How to Apply for Job Vacancies in Ibadan (2024)
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How to Apply for Job Vacancies in Ibadan (2024)

How to Apply for Job Vacancies in Ibadan

How to Apply for Job Vacancies in Ibadan (2024). Are you a Nigerian, currently residing in Ibadan? If yes, this article is for you. There are several job openings available in Ibadan. See below for how to apply, job requirements, recruitment portals, and starting/closing dates.

Hello! Welcome to Recruitment Portfolio. In this post, we’ll disclose to you the available job vacancies in Ibadan, recruitment portal, starting date, requirements, application deadline, and how to easily submit an application form for a vacant position that fits your qualifications. So, keep reading.

So, if you’re a Nigerian currently residing in Ibadan and you’re interested in applying for the available job vacancies in Ibadan, I advise you to carefully read through this post, as we have outlined the necessary steps that will help you submit your application successfully.

What is a job application?

A job application is a formal document that outlines your education and experience for potential employers, providing confidential information for recruiters and hiring personnel to review.

Companies may require both online and hand-filled job applications during the interview or onboarding process, as they are legally defensible documents that require thorough and accurate information.

Recruiters often include a digital job application in their application package, along with additional items like a resume, references, and cover letter.

Available Job Vacancies in Ibadan To Apply For In 2024

Aspiring for job vacancies in Ibadan, there are various vacant positions for prospective candidates.

Here are the job vacancies available in Ibadan that you can apply for.

  • Boiler and Utility Operator
  • Retail Sales Operations Manager
  • Warehouse Officer
  • Stock Administrator
  • Driver – Homeland Foodie
  • Truck Driver- Taghini Foods
  • Sales Associate – Ibadan
  • Sales Representative
  • Photographer/Editor
  • Market Development Executive
  • Don Quester Consulting 
  • Mobile Business Executive (MBE)
  • Restaurant Accountant
  • Quality Assurance Software Engineer
  • Procurement Manager – Positive Work Culture

How to Apply for Job Vacancies in Ibadan

Here’s how you can apply for job vacancies in Ibadan, Nigeria.

  • Update your resume.
  • Update your profile on professional networking platforms.
  • Use keywords.
  • Utilize job search engines and company websites to find suitable job opportunities.
  • Be selective.
  • Create a distinct cover letter for each application.
  • Complete an online job application.
  • Ensure that your responses are error-free, accurate, and fully completed.
  • Track and follow up on your job applications.
  • Keep applying.

1. Update your resume.

Before applying for the available vacancies in Ibadan, you need to update your resume draft a cover letter, including contact information and employment history, and save it under a simple title.

For proper arrangement and better format, you can use Google Docs or Microsoft Word to draft a free resume, save it on Google Drive, and export it as a PDF for an online job application.

2. Update your profile on professional networking platforms

Professional networking platforms often favor updated profiles over resumes, so ensure your profile is current, free from deterrents, and includes a link to your online portfolio in your resume.

3. Use keywords

Identify relevant keywords in job descriptions and use them in your resume to enhance recruiter scanning and applicant tracking systems’ efficiency in sending your resume for further review. Also, incorporate relevant keywords in your resume, such as excellent teamwork skills, to highlight your abilities and demonstrate your suitability for the job.

4. Use job search engines and company websites

Job search engine websites like offer job postings from companies, allowing users to filter by position title, salary, location, and niche industries.

To find job listings for desired organizations, visit their websites under the Career section and apply through their applicant tracking system for frequent status updates.

Moreover, you can send your cover letter and resume to a small company’s email address, including your full name, position title, abbreviated cover letter, and a brief application reason, and attach them.

5. Be selective

Ensure you understand job requirements, apply only for positions that align with your goals and skill set, and be selective during the search process to save time.

6. Draft a separate cover letter for each application

Ensure your cover letter clearly outlines job requirements, skills, achievements, and how they can be utilized while being concise and focused to maintain recruiter interest.

7. Complete the online job application

To apply for online job vacancies in Ibadan, first create an account with your login name and password, typically using your email address for simplicity.

Upon creating an account, you can upload your resume through one of the following methods:

  • Uploading your resume file from a USB drive or computer to the website is the process of attaching it.
  • Another process involves copying and pasting your resume into the designated fields on the application.
  • Manually, you can enter one’s work history into the necessary fields.

Some websites automatically populate application details from your resume, so it’s essential to review the uploaded details to ensure they match your information.

8. Ensure that your responses are error-free, accurate, and fully completed.

Ensure spelling, grammar, and content are error-free for better interview chances, and provide honest and accurate information in your application to avoid misunderstandings.

Employment tests, including cognitive and emotional intelligence tests, assess skills and personality to determine a suitable fit for a position or company. Complete all tests to ensure consideration.

9. Keep applying

Despite applying for multiple jobs, networking online and offline can help discover unadvertised vacancies. Support from friends and family can also boost confidence.


Make sure you review your social media settings to ensure privacy and ensure that any visible content is professionally displayed. Also, utilizing business social media and professional networks can facilitate connections with hiring managers, enabling personalized communication and enhancing your candidate’s standing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I write a vacancy application letter?

Here is how you can write a vacancy application letter in just a minute for any job.

  • Research the company and job opening. 
  • Use a professional format. 
  • State the position you’re applying for. 
  • Summarize your qualifications. 
  • Mention why you want the job. 
  • Include a professional closing.

2. How do I write a simple application letter for a teaching job vacancy?

The job application should clearly state your interest and how you discovered the position, highlighting your strengths and educational background.

3. How to hunt for a job in Nigeria?

  • Start Job Hunting Early. 
  • Build Your Experience Level. 
  • Write an Outstanding CV. 
  • Search for Jobs Precisely and Accurately.

4. How can I get a job in Nigeria without a connection?

  • Reflect on your skills.
  • Update your resume regularly.
  • Plan your career path.
  • Set your career goals.
  • Explore and improve your skills.
  • Prepare your CV.
  • Prepare for Job Interviews.
  • Know how to negotiate Salary.

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