PSC Shortlisted Candidates 2024/2025 is Out – Download Here
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PSC Shortlisted Candidates 2024/2025 is Out – Download Here

PSC Shortlisted Candidates–Download Here

PSC Shortlisted Candidates: If you applied for the Police Service Commission recruitment, please ensure to read this article, to get the latest information about the PSC shortlisted information.

This is to inform you that the Police Service Commission has officially announced the release of the shortlisted candidates who applied for the NPF recruitment.

If you know that you applied and you do not know how to check for the Police Service Candidates” shortlisted candidates’ names, then ensure you read this post thoroughly for details on how to check it.


Overview of the Public Service Commission (PSC)

The Nigerian Police was founded in 1861. The Commission is the arm of the Nigerian force that is saddled with the responsibility of carrying out the following functions:
  • Recruiting,
  • Appointing persons,
  • Promoting individuals,
  • Transferring individuals,
  • Granting duty, study, and special leave,
  • Granting leave without pay over three months,
  • Medically boarding officers,
  • Demoting, conducting.

Understanding the PSC Recruitment Process

Before you become successful in recruitment, you must meet all the conditions and the recruitment processes of the job. So the following stages are essential in the recruitment:

  • Fill out the form and submit it
  • Go for an exam or screening test
  • After the application, check your name in the shortlisted candidate’s list
  • If you have been shortlisted, the next thing to do is to prepare the final screening
  • Get all your documents ready for the final screening exercise

How to Check Your Name on the PSC Shortlisted Candidates

Checking your name on the list of shortlisted candidates is not a difficult task, to do so, follow the guides below.

The first thing you need to do is to visit and log into the recruitment website via

  • Create an account or profile with them.
  • Enter your email and choose a password
  • Click on the enter button
  • Wait for the result to come out
  • Scroll down and check your name
  • Click on the download button, to download the list
  • To do so, click on
  • Wait for a while for the link to open
  • All the names shortlisted will be displayed
  • scroll down and check your name


How to Download the Shortlisted Candidates list (PDF)

If you took part in the registration of the Police recruitment, you can now check your name on the list of the shortlisted candidates list, and toi download the PDF, you need to follow these proceedures that will be provided to you in this section.

Download the complete list of the Nigeria police shortlisted candidates list below, by clicking on the download button here; DOWNLOAD COMPLETE LIST

Tips for Successful Downloading of the Shortlist

  1. Ensure stable internet connectivity
  2. enter all your information correctly
  3. Keep registration details secure
  4. Verify the authenticity of the shortlist from official sources

PSC Screening Requirements

If you find your name in the list of the shortlisted candidates, congratulations, the next thing that you need to do, is to get ready for the screening exercise. During the screening, you will be required to come up with certain requirements such as:

  • Education Qualifications
  • Evidence of Good Character
  • Letter of attestation
  • Evidence of mental/physical fitness
  • Birth Certificate/Declaration of Age

Check: Nigerian Police Academy Portal

Check: NPF Recruitment Exams and Past Questions

Nigerian Police (NPF) Training Requirements

Here are the requirements for the training exercise:

  • Two (2) pairs of white round-neck T-Shirt
  • And Short Nicker.
  • Two(2)Pairs of White Trainers shoes
  • And white socks.
  • Two(2) pairs of white sportswear.
  • Two (2) pairs of white bed Sheets.
  • Two(2) pairs of white Pillowcases.
  • Face Mask and Hand sanitizer.
  • Small Food Flask
  • Two flat plates
  • And a set of cutlery.
  • A hoe, a cutlass, and a broom.
  • Bucket and Toiletries.
  • Hardcover notebook and Pen.
  • Original copy of Identity card/Slip.
  • Original copies of credentials.
  • A printout of the BVN slips
  • A clear picture of the applicant.
  • Four 4 copies of Passport photographs

Nigerian Police (NPF) Screening Date

The Nigerian Police has announced that the NPF screening date is yet to be out but it is advised that all candidates are to keep track of the updated information on the NPF website.

Is the PSC Shortlisted Candidates list out?

The Nigeria Police Commission has not officially announced the release of the shortlisted candidates names, so it means the list is not out yet.


What should I do if my name is not on the shortlist?

if your name is not on the list of the shortlisted names of candidates, please wait for the supplementary list to be released, and if after the supplementary list is out, you still can’t find your name, then you have to try it next time.

Is there any possibility of supplementary lists or additional shortlisting?

For now, we cannot be sure if there will be a supplementary shortlisted candidates list, if there will be one, that will be decided by the commission.

How long do I have to respond after being shortlisted?

you have to wait till you receive an email or a press release on the next line of steps to take. meanwhile. you have to continue to check the official portal of the police for more information.

How much is NPF form?

The Nigerian Police Force application form is free of charge, and candidates can obtain their forms online from the official website of the NPF.

Who are the shortlisted (NPF) candidates?

Those whose names appear in the list of the shortlisted candidates are those who have met the requirements and eligibility criteria of the NPF recruitment, so if your name is not on the list, it means there is something you did not do well.

How Much is Nigerian Police (NPF) Salary Per Month?

The Nigerian Police NPF salary for the Corporal position is N150,000 per month, the sergeant earns N55,000, the Chief superintendent earns N270,000 and a superintendent of police earns N220,000.


In this post, we have been able to supply you with all the information you need to check your name on the shortlisted list of candidates, how to download your name in the PDF format, understand the recruitment processes, how to check your name in the list, and more.

however, you need to check if your name is on the list of the shortlisted candidates because this will help you to start preparing for the next stage of the recruitment exercise.



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