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Federal Government Scholarship Past Questions and Answers pdf

Federal Government Scholarship Past Questions and Answers pdf

Have you applied for the Federal Government Scholarship 2024/2025? Are you aware that all the successfully shortlisted candidates will be screened and interviewed? One of the means for the screening exercise is the compulsory examination every applicant must undergo. See the Federal Government Scholarship past questions and answers here on this page.

However, it is pertinent to start reviewing and studying the Federal Government Scholarship past questions if you want to be among the selected candidates. This is why we brought you samples of what the questions will look like.

The Federal Government Scholarship examination will be conducted fairly and transparently. Only candidates who pass the examination will be shortlisted as a beneficiary. Start practicing the Federal Government Scholarship past questions and answers here on this page if you want to come out with flying colors.

You can also download the Federal Government Scholarship past questions answers pdf file here if you are interested to read at your convenience.


How Do the Federal Government Scholarship Questions Look Like?

The Federal Government Scholarship Board (FSB) aptitude test contains 60 questions to answer in 60 minutes while the CBT exam has 100 questions to answer in 90 minutes.

 It is organized by JAMB and the questions always include topics in subjects like analogy, arithmetic, current affair, IT, Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning, and English Language.


Sample of Federal Government Scholarship (FSB) Past Questions and Answers 

In the following questions 1 and 2, choose the best option that completes the sentences

  1. It would help if you were ______ about the new machine and also _______ not to spoil it.

A. cautious/careful

B. Careful/cautious

C. Careful/Careful

D. caring/Careful

2. Our health teacher always says that it is important to ______ thoroughly in order for proper

______ to occur.

A. rankle/temerity

B. mitigate/digestion

C. digest/transmutation

D. masticate/digestion


In each of questions 3 and 4, choose the best option that represents the phrase or clause.

3. A small group of people involved in secret plans to get political power.

A. Coup

B. Cabal

C. Stalwart

D. Dissident


4. The job of writing a dictionary.

A. Lexicography

B. Cartography

C. Bibliographer

D. Philology


Choose the option that is nearest in meaning to the underlined word from each of questions 5 and 6.

5. Sule is known for his misogynism

A. Hatred for mankind

B. Love for gymnastics

C. Hatred for women

D. love of women.


6. Our teacher has effervescent behavior.

A. Antagonistic

B. Complacent

C. Enthusiastic

D. Unwanted


Choose the option opposite in meaning to the underlined word or phrase from each of questions 7 and 8.

7. He enjoys the hurly-burly of political debates.

A. Confusion

B. Tranquility

C. Turbulence

D. Joy


8. She started off being quite matey with everyone.

A. Amiable

B. Unfriendly

C. Harsh

D. Pleasant


9. Which of the following words below is correctly spelled?

A. Kwashiorkor

B. Kwashiorkor

C. Kwarshiorkor

D. Kwasheokor


10. Which of the following is correctly spelled?

A. Lymphocyte

B. Lymphocyete

C. Lymphocyte

D. Lymphosyte


11. The sum of the ages of 5 children born at the intervals of 3 years each is fifty (50) years. What is the

age of the youngest child?

A. Three years

B. Four years

C. Five years

D. Seven years


12. Seun, Tayo, and Dayo are to share N120 in the ratio 4:3:2 respectively. What is the sum of the

shares of Seun and Dayo?

A. N93.33

B. N80.00

C. N66.67

D. N40.00


13. The headquarters of the WAEC international is in?

A. The Gambia

B. Nigeria

C. Ghana

D. Sierra Leone


14. The Nigeria National Anthem was adopted in?

A. 1976

B. 1977

C. 1978

D. 1979


15. In a computer system, using Windows Operating System, a file deleted from a computer can be

restored from the

A. Shortcuts

B. Recycle Bin

C. Programs

D. Control Panel


16. Who founded the first political party in Nigeria?

A. Obasanjo Olusegun

B. Osama Mark

C. Are Onakoni

D. Herbert Macaulay


17. If 12% of x is equal to 6% of y, then 18% of x will be equal to how much percent of y?

A. 7%

B. 9%

C. 11%

D. None of the above


18. If the given two numbers are respectively 7% and 28% of a third number, then what percentage

is it the first of the second?

A. 20%

B. 25%

C. 18%

D. None of the above


19. Two numbers are respectively 60% and 20% more than the third number, Second number expressed as a percentage of the first is

A. 75%

B. 90%

C. 80%

D. None of the above


20. Two numbers are less than a third number by thirty percent and thirty-seven percent respectively. How much percent is the second less than the first?

A. 15%

B. 10%

C. 20%

D. None of the above


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How Much is Federal Government Scholarship?

All successfully shortlisted candidates will receive an email or text message from the scholarship board. Upon successful verification and examination, candidates will be paid the sum of two hundred and fifty Naira (₦250,000).

However, we hope this article helps, if you have any questions regarding Federal Government Scholarship Past Questions and Answers pdf, do well to reach out to us through the below comment box. You can share this piece with a person who might find it interesting.


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