12+ Best Rated Secondary School In Abuja (2024 Latest Listings)
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12+ Best Rated Secondary School In Abuja (2024 Latest Listings)

12+ Best Rated Secondary Schools in Abuja 

Are you looking for the Best Rated Secondary School In Abuja for your wards or children? If yes, this article carefully highlights the top 70 best rated Primary/Secondary  Schools in Abuja, their locations, and their phone numbers.

Are you a parent or guardian who desires a memorable childhood for your child or children, ensuring they grow into wonderful adults?

I can tell you, enrolling your child or children in top-quality schools ensures they receive quality and sound education with a conducive environment to develop their dreams and future.

Since 1991, Abuja, Nigeria’s federal capital, has attracted numerous Nigerians and foreign residents, with a population of 3,095,118, projected to double to 6,071,282 million by 2024.

The population growth has led to an increase in academic institutions, leading to the emergence of thousands of private schools in Abuja, addressing the growing need for quality education.

Prior to this, we’ve put together in this article a comprehensive list of the top 70 Best rated primary/secondary school in Abuja that you can send your child to for a better and quality education. And don’t forget that Abuja, which is Nigeria’s Federal Capital, is a prestigious city known for its high-quality education.

Education in Abuja

Abuja’s education system is managed by the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) through the FCT Education Secretariat, which operates various public and private schools.

Public schools

Abuja’s public schools are tuition-free and accessible to all students, with some having well-equipped and qualified teachers, despite their varying quality.

Private schools 

Private schools in Abuja, despite being more expensive than public schools, often provide higher-quality education due to smaller class sizes and more resources.

Parents in Abuja should prioritize their secondary education by selecting the best schools. To avoid enrolling their child in poor schools, the article provides details on the 40 best secondary schools in Abuja, including FCT. This helps ensure the best possible education for your child.

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Top 70 Best Rated Secondary School In Abuja 

The following are the lists of the best rated primary/secondary school in Abuja. Carefully examine them and make your choice for your child.

  • Christ the King College
  • Shepherd House Schools
  • Primark International College
  • The Centagon International School
  • Early Heights College
  • Abraham Lincoln International Schools
  • Noble Hall Leadership Academy
  • Pam Viva Academy
  • Capital Science Academy
  • EFAB International School
  • Right way Academy
  • Tistall Global Schools
  • Esteem International Schools
  • Start Rite Schools
  • Nigerian Turkish International College
  • Nigeria Ghana international college
  • Bristol Academy
  • Angel Crown International School
  • Marist College
  • Grace Garden International Schools
  • I Q Academy
  • Dove Prime International Schools
  • Star Rite International Schools
  • Cornerstone Montessori School
  • Federal Government Boys College
  • Lifegate Academy
  • Unity High School
  • Bright Future Foundation Schools
  • La Vogue International schools
  • Pacesetter College
  • School for the Gifted
  • Dominion International Schools
  • Word of Faith Group of Schools
  • Parliament International Schools
  • Pioneer Schools
  • Imperial Secondary Schools
  • American International School
  • First Choice International Schools
  • Lead British International School
  • The Regent Schools
  • Oasis International College
  • Abuja English Institute
  • Things to Come International School
  • Army Day Nursery, Primary, and Secondary Schools
  • White Plain British Schools
  • First Choice International School
  • Solid Rock International School
  • Intellichild Schools
  • Regina Pacis College
  • Abuja’s Preparatory School
  • Africa International College
  • Tiggy Winklers Schools
  • Arwa Basic Schools
  • Queen Esther International Schools
  • Catherina International Academy
  • Gavolour International College
  • Glisten International College
  • Model Secondary School
  • International Community School
  • Science Primary School, Kuje
  • Bankys Private School
  • Ave Maria Girls Secondary School
  • Global International College
  • Ladela Secondary School
  • Islamic Training Center
  • Cherry Field College
  • El Semveco College
  • Grace Garden International Schools
  • Peach Potter International Academy

12+ Best-Rated Secondary School In Abuja

1. Loyola Jesuit College, Abuja

Loyola Jesuit College, a co-educational boarding secondary school in the Jesuit tradition, opened in 1996 and currently has over 600 students in its JSS-1 to SSS-3 divisions.

The school is a full-boarding institution, supervised by Jesuits, Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus, and dedicated lay teachers, located in Abuja, Nigeria, with a phone number of 09 315 0175.

2. Regent College, Abuja

Regent College Abuja is a sixth-form institution offering courses that meet international university standards in the UK, USA, Canada, Dubai, Europe, Australia, and the Caribbean, with its address and phone number.

3. Funtaj International School, Abuja

Funtaj International School, established in 1997 in Abuja, Nigeria, is a co-educational day school with a British-based curriculum. Accredited by the Council of International Schools, it has a student body of over 1,000 from Nigeria and 20 other countries. The school consistently produces high-performing students.

Funtaj International School offers academic programs, extracurricular activities, sports, arts, and clubs. It features a state-of-the-art sports complex with a swimming pool, football pitch, and tennis courts, as well as a music and art department with classes and performances.

4. The Centagon International School

In September 2010, the school began academic activities, admitting its first batch of students. Serving Pre-Kindergarten through Secondary School graduation, it is located at 29/31 Mississippi Street, Maitama, Abuja.

5. Glisten International Academy

Glisten International Academy, accredited in 2007, is a top co-educational boarding and day school in Abuja, known for its excellence and growth since its inception.

Glisten International Academy is dedicated to delivering high-quality senior secondary education through continuous staff development, research, partnerships, and mentoring services that exceed all expectations.

6. Start Rite School

Start-Rite Schools is a top Nigerian school known for its emphasis on character building and academic excellence. Its impressive results in national and international exams demonstrate its commitment to a vibrant learning community. The school aims to develop confident, well-rounded students with relevant skills for 21st-century challenges.

Start-Rite Schools is a dedicated school with a passionate management team that focuses on providing a strong foundation for students. The school’s quality of teachers, certified locally and internationally, is a standout feature. 

These experienced teachers nurture each child individually, organizing unique activities to support their social, physical, emotional, and intellectual development, preparing them for success in all aspects of life.

Start-Rite Schools’ alumni network demonstrates the lasting impact of their values on students, fostering a community of shared success and a testament to the signature excellence of Start-Rite Schools.

7. Whiteplains British Secondary School

Whiteplains British School, a reputable institution in Abuja, Nigeria, offers quality education with a corporate credo. It has produced top-tier students who have become beacons in their tertiary institutes, making it one of the best in 2024.

8. Lead British International School

LBIS Abuja is a co-educational boarding and day school with branches in Ibadan and Abuja, known for its excellent performance in national and international exams. It enrolls students in early years, primary, and secondary education.

9. American International School

The American International School of Abuja, an American-accredited international school with over 30 nationalities, has been in operation since 1993 and is one of the top schools in Abuja.

10. Capital Science Academy, Abuja

Capital Science Academy is a co-educational international and boarding secondary school in Abuja, Nigeria, offering both Nigerian and British curricula on a secluded fifty-hectare campus. Established in 2003, it has grown and developed over the years, using its beautiful and secluded location.

11. Premiere Academy, Abuja

Premiere Academy, established on October 15, 2005, is a co-educational school with boarding facilities aimed at developing positive global leaders.

Premiere Academy, Abuja, is situated in Lugbe, Abuja, and can be reached at Premiere Street, Federal Housing Authority. You can telephone +2347069797855 or +2348160900700.


Q. What are the top 10 best schools in Abuja?

Listed below are the top 10 best schools in Abuja 

  • Ladewin Adult Education – Abuja. 
  • Digital Minds Study Centre – Abuja. 
  • Overcomers Schools International – Abuja.
  • Landley International services – Abuja.
  • Aflon Digital Academy – Abuja. 
  • Benedict Computer Academy – Abuja.
  • African Business School – Abuja.

Q. What is the most expensive secondary school in Abuja?

The American International School of Abuja is Nigeria’s most expensive secondary school, charging millions annually with international curricula blended with the official Nigerian curriculum.

Q. What is the best private secondary school in Nigeria?

Grundtvig International Secondary School in Oba, Anambra State, has been awarded the Overall Best Private Secondary School in Nigeria in the 2020 President’s Teachers’ and Schools Excellence Awards.

Q. How much are the school fees at American School Abuja?

Annual tuition rates for PS, PK, K, and grades 1-5, 6-8, and 9-12 range from $7,842 to $21,390, with a one-time capital fee of $10,000 for kindergarten to grade 12.

Q. Where is the oldest secondary school in Nigeria?

The Badagry, Nigeria’s oldest secondary school, was established in 1859 by the Church Missionary Society and served as the primary source of African clergymen and administrators in Lagos.

Q. Which is the first girl secondary school in Nigeria?

St. Anne’s School, Ibadan, is Nigeria’s oldest girls secondary school, established in 1950 after merging Kudeti Girls School and CMS Girls School, Lagos, making it the oldest school in the country.

Q. Why is a private school better than a public school?

Private schools offer significantly higher safety levels and supervision due to their higher teacher-to-student ratio, making them nearly twice as safe as public schools.

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