Top 50 Online AUTHENTIC Jobs for Students in Nigeria and How to Apply in 2024

Nigeria, Jobs

Top 50 Online AUTHENTIC Jobs for Students in Nigeria

Jobs for Students in Nigeria: Nowadays, most students in Nigeria are looking for flexible and legit jobs they can do to earn a good amount of money. With the way the country is, it will be an advantage to have something that brings extra finances to your pocket. We are in a technology age and there are multiple ways to divert good money to your bank account by simply using a well-charged phone or laptop, and the internet.

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Nigeria, Jobs

Listed in this article are some online jobs a student can do in 2024.

  1. Online Tutoring
  2. Virtual Assistant.
  3. Copywriting.
  4. Social media management.
  5. Digital marketing.
  6. Blogging.
  7. Amazon KDP.
  8. Data Entry.
  9. Affiliate Marketing.
  10. Vlogging.
  11. Online Survey.
  12. Content Creation.
  13. Digital Creation.
  14. Online Translator.
  15. Web Design and Development.
  16. SEO Consultancy.
  17. Graphic Designing.
  18. Business Analyst
  19. Sales Representative.
  20. Transcriptionist.
  21. Editor or Proofreader
  22. Ghost writing.
  23. Beta reading.
  24. Audio creation.
  25. Podcasting.
  26. Email marketing.
  27. Coding.
  28. Online consultant.
  29. Software Engineer.
  30. Mobile App Developer.
  31. UI/UX Designer.
  32. Online Researcher.
  33. Data Collector.
  34. Customer Service Provider.
  35. Influencing.
  36. Video Editing.
  37. Product Reviewing on YouTube.
  38. Drop shipping.
  39. Flipping Websites.
  40. Reselling Printables’ on Etsy.
  41. Typing jobs.
  42. Virtual Recruiter.
  43. Online Project Manager.
  44. Online Bank Sales Agent Job.
  45. Voice Over Artist.
  46. Data Analyst.
  47. Forex Trader.
  48. Business Coach.
  49. Writing Coach.
  50. Forex Trading Coach.


  • Online Tutoring.

As a student, this is one of the best ways to make a flexible income. Most parents are searching for people who could tutor their little children in their academics, especially in subjects like Mathematics and English Language. If you know your onions as a student or you are extremely knowledgeable in any of these subjects, you could seize this opportunity.

It may please you to know that most science students sought tutors who would put them through difficult subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Further Mathematics. If you are good in any of these subjects, then this is a good time to start making money.

Asides from the above methods, you can tutor your classmates on subjects that they may find difficult for a fee. For that to be possible, however, you must prove to be exceptional in your academics. That way, they can entrust you with the responsibility of tutoring them.

How to begin your journey as an Online Tutor.

– Choose the subject (s) you want to tutor and know your target audience.

– Ensure that you are very knowledgeable in the area you want to start tutoring.

– Advertise! Advertise!! Advertise!!!

– People can only patronize you when they know what you do. Thus, you can advertise on your social media platforms, through word of mouth, etc.

– Promote yourself by offering free tutoring lessons for first timers. Once people know your abilities, they can hire you.

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  • Virtual Assistant

Just like a physical assistant, a virtual assistant does the job of an assistant for clients online. However, unlike a physical assistant, a virtual assistant uses technology tools to perform tasks for clients remotely without having to be physically present. Most top business and company owners are sometimes too busy to maintain a much-needed online presence. They also do not have the time to keep track of their online meetings and appointments. You can take over those responsibilities for them and get paid.

Duties of a Virtual Assistant

As a virtual assistant, these are the duties you are to perform for your clients:

> Reply to their emails and phone calls.

> Schedule meetings on different platforms.

> Booking flights and travel accommodations.

How To Get Started as a Virtual Assistant

>> Choose the kind of services you want to offer – That is to say, what kind of business owners do you want to assist.

>> Acquire skills that are relevant to your role as a virtual assistant. Such skills include computer literacy, word processing proficiency, communication skills, time management, attention to detail, creativity, discipline, and decision-making.

>> Have a solid online presence – People should know what you do. Promote yourself on vital social media platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and even WhatsApp.

>> Search for virtual assistant jobs online. Platforms where you can search for virtual assistant jobs, include Upwork, Fiverr, Wing, The ROOM, MyTasker, Intelligent Office, MyOutDesk, The VA Hub, The Virtual Hub, VirtuDesk, and Belay Solutions.

>> Make sure that your internet network is strong.


  • Copy Writing

Just in case you do not know, copywriting is a centuries-old craft. It involves two core skills – writing and selling. Most students perform these two skills in their day-to-day activities. So while you do it for free, someone else gets paid to do so. Copywriting is simply using words to sell products. As a copywriter, you will be the one to create these copies. The copy should be succinct, straightforward, and convincing. After reading your copy, your audience should be provoked to take action.

How to start earning legit money as a Copywriter.

>> Start by learning how to write persuasively. Know the keywords that trigger your readers and how to use them.

>> Promote your online presence.

>> Send cold emails to companies.

>> Apply for jobs online.

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  • Social Media Management.

This is one of the best online jobs you can do as a student. It involves creating content that drives engagement on your company’s social media platforms.

How to begin your journey as a Social Media Manager.

>> Start by acquiring all the necessary skills that you need. Skills such as writing, storytelling, SEO optimization, graphic designing of graphics and videos, analytical skills, and ability to learn.

>> Promote your online presence.

>> Approach companies and convince them to allow you to manage their social media pages. You can apply physically or send cold emails to them.

>> Apply for jobs online.


  • Digital Marketing.

As a student, this is one of the jobs you can do in the comfort of your room. It involves generating leads, building brand awareness, and making sales. This is one job that may require the marketer to have a bachelor’s degree in a course like marketing. Although you can take other online courses to get your marketing degree.

How to earn easy money as a Digital Marketer

>> Start by acquiring basic digital marketing skills such as persuasive writing and editing, CRM skill, social media skill, communication skill, and problem-solving skills.

>> Build your online presence.

>> Apply for jobs online.

Nigeria, Jobs

  • Blogging

As a student, this particular job can fetch you loads of money if you know how to optimize it. You can write articles for blog sites and get paid, or you can create your blog. Either way, you will earn legit money from blogging.

How to begin your journey as a Blogger.

>> Select a profitable niche you want to write about.

>> Do your research to know the types of topics that generate clicks in the niche.

>> If you want to work for a company, then visit their website and study their method and style of blogging. Apply to the company to work with them. This will bring in fast money cause the company pays you once you’ve written an article for them.

>> If you want to create your blog, you will need dedication. The money does not come as fast as working for another person but if built right, it could fetch you a lifetime of passive income.


  • Amazon KDP

As a student, you can create short or long and helpful eBooks to sell on Amazon. It could be a workbook, textbook, novel, self-help book, etc. The good thing about it is that you don’t need much to start – just a device you can type or design with and a good internet connection.

How to begin your journey as an eBook creator on Amazon.

>> Choose the kind of books you want to create.

>> Design your book covers yourself to ensure originality. Avoid using downloaded pictures.

>> Avoid plagiarizing someone else’s work.

>> Create an account on Amazon KDP and publish your books there.


  • Data Entry.

This is also another flexible online job you can do as a student. All you have to do is to add, verify and edit electronic data. You will also be required to add raw data into the database of the company, add sales figures into electronic formats, and transcribe notes from meetings.

How to begin your journey as a Data Entry Specialist

>> You should have knowledge of some software such as Microsoft Office and Microsoft Excel.

>> You should be articulate, and attention detailed.

>> Let your social media bio reflect what you do. This can attract clients to you.

>> Apply for jobs online.


  • Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a job that has made many students rich in this technological age. You can also earn from it. All you need to do is to promote a product or service made by another advertiser or retailer using your unique affiliate link. When a buyer purchases that product or service, you will earn a commission.

How to start making flexible as an Affiliate Marketer.

>> Be sure of the type of products you want to promote.

>> Register as an affiliate marketer on platforms that sell those products. Platforms such as Expertnaire, Fiverr, and even Amazon.

>> Promote products and start earning commissions.


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  • Vlogging

Vlogging is simply Video Blogging. It means creating short videos and uploading them online for people to watch. The amount of money you get paid depends on the number of people who watch your video. This is an easy job to do as a student because you simply need a phone with a good camera and internet connection. You could create vlogs based on what you love doing or you can create vlogs for companies and get paid.

How to begin your journey as a Vlogger.

>> Choose the type of videos you want to produce. It could be videos teaching people how to do a certain thing or a video telling a story or entertainment videos.

>> You have to know the basics of shooting and editing videos.

>> Be consistent.


  • Online Survey.

As a student, you can make cool cash by doing surveys online. All you need to do is complete questionnaires on legit sites online. Some of those legit sites include Valued Opinions, Opinion Outpost, Toluna, Ipsos i-Say Panel, Life Points, Branded Surveys, Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, MyPoints, Inboxdollars, Kashkick.

How to start making money from Online Survey

>> Have a good phone or laptop and internet connection.

>> Visit those sites and register. (

>> Fill out surveys and get paid.


  • Content Creation.

Creating content is a great way for a student to earn money online. All you need is an idea, good content, a social media platform, a phone, and an internet connection. Creating content involves developing text content to encourage traffic to the page.

How to get started as a Content Creator

>> Look for topics that readers online are most interested in. Do not just create content just because you want, make it worth your viewers’ time.

>> Plan a content timetable, create your content and publish.

>> Be consistent.


  • Digital Creation.

This involves both audio and visual content. It can also include photos, graphics, and blog posts. Digital content can be promoted on digital spaces such as YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

How to get started as a Digital Creator

>> Create an account on any of these online platforms.

>> Create quality content and post them online.

>> Be regular with your content.


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