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How to Reset ADSU Portal Login Passcode- Easy Steps

How to Reset ADSU Portal Login Passcode- Easy Steps

ADSU Portal Login Passcode: There are cases where a student forgets his or her login passcode for the school Portal login due to one reason or the other.

ADSU Portal Login Passcode
ADSU Portal Login Passcode

Are you a student seeking to reset your ADSU passcode due to the fact that you had forgotten about the passcode or where you wrote it in but do not know how to reset it or the guide you need to follow to reset the passcode accurately? well, you are on the right page.

In this article, I will share information and insight on How to reset the ADSU Portal Login Passcode- Easy Steps.

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Easy steps on how to reset the ADSU Portal Login Passcode

The Adamawa State University Management Board has made it possible for all students to gain access to the portal by opening their own student portal platform so they can have access to some information like the academic calendar, and each semester’s result and also to get some academic-related activities on the portal.

So having your own student profile on the portal is very important for all students as it is where your result will be uploaded and other related information on the school will be there.

So as a student, if you forget your passcode, don’t panic as it can be reset.
It is true that you need to know that as a student; you need to save guard your passcode, Some people usually save their passcode on Google so they can easily have access to it all you have to do when you need it is just open your Google account, check your password, and easily access it there but we also have people who by one reason or the other, they prefer writing it down on books which can be risky as if it gets missing, they might likely be a problem.

There are situations where people save all their passwords on a book and even tend to carry those books around. If the book is missing now, the will be a problem because all your password is in the book. Imagine writing even your bank account password in a book and it gets missing.

This is to show that it is preferable if you write it down on your phone and hide it or you automatically save it to your Google and get it out whenever you want.

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How to reset your ADSU Portal Login Password

They are easy ways you can reset your password. All you need to do is to follow our guide below, as it will put you through accurately.

  • First, you need to go to your browser and open the school portal at
  • You then click on forgot password, which is just below where you can add your email address.
  • When it opens, you put in your email address and fill in all the required information accurately
  • After that, a link will be sent to your phone. It is the reset link. Do well to click on it, reopen the page, and put in your new details accurately. Do well to save the password after that.

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Final Thought on ADSU Portal Login Password

As a student, it is important to have your student profile on the school portal, but if the passcode is being misplaced or possibly; you have forgotten about it, you can easily reset the code. Follow our guide and reset your passcode accurately. Do well to DROP A COMMENT if you have any complaints and we will reply.

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