Available Non-Academic Staff Vacancies in Nigerian Universities
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Available Non-Academic Staff Vacancies in Nigerian Universities

Available Non-academic Staff Vacancies in Nigerian Universities

Non-academic Staff Vacancies in Nigerian Universities: In Nigeria, there are lots of available Universities that are seeking to recruit credible non-academic staff without necessarily checking much on their requirements and qualifications.

As a non-academic staff, you only need a few qualifications so far you are good at the position you are applying for at the University. Your major work is to help, advise, and administer guidance to students in the University.

These Non-academic roles refer to job positions in school administration that are not centered on teaching and these listed roles are essential to the smooth running of the school with a significant impact on the academic outcomes of the students in the Universities.

What are Academic staff and Non-academic Staff?

It is made known that Academic staff in Universities are lecturers/teachers/instructors who teach and administer lectures in the University. They are research staff of a school, college, University, or even research Institute. The Non-academic staff is made up of secretaries, janitor staff, and cooks and they do not have any interaction with studies.

What are the types of Non-academic staff?

We have various types of non-academic staff in various departments in the University and they consist of faculty secretaries, secretary general, administrative issues referents, student affairs referents, financial affairs officers, archivists, librarians, lab technicians, mobility coordinators, information coordinators, career guidance and IT administrators.

Available Non-academic Staff Vacancies Career Opportunities in the Universities

Here are the various Non- academic staff career opportunities in Universities

Guidance and Counselling Roles

Guidance and counseling roles are those roles that involve supporting the emotional, mental, and social well-being of students. These roles include working as a school counselor, psychologist, and social worker.

Those who work as guidance and counselors in any University work hand-in-hand with students to address academic, personal, and social issues that may be impacting their ability to learn.

They also help guide career choices and assist students in setting academic and personal goals.

Administrative Roles

Administrative roles are those that involve managing the day-to-day operations in the University. This role includes working as a vice-principal, principal, administrative assistants, registrar and more.

Those who take the administrative roles are responsible for tasks that includes scheduling, budgeting, and ensuring that the school is running smoothly. They also make sure that the curriculum is being delivered effectively and that all students are receiving the support they need to excel academically without much stress.

Technical Roles

Here we have employees who help troubleshoot issues, and provide training for both staff and students while also ensuring that data is being accessed and stored. The technical roles are those roles involved in supporting the infrastructure and technology of a University.

This role includes IT specialists, Audio-visual technicians, and network administrators. These individuals make sure that the school’s technology is up-to-date, functioning properly, and also being used effectively by both lecturers and students.

Support and Maintenance Roles

These are individuals who are involved in keeping the university’s physical environment clean, functional, and safe for all students. They are responsible for tasks such as repairing equipment, cleaning lecture halls as well ensuring that the University is safe. They play a vital role in creating a welcoming and safe environment for students and staff.

They tend to also have roles like custodians, security guards, and maintenance staff.

Overall, it is important to note that becoming a non-academic staff is quite easy if you have all the requirements. Non-academic staff in any University are vital, and they play a good role in the success and well-being of students in that University.

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Importance of Non-academic Staff in the University

There is much more functioning in a University aside just lecturing and teaching. Non-academic staff roles are vital to the growth and success of any educational institution and this is particular in Nigerian schools. Here are some reasons:

Enhancing the efficiency of the university operation: Non-academic staff perform the administrative duties to help improve the functionality of school operations, they help smoothen the operations in the University like the school Library, Laboratory, and even Cafeteria.

They ensure that the university’s resources and equipment are well-maintained and used efficiently. Their contribution to the University management helps to reduce the burden on the academic staff in the University.

They help create a conducive Learning Environment: The non-academic staff plays a vital role in supporting the maintenance of discipline in the University by monitoring students’ behaviors and interactions. They provide students with an environment that is very conducive to learning and studying by ensuring that the school facilities are clean, well-maintained, and tidy.

Provide more avenues for students to get support: The non-academic staff gives students access to guidance and counseling services which can help support their emotional and social development. 

The non-academic staff helps encourage students through extracurricular activities to develop their interests and skills beyond academics, leading to a well-rounded education experience.

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Challenges in Non-academic Staff Roles in Universities

In as much as Non-academic roles are vital in Nigerian Universities, they also face challenges that hinder their motivation and effectiveness in carrying out their duties.

  • Work overload and job stress
  • Poor salary and compensation packages
  • Lack of recognition for non-teaching roles


Summing Up

There are lots of career opportunities in the University if you apply to work as a non-academic staff. Aside from the various opportunities and offers we have some challenges that you might likely face at the University.

But do well to focus more on the importance of your stay there which is for the help and support of the students in the University. To know more about the various career opportunities, do well to check the above on this page and get started on your career journey.


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