to Nigerian communities.

The company primarily operates in the Nigerian payment ecosystem, collaborating with e-payment regulators, an international payment processor, and a prominent commercial bank. 

Nomba Financials also offers convenient electronic banking services, reducing the stress and time-consuming nature of waiting at the bank. The organization provides electronic banking options, allowing customers to access financial services at their convenience.

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Services Available on Nomba Platform

  • Payments: Nomba offers a POS terminal for businesses, enabling easy payment acceptance from all bank cards and facilitating business payments.
  • Business Tools: The app offers various tools for business planning and growth, including inventory tracking spreadsheets and loan and interest calculation tools.
  • Bills: By assisting community members in paying their bills at your shop, you can earn extra cash through commissions on each bill processed.
  • Loans: Nomba offers low-interest loans to enhance your business.
  • Savings: The in-app savings feature allows users to save money and earn interest on their savings.

How to get a POS machine from Nomba

POS terminals are rapidly growing businesses in Nigeria, offering more than just card payment acceptance; they also enable community members to make payments and earn commissions. So, in this regard, Nomba provides POS machines to its esteemed customers. If you wish to benefit from Nomba POS, kindly follow the steps below to apply for it.

Step One:

  • To accept payments, log in and navigate to the “Accept payments” section.
  • To get access to POS, log in to the Nomba website or mobile app using your email and password, then navigate to the “Accept payments” section on your dashboard.

Step Two:

  • To request a new terminal, click on “Terminals” and then “Request a new terminal.”
  • To request a new outlet or an existing outlet for a Nomba POS, select “Request for a new outlet” for new users or “Request for an existing outlet” for existing users.

Step Three:

  • Ensure that you confirm your request and complete your payments.
  • The request should be delivered to the specified location, and the delivery status should be reviewed. Note that the terminal(s) should arrive at your destination within two days.

Steps to activating your new Nomba POS machine

To activate your POS terminal after a request, follow these steps:

Step One:

  • You must first log in to your account and click on “Accept Payments” in your dashboard.
  • To check the status of your delivered terminal(s), click on the “Terminals” button.

Step Two

  • Navigate to the menu bar and click on “Activate Now.”
  • To activate your terminal(s), input the serial number found behind the terminal machine.

Step Three:

  • To activate a terminal, click on the “Confirm” button.
  • The activation process will be completed within a minute, and your terminal will be ready for use.

Products Offered by Nomba Financials

The financial organization provides suitable products, including:

1. Nomba MarketPlace

Nomba Marketplace is a mobile agent network that provides businesses with access to more customers and facilitates payments, onboarding, and other financial activities through their app, offering various benefits such as:

(a) Insurance: 

The insurance benefit allows individuals to sell and receive insurance payments from anyone at their convenience.

(b) Education: 

As a school owner, you can efficiently collect fees from students, reducing stress for both themselves and their students.

(c). FMCG

The agent network facilitates cashless transactions by allowing users to deposit and disburse cash.

As a Nomba agent in Nigeria, you can access banking services such as opening accounts, funding wallets, and borrowing loans.

2. Nomba Savings 

This product provides a savings platform for Nigerians, enabling them to manage daily thrift collections, send and receive payments, purchase airtime, and pay utility bills.

How to Download Nomba Financials App

The Nomba mobile application is exclusively available on Google Play Store for Android devices. To download and become an agent, follow these steps.

  • To access the Google Play Store on your Android device, follow these steps:
  • To locate the app, simply type ‘Nomba’ into the search toolbar.
  • Once you’ve downloaded and created an account, you can proceed with the process.

How to Become a Nomba Financials Agent

To become a Nomba Financials agent, follow these steps:

  • You can download the Nomba mobile application from the Google Play Store.
  • To begin, register by providing your personal information on the registration form.
  • Finally, fund your Nomba digital wallet and begin transacting.

Being an agent essentially entitles one to offer basic banking services to those in their vicinity.

Nomba Financials charges fees for POS withdrawals.

The Nomba POS service charges you based on the amount you wish to withdraw, including:

  • The charge for transactions between 100 and 4,500 is N25.
  • The charge of 0.6% applies to the amount between $4,501 and $25,000.
  • The charge between 25,001 and 500,000 is N150.

Nomba Financials Contact Information

Contact Address: 19b Bosun Adekoya Street, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, Nigeria.

Email Address:

Official Website:

Telephone: 01 888 5008

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Is Nomba/Kudi legit?

Yes, Nomba, a fintech company registered with the Central Bank of Nigeria, processes over $500m in monthly payments.

Q. How much does Nomba POS cost?

Nomba POS offers various sizes and types, with a minimum price of N20,000 and free delivery within two days. Note that Nomba founded by Yinka Adewale and Pelumi Aboluwarin, a Nigerian tech company with Yinka as the CEO and Pelumi as the CTO.

Q. Why did Kudi change its name to Nomba?

A Nigerian Kuda bank, a digital fintech, has changed its name from Kudi to Nomba to avoid trademark and copyright confusion.



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