How to Buy NECO Scratch Card Online (2024)
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How to Buy NECO Scratch Card Online (2024)

How to Buy NECO Scratch Card Online

Buy NECO Scratch Card: We are pleased to announce to you that the National Examination Council (NECO) has released the 2024 NECO examination results online on the official NECO portal. All candidates are to commence checking their results online as soon as possible.

Are you among the candidates who took the 2024 NECO examination and are searching for how to check your result online? Do you know you can purchase your NECO scratch card online at the convenience of your home?

Continue reading to see how to How to Buy NECO Scratch Card Online without stress with your phone or PC here in this article. We detailed the genuine method of buying your NECO Scratch card or NECO Result Token online from the comfort of your home or place of work easily here. Keep reading!

However, the NECO Scratch Card is a National Examinations Council product that candidates who took the Neco June/July and the GCE Private Examination used to access their examination results. 


About NECO Scratch Card Result Checker – Buy NECO Scratch Card

The National Examination Council (NECO) scratch card can also be known as NECO Result Checker. It is a painted card that has a scratch patch on its reverse side that protect the PIN numbers from unauthorised users which is used to access NECO Result Online Portal.

All the NECO SSCE June/July and NECO GCE Nov/Dec can be access through the NECO scratch card irrespective of the year of the exam. The card is noted as the “NECO RESULT CHECKER Access Card”, it works just like NECO Result Token.

One user can use the NECO scratch card up to like 5 times to check a particular candidates results online without restriction.


How to Buy NECO Scratch Card Online

  • Visit the online NECO scratch card website via
  • Input the number of NECO result checkers you want to buy
  • Provide your name, email, address, and phone number
  • Navigate to the payment page and complete the transaction
  • Your NECO Scratch Card PIN will be issued to you instantly


How Much Is NECO Scratch Card

NECO scratch card result checker Token price is ₦1,200 only. This is the only online offer you can get at the cheapest price.



How to Check NECO Results – Buy NECO Scratch Card

To check the National Examination Council (NECO) results is simple and the steps are stress free. All candidates who sat for the NECO SSCE June/July and NECO GCE Nov/Dec should follow the steps below to check their results online.

  • Visit the official NECO result checker portal at
  • Choose your Exam year
  • Choose your Exam type
  • Input your NECO scratch card result checker PIN
  • Provide Your Registration number
  • And then click on the “Check Result” button to see your NECO result


Can I Use One NECO Scratch Card PIN to check Two Results?

No, it is not possible. You cannot use the same scratch card PIN to check two results. A NECO Scratch Card can only to be used by one candidate’s unique exam number

and each NECO Result Voucher can only be used 5 times by the same candidates to check results.


Can I Purchase a NECO Scratch Card online?

Yes, the NECO scratch card PIN can be bought online at an affordable price. You can log in to the NECO portal to purchase your scratch card and get it delivered instantly. Just visit the official NECO website via to How to Buy NECO Scratch Card Online.


What is the Difference Between NECO token and NECO scratch card?

NECO TOKEN, also known as NECO Result Checker Scratch Card, is a product of the National Examinations Council (NECO) that allows candidates to access and verify their NECO results. Each token can be used five times for a single candidate.

However, Bookmark this page or comment using the comment box if you have any questions regarding how to how to Buy NECO Scratch Card Online. 

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